HAWK – totem animal

Hawk is a messenger. First Nations have always been skillful in recognizing the signs of nature. This ability is hawk’s medicine. Hawk is the messenger of the spirits of nature. Hawk has very alert eyes, it sees clearly, far and it’s very fast. Hawk teaches us to be watchful, observers, and to notice not only what is supposed to be in our environment, but also what we feel, when these events occur. To read the signs means interpreting the emotion which comes with the sign. The intelligence of the heart is the best instrument to interpret the messages that nature gives us. Those who know how to read the signs of nature awaken the magic of life.

Creator is constantly giving us signs, messages, indications when we are moving into difficult and stressful situations. Great Spirit always speaks to us through His Creation. That’s why it’s always important to have watchful eyes, to be attentive, and to see with clarity not only what is around us, but also what takes place simultaneously within us. When we feel down, broken, depressed, it’s time to call on hawk medicine.

Let us learn to fly with suppleness, very high, above the heavy thoughts of everyday life. Let us look at the magnificent correspondences which exist in synchronicity with our lives. Let’s always be ready to renew our lives when nature speaks to us about the magic and messages of Great Spirit. The shrill and vibrating call of the hawk awakens us and calls us to more consciousness.

Those who have Hawk medicine have a great responsibility. They have the ability to see and feel all that is happening and can happen in all situations. They are not like the mouse who has to stick its nose on things to smell and feel them with its moustache to understand them. They see the landscape from high up, they see everything, remember everything, and their life is full of understanding. Thus, they have the responsibility of sharing with others to help them to see the bigger picture and farther than the traps of their difficult emotions. This is sometimes a challenge for the hawk who by nature is often a solitary being. But it’s important to make the effort to pass on the signs and messages which they receive, as a gift which does not serve, a talent which is not used can sometimes stagnate and create problems. For the one who carries hawk medicine, the reminders and the signs are crystal clear. When the moment to share comes, they know. It’s the magic of the hawk.

It’s also the greatest challenge of those who carry this medicine. To be able to see into the emotion and yet not get caught up in its turmoil, but to remain aloof and detached, requires great control and practice. That’s the pitfall of hawk medicine; getting caught up in the emotion that clouds the vision. Thus, spiritual practice and meditation are essential tools on the path of one with hawk medicine.


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