For 12,000 years religions have been manipulated by the dark ones. True bearers of light are crucified and their teachings are recuperated to serve obscure hidden motives. Many sacred books that have guided civilizations were manipulated so as to divert Man from his real mission; making earth a paradise. Religions have done this by giving Men the goal of reaching illusory worlds.

Almost all religions place the ultimate goal and destiny of Man somewhere else that on earth. Almost nothing escapes the endless schemes of the dark-intentioned ones. It doesn’t matter what religion we study they will speak of Heaven as being Man goal and reward, or it’s Allah’s paradise, or Buddha’s pure lands, or ascension, so on and so forth. Obscure occultism has also influenced New Age thinking which now speaks of Man’s ascent into the 5th dimension. What better way of diverting Man from nature and the earth than by undermining his vital energy, through the attribution of obligations, taboos, tithing, offerings or expensive workshop while having him strive to attain illusionary worlds, or heavens or otherworldly paradises!

Look at this attentively. Do not believe what I write. Look thoughtfully and calmly at what could be true.

If we take good care of the earth, it gives us all that we need. A person who lives on an ancestral family domain or even one with only 3 generations has only a bit of work to do. This is because the family domain gives him all he needs with almost no work to harvest it. He finds close to his home plentiful food, materials for his house, a loving family with lots of time to be with the children, pure water, pure air, a healthy and sacred relationship with the world where he can develop to his full potential. He is thus happy, healthy and in the best conditions for his spiritual and physical development.

This bears no comparison with this polluted world where people live under stress, worried, sick, anxious, poor, handicapped in their bodies, often now in a spiritual void with no faith or hope which often leads to despair and suicide, or to being cruel and violent in the name of their religious convictions, prisoners of their sectarian mindset and\or in search of what is an illusion, a nonexistent heavenly reward?

If we are strictly logical and rational as the modern world suggests we be, is it not clear that the multiple hells and promised spiritual heavens are but fabrications? If they were real, would those religions not give similar descriptions of the heavens and hells that await their followers?

We’ll find the real existence of angels and devils within us. We all have a dark side and a luminous one, because as human beings we were given the energies of the whole universe. We can experience hell and heaven right here on earth. It all depends on the choices we make.

And what are we to think of the awakening, the whole consciousness meditation or holistic realizations that are the talk of the day? We can easily define the awakening as being completely present in the here and now. I’m certain all great masters would approve of this assertion. There is no future or past for us without them being in the present. All great mystics will at some point mention this. It’s rather simple, don’t you think?

Why would the real religion be complicated or be difficult to achieve, requiring punishment and multiple obligations? If the Heavenly Father really loves us why would He have us work so hard for redemption?

In reality Great Spirit speaks to us constantly and continually in and by His/Her Creation, with this magnificent Earth Mother and the universe of a perfect order and beauty. That is why to be present and aware in the here and now gives us the ability to understand and read this magnificent book of ultimate truths that are inscribed in the landscapes of the natural world. To understand His creation, His plants, His trees, His animals, His elements, etc. leads us to knowing ourselves and truly mastering who we are. As Socrates this ancient sage said “Know yourself and you will know the universe and the gods”. Thus there is no need for religions. All we need is land, a natural world, preferably that of our forefathers, our very own family domain, legitimate happiness in daily life in our beautiful gardens. As many masters have already said the most spiritual activity of all is tending your garden.

You do not have this? Why? Who has divested you of wanting to live simple and healthy lives within nature? How can you go back to the fundamental truths and right to live simple lives in the beauty, peace and health of nature?

Each one of us has to answer these questions. Answering these questions is what makes us true human beings. We are the co-creators of paradise on earth. If we decide to truly be the gods and goddesses that nature is longing to find again, nobody and nothing can prevent you from reaching this goal.

Of course, as in nature, this is a slow process that takes time and effort. One day at a time, one simple task at a time, day to day, then from generation to generation. For the whole earth to be a paradise covered with magnificent family domains, we shall have to work for many generations. But every step in the right direction fills us with meaning, confidence and joy. It’s better to take small steps every day than to hold to big dreams which never come true.

And to lighten up this subject, which in spite of its importance should not prevent us from laughing: “but what of illumination and enlightenment” I hear you ask?

My main spiritual training was for 25 years with the bear clan of the Tsalagi Green Mountain band of the Ywahoo Lineage. The first exam to verify if we are truly spiritual healers is to produce light with the body with people present to bear witness. Since then I’ve noticed that every time that I’m really united with divine will, in the here and now, I’m more “luminous”. Illumination and enlightenment could be that simple, being in phase with your life purpose in the here and now. And you’ll have no difficulty noticing that babies and very young children, when they are happy, they shine!!








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