There is, in our current understanding of religion and spirituality, many things to be cleared up. We are in a period of human history where a global transformation of the consciousness of Man becomes essential. The roads of the past have led us into an impasse. The planet is polluted, humans suffer many diseases, there are wars and inequalities, injustice and segregation, wickedness and hatred, and the list is endless of what should not exist since we have all been endowed with intelligence. If we look at nature, we see a perfect balance where these problems do not exist. Men have ignored this equilibrium in his wild chase of false gods and he ran out of paradise. He was not chased out of paradise as the Primordial Intelligence that watches over us and loves us would want nothing more than for us to come back to His terrestrial paradise. It is time now to recreate our eternal home on earth, as our mother earth can heal us of our wounds with her infinite compassion. For that to happen we need to revise our concepts, ideas, paradigms and philosophies about spirituality and religion as ultimately it’s our ideas about God or the absence of God that influence most the way we live all over the planet. I will begin here this thought process which you can continue and should continue in your own way, as your free will becomes paramount in these times.

Understanding spiritual practice. Spiritual practice can include ceremonies, prayers, meditations, offerings, sacred dances, exercises, rituals, etc. There are many practices in many traditions. If we truly understand how to use them, we can benefit from them without suffering from the pitfalls of the sectarian conditioning which often accompany them. This programming that will affirm that a religion is the best, the unique, the only one offering salvation, etc. is intended to control you and use your vital energies to the benefit of said religion or sect. That’s why some of them have become so rich and powerful and can cause suffering and even death to those who do not think like them.

It’s important to understand that spiritual or religious practice is not a purpose in itself. It is a tool and when it has been mastered and has given the development we seek, it can be left aside for another one more suited to our development. Spiritual or religious practices are alike to a cup or vase which holds water. Without the vessel water will spill onto the ground. But what’s important is not the vessel, or its size or shape, what’s important is the water (the divine) which it contains.

Religious and spiritual practice allows us to recreate conditions which a life within nature has, as far as allowing for the optimal development of our spiritual beings. Many psychic powers and abilities may then manifest. These are mostly nonexistent, or rather not recognized in the materialistic and mechanistic world view that dominate human societies today. Yet these powers are natural and beneficial abilities which appear spontaneously when we live in accordance with nature. When living in nature, these abilities appear spontaneously as is demonstrated in the shamans and medicine people of all indigenous nations all over the earth. In our way of life that is estranged from the natural environment, spiritual practices are necessary and may spark the realization of these powers which are a natural potential of the divine essence of Man. These can be telepathy, co-creation, out of body journeying, travelling great distances with the body in a short time (teleportation), accurate intuition, accurate thought, the understanding of time (prophetic help), communication with plants and animals, mastery of the body, the power to heal, and many others. These powers are not purposes or goals in themselves. To think that by having them we are more important or advanced than others is a trap, a pitfall on the path. They should not be sought out for themselves. They appear spontaneously. They are simply tools which Man uses to fulfill his mission on earth, that of creating paradise.

The most important and the most divine spiritual practice of all consists of what a wise man once called beautifying the earth, that is, in cultivating one’s garden.

I hear the voices of some who think, and this divine you speak of, who or what is it? … Yes, there are people today who do not feel or recognize the divine within them, and around them in the world. This is understandable as the Divine never speaks to us directly. He speaks to us through his creation. We understand the Divine when we try to understand our reason for being, our mission as men on earth, and role and reason for being of every plant and every animal in our environment. Not in books or schools but in pondering, reflection, observation and contemplation of nature. The Divine is what animates the world and all living things. That which is divine is the essence of who we are as True Human Beings. Divine is what allows co-creation, the gift given to Man to create terrestrial paradise. The Divine is the essential primordial Intelligence which creates and maintains the universe in its ever-changing precision and its infinite diversity.

Formerly, we needed a guru, a saver, a master, a church or other authority to determine what was true, what was good and what was bad. Now, it is up to each one of us to determine within, what the truth is, what’s good or bad and what’s real. It’s one of the most damaging of our historical errors in relying on spiritual or religious authorities to tell us the truth. This has given power to sects, to religious wars, to segregation, to the inquisition, to abusing native people, to the atrocious suffering experienced by millions in the name of someone’s God. People who are more advanced, more developed can for sure be an inspiration, a road map to be followed to find the right practice, but we have to walk that road, the teacher can’t do the steps for us. It belongs to each one of us to develop our consciousness and to determine within what is real and true and what are lies conceived to control us. Spiritual practice is essential, because without practice the most beautiful of teachings is ineffective. Practice is the only way other than living 24/7 in nature to develop a discerning, discriminating and creative mind that respects the laws of nature.

It is also very important to understand that our spirituality is bound and connected to nature and the earth. Our spirituality must be anchored and grounded in nature and the earth. Dark evil Men who have strived to control humanity have during a very long time diverted our attention from the truth by writing in religious books that the ultimate goal of Man was in: the Christian heaven, the heavens of the Hebraic, the pure worlds of Buddha, or in Allah’s paradise, or to escape the cycle of earthly rebirths by abandoning all desires to attain illumination, in ascension, in the transition in another more luminous dimension, anywhere except here, on our very beautiful and sacred earth mother. Thus we live in transit, without taking care of the earth because our purpose in such religions is somewhere else. But they are illusions, lies. Man belongs to the earth and the earth belongs to him. It is by creating in the world, on earth, a paradise of beauty and happiness, by creating gardens where we breathe a magnificent air filled with the fragrant smell of flowers and trees, the songs of birds and children and the quiet joy in the contemplation of our co-creation of paradise that we realize our true purpose. It’s then that true peace and abundance for all on earth can be realized. It is then that we really become spiritual beings.

By living in nature the body becomes more and more spiritual that is it will become purer, stronger, and may never know disease or the decrepitude of old age. It was thus originally when we were created and we shall return one day to this original purity. Our journey through the meanders of our illusions will have taught us many lessons, but armed us with this understanding that we no longer need get lost in these sombre endless labyrinths of religious illusion and technocratic destruction.

This vision of paradise may seem impossible, a utopia, to human beings today, as it’s the technocratic system with its religions or absence of religion which has programmed and conditioned our vision of the world and spirituality.

One of the many benefits of connecting our spirituality to the earth is that of immortality. We can realize immortality of the body and soul. Many true teachings and traditions have demonstrated that the earth offers us the possibility of having a continuance of soul. That is to reignite the recollection of our experiences and memories when we abandon a worn-out body for a new one. This is sometimes called reincarnation. Some Native American clans also have this knowledge. It is our love for the earth and our co-creation to protect and embellish the earth and our family and descendants that offers this possibility. The reward for our affirmation for really being of the earth has our soul returning out of love in the children of our children on their family domains. A family domain is a domestic size paradise. The recollection of our lives spent with them in other lifetimes returns during the evenings and nights where we sleep with them under the stars. Stars act as catalysts of consciousness to reactivate the memories of past lifetimes with our families. Families who have experienced this, share that the whole family remembers at the same time. The happy remembrances come as heartfelt exclamations: “You were my great-grandmother and now you’re a little girl, wow!”, or “Oh, grandfather you are so tiny now!” “Hey, you listen to me, I might be small but I’m your great-grandfather” etc.

It is by spiritualizing the earth, by anchoring our spirituality in nature that we become spiritual, immortal beings, physical deities’ co-creating paradise on earth. The power, joy and health which is then given to us far exceeds the illusionary experience of heaven promised by religions. Lies do not give happiness, but the truth frees us, and creates the love that allows us to realize our dreams here, on this earth. If we fully accept that we are of the earth, that nature is Great Spirit’s creation for us, that we have the ability to create paradise, we will inherit the earth as well as the peace and joy which comes when contemplating our family’s terrestrial paradise.

Joy, Love, Peace and Light be with all of you

Blue Eagle




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