I’ve created 7 shamanic all natural perfumes. Although they are made with the methodology and design of traditional high French perfumery, they do have therapeutic and spiritual attributes. These attributes are very special and to my knowledge there’s nothing like them anywhere. Thus I’m writing this article so that these special qualities may be understood. That will make it possible to use them as they were intended and not only as natural perfume.

Unlike some natural products and all chemical medication these Native Essences are not geared towards specific problems or precise pathologies. They don’t have a standardized effect, but act differently for every person who uses them. The Native Essences are unique as they combine the traditions of high French perfumery, Native American herbal science and ancestral shamanic technologies. I’ve also integrated some of my lifetime research into the sacred nature of human beings in designing the encoding that goes into each fragrance.

My understanding is that we, as natural human beings, are depositories of an immense power which is the sum of all the energies of the universe. Certain sacred books identify this understanding by saying that we were created in the likeness and image of God, or Great Spirit, the creator of this world. It’s not required to believe in this for the essences to function but it’s important in understanding the technology behind their concept.

All human beings have an immense potential. In psychology, Jung and Freud have defined this immense reservoir of potential as being the unconscious and collective unconscious. Through all times, as today, spontaneous and supernatural healings have always challenged doctors and scientists who are unable to explain them. It’s an innate potential of all Men and Women of having access to the mysterious powers which are the foundation of what we are as humans: divine beings of infinite potential. Thus, the sacred fragrances which I have created work on what certain therapists call a person’s foundation. This foundation is the psychic base which constitutes the physical, psychological, energetic and spiritual skeleton of a human being. There are contained the great powers for healing and spontaneous realization that are invisible and unsuspected by most people. The Native Essences awaken the unconscious recollection of our infinite potential and guide us to their manifestation. Whether it is to heal or to manifest abundance, light, truth, love, joy, happiness, whatever our needs and our desires, these fragrances can act as keys which open the doors to these realizations. These fragrances were encoded with shamanic rituals to act as release mechanisms, catalysts of our innate potential. That is why they act differently with every person who uses them, as we are all unique.

Thus it’s impossible to define what each fragrance does nor is it possible to diagnose a problem and suggest a fragrance. The best way of choosing them is with your intuition. They are usually displayed with demos to be able to sample them. Let your inner impulses guide you towards the fragrance which awakens recollections of joyful and happy moments, the smell which inspires you or stimulates you. The music that I’ve created can accompany the experience as well as any other natural music (natural—i.e.: without electronic instruments or synthetic sounds). The ideal environment to awakening our potential is, of course, nature. But these fragrances can also be worn as perfume, in everyday life, in the work environment, when going out or in the home. They won’t inconvenience even the most hyper-sensitive person as they only contain 100% natural essences. Each person can choose in which way they want to use these fragrances. What’s important is to experience the moment with openness and spontaneity.

The first shamanic perfume I created was called Liquid Smudge. It’s now called Chiiyaam. It came to fill a need that to be able to purify places and people without smoke. I had been called several times to offer healing to native patients in intensive care units of local hospitals. Impossible to burn smudge in such environments yet the electromagnetic pollution was heavier than in most places because of the many electronic tools being used to monitor the patient. This is the need that started my research on finding a way to purify without smoke.

After 2 years, when I came to what I considered an end result I was satisfied with. I was surprised to find that it was more effective than the traditional smudging method. This is what inspired me to make the product available to the general public. Its exceptional efficiency was quickly confirmed as in two years it was purchased by healers and energy therapists in a dozen countries. Those who had the abilities to understand and feel the immediate purification it offered were using it every day. We also started receiving surprising testimonies of unexpected uses. The first one that has been recurrent and constant over the years have been people using it as a sleep aid. Many people with recurrent sleeping problems affirmed that with Chiiyaam they fell asleep easily and slept the whole night. Another customer, a construction worker comes to the office one day wanting to buy several bottles at a better price. As he works really hard, he often has muscle pains when arriving home in the evening. He discovered that by vaporizing Chiiyaam over the painful area the pain would dissipate. Such testimonials have continued to this day. But the most surprising use came one day when I was teaching in France. It was Sunday in the afternoon after 3 days of an intense workshop where people had processed a lot of emotional “stuff”. A beautiful flower bouquet that the organizer had offered was sitting in the middle of our circle. As the emotional purification had been really intense, the flowers had taken on some of that and their heads were drooping towards the floor. Evie, a very extroverted student exclaimed: “Look Blue Eagle what we can do with your liquid smudge.” She sprays some on her hands go over to the flowers and brings her hands around them. To everyone’s amazement we saw the flowers perk up several centimetres!

When I did my research to create Chiiyaam I saw the need to be able to use it as we would with smudging, as an offering in ceremonies. As the whole ritual of putting the herbs in an abalone shell, lighting, offering the smoke, etc. wouldn’t happen in the same way with the Liquid Smudge, I devised a shamanic ritual to bless the perfume. I call this encoding, as it crystallizes intentions within the liquid. As a side effect the perfume also becomes crystalline thus can be used as an amplifier of intention. Our native essences are thus vectors of psychic energy amplifying our natural psychic abilities. I am certain that another person would not have had the success of Evie’s incredible demonstration. Thanks to her faith, enthusiasm, confidence and one pointed concentration the effects of Chiiyaam were amplified tenfold!

This example illustrates the specific nature of our natural fragrances, made with the methodology of high French perfumery but encoded with a shamanic ritual.

The intentions encoded in Chiiyaam are Purification, Protection, Healing and Inspiration. Above all the most important is that of purification.

I then created Miwahïmoon. To make it easier to pronounce this Cree word which means “something natural that makes you feel good” we use the traditional contraction Miwahu.

This feminine energizing perfume with light warm citrus notes is encoded to promote inspiration and creativity. Its role is to attract favourable circumstances and beneficial energies. It’s best to use Miwahu about twenty minutes after Chiiyaam. Chiiyaam is intended to work rapidly and then disappear. Miwahu persists on the skin and will work gradually. The smell of Chiiyaam quickly dissipates and leaves a neutral atmosphere in which we can create the atmosphere or energies we wish. The charming smell of Miwahu is convenient for the vast majority due to its simplicity and its transparency. The encoding we put on our perfumes makes their liquid crystalline. Thus if we hold a intention in our minds when applying them, they will amplify that intention.

I’ve also created another perfume, much more complex and intricate. It has the same encoding as Miwahu, but its complexity (it contains forty essences) will make a costly high end beautiful perfume. It won’t be as democratic, but personally I prefer it. It’s like the great classical French perfumes before the use of synthetic chemical fragrances in perfumery. It does have a little wilder Native American note and its dominant ingredient is sweet grass. I’ve also created a alter ego to Chiiyaam called Totem. Very different as this perfume will stay on as Chiiyaam does not. Also a high end expensive perfume. We don’t really have a choice in the matter. Many of the very beautiful essences used for these perfumes are very expensive. Synthetic, chemical compounds are easier to work with and a lot cheaper but, of course, our commitment to health and nature has us being uncompromising with our ingredients.   Both are launched in 2019 or beginning of 2020.

Next weekend we’ll look at the perfumes I created next, the Five Elements.

Be well and happy sunday !

Blue Eagle



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