Last week I spoke to you of the two perfumes of The Essential Series. Today we will look at The Elements Series.

Many nations throughout the world have theories about the elements developed by healers and wisdom keepers who understood the complexities the humans in relationship with nature. The best known is that of Chinese traditional medicine with their elements of Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth. The Hindus, the Tibetans, the European alchemists and many other traditions throughout the world use 5 elements therapeutically and as a way of understanding the human being. One of the least known theories is that of a Native American lineage of the Cherokee. Cherokees are a nation which lived formerly in the southeast of the USA. The migration forced by the Path of Tears imposed by the American government created Cherokee communities in more than a dozen States: n Center-South, Southeast, Northeast and Southwest of the USA.

In this nation and their representatives in the Northeast, a lineage of the bear clan, (Anigadoah of the Tsalagi), there is a theory of the elements and their correspondences in nature and in people. The elements are: Fire, Earth, Wind, Water and Sacred Sound. Sacred sound corresponds to the element that other systems call the ether.  It’s the infinite space in which the other 4 elements dance in the complex expression of their innumerable relationships and combinations.

All matter is made of these 4 elements that play in the infinite space of Sacred Sound. For example a tree: when it burns it first reveals the elements of water and air, the vapor and smoke which escapes, then the element of fire, this accumulated sun which reveals itself in the flame and finally the element of earth which are the ashes which remain after combustion. Even elements contain in themselves the others. An easy example is water:  in its earth aspect is ice, in its wind aspect is vapor, in its fire aspect is the explosion of the elements of Hydrogen and Oxygen that it contains.

The elements are associated to organs:






To these correspondences I’ve added poetic phrases which describe the effects that have been looked for in these sacred fragrances, as well as the seasons which correspond to the elements. Indeed, this relationship with the elements and the seasons is recurrent in First Nations teachings. The seasons also having correspondences with the seasons of growth and development of all Men and Women. We’ve also added the Algonquin-Cree names to these perfumes to honor the ancestral territories where we live and make them.

SACRED SOUND – PATAKWIN – Winter peace, Learning and feast. – liver and gall-bladder. Integration, Synthesis, Management of nutrients and information about physical and intellectual relationships. This FRAGRANCE evokes purity, the wide and immense winter spaces and the light of spirit.

FIRE – ISKUTAAU – Sun in Summer an Active Runner. Heart and small intestine, Management of energy and health of the heart on the physical and emotional plans. Love, understanding and compassion. This fragrance evokes hot ashes, incense and an intense ambiance.

EARTH – ASCHIIY – Sweetness between seasons, singing in devotion. Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas, Digestion, Transformation and offering, relationship with nature, confidence, sympathy and empathy. This smell evokes forest undergrowth, moss, forested coolness and sweet smelling spices.

WIND – YUUTIN – Breathing in, spring wind. – Lungs, respiratory tract, small intestine, air quality, one’s expression of self, courage and fortitude. This fragrance evokes an evergreen forest bordered by fields of wild flowers. .

WATER – NIPIIY –Autumn’s wild winds, shapeless water. Kidneys, bladder. Management of feelings, flexibility, adaptability, connection with one’s ancestors. This fragrance evokes the seaside and rocks covered with algae.

This series of sacred fragrances or aromatherapy perfumes were offered to the public in 2015 and since then have been appreciated in ten countries. Essentially used by therapists in a therapeutic setting or for management of emotions they are also worn as natural perfumes.

I quoted the positive emotions, but when the organs are imbalanced they can also manifest negative emotions. These can be moderated with different approaches with which the element perfumes can help. The element in balance favors the feelings quoted higher. In imbalance here is what they tend to create:

Water, kidneys, fear. Wind, lungs, sadness. Earth, stomach, anxiety. Fire, heart, cruelty and hatred. Sacred Sound, liver, anger.

So this is a brief introduction to my work with essential oils in perfumery. These fragrances are a synthesis of the techniques of traditional French perfumery that were so generously passed on to me by Michel Roudnitska, a great perfumer who was the son of Edmond Roudnitska who was literally a monument in the French perfumery world, and the knowledge on essential oils shared by Mikael Zayat. Both these men have generous souls and come from the heart. To this knowledge I added ancient shamanic methods coming from my elders from the Cherokee and Apache nations. They are powerful souls carrying traditional wisdom and ancestral knowledge. I’ve also included decades of reflection on us humans and the world, that is, my understanding of life that I integrated into the encoding of the perfumes. This secret technique is why our perfumes have so much energy and are so effective. The complete booklet on our 5 elements perfumes can be found here.

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