Here are some news of how things are with us for all those friends throughout the world where I’ve travelled for 30 years.

We are really well. We recently gave ourselves 21 days of raw vegan diet, sprouts in salads, wheat grass juice, green juice and colonics. So feeling really good. After those 3 weeks I was incapable of going back to coffee in the morning, the body just said no. A good thing I guess 😉 . As a result of all that added energy I’ve added to my daily training, classes in aïkido and tai chi. With everything else I’m doing my time is well occupied.

In spite of my intention to stay home and stop traveling I do have to plan these days 2 trips, one for 2019 and one for 2020.

I have to go in France to put the final touch to our perfume, Totem for Men, with my French colleagues in the world’s international perfumery hub Ville de Grasse.  We will put the finishing touch to this perfume, which is already beautiful. Graces for women, is ready and we are going to sell a limited edition of a hundred bottles. These will be sold as a beta test probably in May. Watch this blog and to be informed and maybe get a bottle of this prelaunch. They will of course be 100% natural, encoded as always with the ritual that gives them so much power and long shelf life. They will have numerous rare essences from Canada. The difference will be that they will be more fashion, made to reach a wider public. They will last longer on the skin and will be more perfume than the therapeutic perfumes we have now. I’m experiencing a lot of joy and passion working on Totem. It took 2 years to finish Graces. I think we’ll finish Totem faster as we have more resources now at Invocation.

Requests for teaching and healing continue to fill my mail box. Although I’ve learned to say No! I will take advantage of my presence in France to give some healing and teachings We’ll see. Watch the blog for details.

Its very cold this morning, -30oC. For weeks now lots of snow and very cold weather. I go out every morning, long walk in the snow and doing small jobs around the house mostly bringing in wood for the stove and shoveling snow. On bright morning sometimes the snow reflects thousands of stars in rainbow colors, its beautiful.

So that’s the time I have this morning. My weekdays are too full to find any time for the blog so for the coming months it’ll be mostly weekends that I can write to you.

Good winter to all.

Joy, Light, Love and Peace

Blue Eagle



  1. Good winter tidings and looking forward to the success of your perfume. Will be following your progress and hope to get one of the limited edition bottles.


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