Ever since I’ve started being of service as a shaman, I’ve had requests to purify people and places of the invisible, harmful, evil and malefic entities. Evil spells, possessions, angry spirits, unwanted guests, lost souls, psychic attacks, I’ve seen it all.

One story I like to share as it shows how important it is to not take these things lightly and that training is essential to do things the right way, is this family’s horror story. A grandmother who living in the same house as her daughter’s family commits suicide by hanging herself in the house. She’s incapable of going to the light because of the consequences of suicide and all the conflicting emotions she’s created in the family. Her daughter’s daughters are clairvoyant and see her suffering spirit in the house. They are frightened by the appearances of this restless spirit. They appeal to charlatans to take advantage of their plight but don’t know what their doing. Rather than help this poor soul they attract more lost souls looking for a way out of their plight. They now have dozens in the house. Some have been around for a long time and have learned how to influence matter with their minds. The family especially the young ones get pushed in the stairs, pulled by the hair, punched, kicked and screamed at by a bunch of angry ghosts. The family is unable to stay in the house once night has fallen. The family is falling apart. They are so very grateful the day after my work when they return to find their house free of all spirits and they start healing their family from all these trying circumstances.

Other times its vicious psychic attacks from people close to the family. One time the attacks that were causing accidents and many bad events was coming from a member of the family. Other times the visions of spirits and harm felt are in fact mental illness and a loss of reality. How can we see the difference between what is real and what is illusion and hallucination? How to cancel and to defuse all the bad energies which are sent with hostile intentions by evil unscrupulous people who only live for power and are full of hatred, jealousy and anger? Black magic and evil spells are a very real thing. How to invite souls lost to find the light? How to purify places and houses of the dramas which took place there?

The light of the soul is sufficient to mitigate and heal all these problems. We have forgotten whom we are, so the measure of our power is hidden from us. We are sovereign, free spirits created in the likeness of Great Spirit. The infinite potential of Divine co creation lives within us. There is in fact nothing that can attack us if we did not open ourselves to these problems. But let’s go one thing at a time. The purpose of what I’m sharing with you here is to allow you to be autonomous, to protect yourselves and be free of all these problems.

There is a knowledge of spirit which is known by only few persons today. Our scientific knowledge, our materialistic life style with its thousands of distractions and emphasis on entertainment, our innumerable technologies which are present in all moments of every day take so much room that the recognition of our spiritual, emotional and psychological needs are buried under the dust of these ceaseless activities. Furthermore, there has been for millennium a concerted effort on the part of dark evil men to keep the masses ignorant of basic spiritual realities so they can control them. Yet nothing is hidden for one who looks deep within. In this article I’m offering food for thought on this subject that you may reflect and discover the secrets of the soul and spirit.

Soul and spirit are eternal and immortal. In fact, those who flee their plight by committing suicide are surprised to notice that after death nothing has changed. They still have the same feelings but now nobody sees them. These are really difficult and hurtful circumstances.

When we accompany the dying person calmly, with serenity, keeping our thoughts centered on life, and inviting the person to carry messages to Great Spirit for us all, death is peaceful even joyful.  The transition will be conducive to peace of mind for all.  The possibilities of them returning in their descendants is then greatly increased. The soul will know where to go. It will not be lost.

This civilized tradition of setting gravestones over coffins where are imprisoned the dead bodies in these septic tanks for human beings that are cemeteries, is very unhealthy. How can the soul return to the living when it’s inscribed in letters of stone that it’s dead? How can the wealth of her organic substances nourish living nature when it’s caught in a thick box 6 feet below ground? Indigenous wisdom traditions bury without identifying the grave, with a simple shroud so that the body can feed the trees and plants, insects and life cycles of the earth. This way life continues. The living center their thoughts on welcoming that soul back to their community in another youthful healthy body. We can also spread the ashes in a natural place or even on the family domain so that its molecules can once again nourish nature.

All indigenous traditions on this earth, those formed by millennium of experience and wisdom have what is called a death watch. They sit with the body for at least three days. There are important reasons for this. The spirit at the moment of death leaves the body immediately, but the soul needs at least 3 days to collect all the memories of that person registered in all the cells of its body so as to carry them to the next life. If we move the body far away, when the soul does exit the body the spirit is not there. It’s waiting at the place the person died. The spirit is that part of us that can bring us to that world of light, the land of Great Spirit or God if you prefer that word. The soul and spirit need to purify and renew in that world before returning to their next embodiment. That is why there are so many lost souls today. You can see in these few words how our current way of life is so devoid of the fundamental knowledge and wisdom needed to accompany the dying back to life. Thus the current problems that afflict more and more families today.

When the circumstances of death are difficult and when the soul was not accompanied it’s often enough just to pray. Be the light of love and direct that love towards the soul of this person lost between worlds. Visualize a ladder of light going up to the heavens. Ask for help and assistance from the ancestors or angels of your religious or spiritual tradition that this lost soul may find the light. The power of the human mind, of prayer and love has no limit. Only fear can prevent our being able help and release a lost soul from earthly bondage.

There is an important traditional teaching on fear that is helpful in all situations life has to offer. It’s especially important to understand how fear attracts that which we fear and is the only doorway an evil entity has to influence our lives. .

A Man, a Woman, are stronger than any evil entity. They have a human body, what the spirit does not have. It’s the reason why evil entities or negative, disembodied, wandering or lost souls or lower astral spirits try to possess beings. They would indeed like to be embodied. We have something that these entities don’t have: a body. We are stronger, more powerful, than all spirits, disembodies souls or entities. On the other hand, these entities have a doorway, a way of influencing human beings: fear. They can feed off this negative emotion. It gives them strength and it creates holes in the etheric web of those experiencing intense fear. . If you have no fear in the forces of darkness or evil spirits, they will have no influence over you on the psychic and spiritual planes.

There are two normal and natural fears which are of little consequence and are actually beneficial:

– The fear of heights, of falling, dizziness or the fear which you experience in high places, the edge of cliff or abyss, on the roof of a house, etc.

– That of a sudden noise, a door which slams, gunshot, sirens and alarms which make you jump and look for safety.

These fears are normal, natural and do not need an intervention of your part.

All other fears are creations of your imagination. You do not need them, they can even damage you and hinder your evolution. Fear attracts what you are afraid of, because any thought is creative. Since these fears are illusions, if you continue to carry them they will strengthen and in time will become real. If you are afraid of thieves, they will come. If you are afraid of fire, you will be a victim of fire. If you are afraid of the devil, he will come to you in one of his many guises!

Fear is a coward.  As long as you flee your fear it will follow you as tight as your shadow. If you turn and face your fear it will run away scared.

Thus the best way of dissipate any fear, is to confront it. Look at it, try to understand where it originated, and why it is there. Stay with it, don’t run away from it. If you face fear it will dissipate, because really its but an illusion, the fruit of your thoughts.


One day, a man who was commercial traveler came to consult me. He had had a terrible accident on the Quebec Bridge. He had spent 3 months hospitalized. When he was able to resume work as a traveling salesman he went onto the same bridge. The sudden memory of the accident provoked an intense fear. He braked in the middle of the bridge and was incapable of moving forward. He created a huge traffic jam and they had to tow his car off the bridge. The next day he tried it with his wife beside him. Same thing, he froze, she got behind the wheel and brought him to safety. So, he comes to see me with this problem. He explained that as a traveling salesman he has to take that bridge almost every day.

I suggest he park his car close to the bridge and go on foot onto the bridge. He was to walk to the middle where his accident happened and just stay there awhile. To look down (real fear) and to look at the cars moving across the bridge where his accident happened. (Inexistent circumstance thus false fear). He was to do that 7 days. Once in that place, he was to remember his accident and allow the feelings and sensations to invade him.

Many months later I meet him by chance at a public event. I asked him how things went. He told that the first time was super hard. Second time better. Third time even better. Fourth time easy. At the end of the seven days he was comfortable. So much so that when he crossed the bridge for the first time with his car he only remembered that he had had a problem on the other side!


A woman came to consult me for a case of fear: that of spiders. The only thought that she might have spiders on the outside of the house made her feel uncomfortable. If she found one in the house she would have to call a neighbor to remove it before being able to function properly she was so upset. Intense fear!

I invited her into an empty room and closed off all light so the room was completely dark. I had her relax and then visualize a tiny spider in the upper opposite corner of the room. The next day I escalated the visualization: a spider in every upper corner; then in every corner; etc. At the end of the seventh time she could imagine large hairy black tarantulas climbing everywhere over her body. She no longer fears spiders. She can even take one onto her hand to take it outside when she finds one in the house.

Thus, two examples of confronting fear to dissolve them. By facing our fears, we are no longer victims of our own thoughts and emotions when it comes to fear.  It is an essential inner process. If fear holds you, you will be vulnerable to evil entities. Hostile people will have more influence over you, you will feel and be weak and vulnerable. If you have no fear, nothing can get to you. It’s the reality of fear. Now, when we are in transition between these 2 states, fear and absence of fear, the fluctuations can be important. And thus …

There is a halo of light which is a natural protection around the physical body. At about 10 centimeters, this web of photonic and electromagnetic energy is called the etheric web of etheric energy field or body. With hexagonal webbing this field of energy is the interface between all your other bodies, the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. It is also the interface with the different energies of the universe. Its work is to allow the right energies and useful information to enter into your field, and to push away and repel the heavy emotions, evil influences, malefic spirits, dark energies, etc.

Our current way of life is conducive to the disorder of this etheric body. The addiction to smoking, alcohol, drugs, emotional shocks, trauma, dissonance in one’s values, morality and ethics that should guide a harmonious lifestyle, electromagnetic pollution, chemical pollution, false news and erroneous information, fear, disease, high altitude plane travel, all these factors can create holes, tears, unevenness or other disturbances of the etheric web.  Holes in the etheric web are especially convenient for the entities seeking a home. I’ve seen people who were unaware of sheltering disincarnate entities suddenly be freed following a sweat lodge or other powerful ceremony. The difference in the morphology and character of these people were sometimes quite impressive.

To stabilize the etheric web it can be useful to become aware of all the light force around, what some people call the aura and which could accurately be called an electromagnetic field. Become aware of it and then gather it into yourself, concentrating all of its energy within. This will reinforce the aura and prevent or at least diminish the influence of harmful energies. Also just being conscious of our energy fields and reinforcing them by our visualizations is beneficial. Our attitudes directly influence the etheric web.  Be confident, brave, without fear, and happy being whom you are. Cultivate a healthy life style and be regularly in contact with natural elements, such as trees, the sun, the earth, garden, forest, sea, lakes, rivers, etc. Have faith in your intuitions, your values, cultivate an ethical life style and do not let others influence your behavior, but be completely and truly yourselves. If you are who you are, sons and daughters of Great Spirit, your energy will be full and impenetrable, you will be free of invisible pernicious influences of entities or of people who wish to harm you. And laugh!! No negative energy can survive a merry crazy belly laugh!

Of course, our native traditions hold many ceremonies and therapies that can restore the integrity of our subtle bodies. The key word here is unity. We are one with the earth and nature and if we respect all life we will be strong and happy. It’s very important that we all understand that we belong to the earth and that the earth belongs to us. Integrating this understanding will allow us to become true, real human beings. It may seem commonplace, but in fact if we understand our role as human beings on earth we shall have an immense power.

Sometimes, it takes time to find our center, to do what we call centering, which in fact will synchronize the two hemispheres of your brain. What I’ve described may seem a lot for people who have just starting on the path of conscious living. For these people and even for all people, as even very evolved people sometimes need tools to purify and strengthen our energy fields, there are essential tools. One of them, the best one that I’ve found, is actually one that I created.  Chiiyaam is a perfume that contains an encoding of purification and protection. Meditating with the CD EARTH DRUMS after using CHIIYAAM and focusing on the pure light of your soul will dissipate all evil spells. Some people prefer more traditional incenses often called smudge.

What can present a challenge is the purification of places where morbid, cruel and evil events have taking place and where there was death as a consequence. Chiiyaam and Native American sage smudge can help but it’s often necessary to call on certified shaman practitioners or First Nations Medicine People to do the intense purification rituals that are required in such an environment.

We are entering a new era. As we understand more and more that our current life styles controlled by the need for money are erroneous and detrimental to all life, we will once more come back to nature and our fundamental identities as true human beings, co-creators of paradise on earth. Thus the extreme concentration of evil energies that are a part of our lives today will gradually dissipate and we will once more become the happy children of God, forever playing in His/Her perfect playground, the universe!

Love, peace and joy to all.

Blue Eagle






  1. Hi how could I contact you. I’m quite a beginner myself but been involved in this since quite young finding myself in paranormal situations. I’d like a little help or an advice. Thank you I’d really appreciate it.

  2. Hello my name is Tylisha and I’ve been dealing with so much. I really need good and happy energy. I want to feel bad or evil energy so I can stay away. I really think someone has cast this bad or evil spell on me. And I just wanna b happy

    • True happiness is within. Nobody can give it to you although true love from anyone you trust goes a long way in showing what Great Spirit’s love that’s within our hearts feels like.


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