Message from Blue Eagle for the 1st of the year 2019

Dear Readers of my Blog,

My best wishes for you this year would be to find your small paradise, a family domain for you and your children, grandchildren and their children until the 7th generation.

The dark forces are bustling with attacks in these days of world transformation and paradigm change. Many bearers of light have undergone attacks from many different sources. One of the most heart breaking of all for me is the one suffered by John of God in Brazil, a saint who has healed millions from all over the world. We know from reliable sources that the allegations come from people that are being paid by a pharmaceutical company. We also know that he is spiritually and physically incapable of the accusations for which he is currently imprisoned.

Did you know that those who possess the largest pharmaceutical companies are also the owners of the largest arms manufacturing companies? This should make clear the nature of the forces that are trying to control and enslave humanity.

In these days when the hours of sunlight are at their lowest in the year, when all the media proclaim messages of technological progress thus of death, where diseases are rampant and affect larger and larger segments of the population of civilized nations, where the bearers of light and natural healing are systematically attacked, where indigenous nations lose repeatedly in their efforts to stop companies who want to steal and then violate their territories for profit, it would seem there is no hope.

The light is always victorious. Hope is ultimately supreme as there are cosmic laws which govern life and these will always bring back balance to the earth. This requires some explanation.

As I explained in THE PHILOSOPHY OF NATURE, technology is a crutch, a prosthesis, a palliative which prevents Man (with a capital M is Man of divine essence and thus also includes Woman to facilitate writing) from developing His natural abilities. Technology is synonymous with death. All technology comes from the science of death. Indeed all technology will ultimately die. A machine does not know how to repair itself, and will always one day or other wear out, degrade, and need to be repaired or replaced. All technologies require important natural resources which when extracted from the earth degrade and destroy nature.

Nature never breaks. Nature never needs to be replaced or repaired. Nature continues indefinitely from millennia to millennia to supply to the planet and all its life forms an environment which is conducive to life. The people who live within nature are healthy, do not need police, armies, doctors or hospitals. They are free and happy. Their way of life continues for millennia onto millennia and results in many people with very powerful and very evolved spiritual and shamanic abilities. They have very few diseases, are very strong physically, have no obesity, no bald men, deformities and handicaps are rare. They develop very powerful mental abilities, have an excellent memory, a lot more developed than that of current young people who mostly depend on their smart phones. They are very loving, amorous of their families and nature which surrounds them, sentiments which give them strong emotional equilibrium, hardly comparable to most current couples who very often experience separation and divorce with important emotional consequences for their children.

All the indigenous people of all continents have resisted the barbaric and violent invasion of civilizations. An eloquent example documented at the beginning of colonization in French Canada is that hundreds of Europeans left their current lifestyles to go live amongst the Native American tribes. Yet historians could not find a single example of native people who voluntarily chose the European way of life. Who would want to integrate the way of life of violent people, a way of life that limits their freedom, where life is difficult because it’s not dependent on the abundance of nature which surrounds them but on other human beings who are in competition for more money and profit often to the expenses of the poor? Who would want to live where exists a hierarchy which creates important differences between the way of life of ordinary people and that of the nobility?

Thus, it’s clear that the way of life which favours life is the one in accordance with the laws of nature. In a world which depends on money, on technology and on the artificial structures of governance that are communist regimes, oligarchies, monarchies, democracies and suchlike which are ultimately various forms of tyranny, the life force grows weaker and weaker. Couples in civilized nations with important technological development make fewer and fewer children. These children often have deformities, handicaps as well as many diseases. Flus, influenzas, colds, otitis, removal of tonsils and many other diseases and medical indignities are commonplace.

Thus, the current trajectory with its multidimensional pollution, as it’s also mental, emotional and spiritual pollution, leads to death. We see one of the effects of this, on a global scale, in the chaos of the elements: the increase of destructive storms, floods, droughts, fires which destroy whole villages killing hundreds of people, the increase of earthquakes and other innumerable climatic changes and elemental chaos.

All living organisms will strive towards health. All living organisms will attempt to heal when affected by disease and pollution. It’s the same for the earth, this planet which is also a living organism. Contrary to scientific thought, the earth is a very evolved conscious being. All indigenous nations of the Americas call the planet Earth-mother. This is not just a metaphor, its reality. Many very powerful and spiritually evolved shamans and medicine people can communicate with the earth. This being is going to cleanse itself. The cosmic healers have been called and are coming to help the earth purify itself of these parasites who are a cancer on its magnificent body, so beautiful in its infinite variety.

Man is a part of the biodiversity of the earth. He can be the active consciousness of the earth. Man is responsible for creating paradise. That’s His mission. He is important. Those who are in harmony and in unity with the earth will survive. They will be protected because they are important for the continuation. Indeed, we can even be of tremendous help in purifying and cleansing the Earth-mother of the pollution and diseases created by the dark forces who have attempted to enslave humanity.

The leaders and owners of the oil, pharmaceutical, arms companies and tyrannical governments are not the only malefic and parasitic beings on this earth. All those who are completely under their influence, programmed to believe that technology is beneficial, that the technocratic way of life is progress, these people who are legion and a majority of the population today, are also a part of this disease. Regrettably, ignorance of the realities of this world is not an excuse. We have all received this incredible spiritual gift which is called consciousness. We can all think. We all have free will. We are all responsible for being human beings. That is the beauty of being human. It requires but a moment of true understanding, an instant of realization of the truth, that lightning moment of clarity, to become a child of the earth rather than a child of this technocratic system. Those who begin walking on a path towards healing the earth, cultivating their small Garden of Eden, which is possible all over the earth, will survive.

Thus, we need to expect very powerful changes in the world we know. Our elders say that there will be great difficulties in the United States and Europe in 2019.

What can we do? The answer is written again and again in the pages of this blog, in my books, in the teachings of the spiritual elders of all Indigenous Nations on all continents, in the words of those carrying the light of true spiritual teachings, in your consciousness, in the messages of your body, your heart, your mind and your spirit. On this blog you will find what I consider the most complete and easiest solution, HERE.

In fact, if we really listen to our consciousness, our heart and our spirit (which requires moments of silence and listening every day) we will all know what to do. This information is always available within all of us.

Thus, here we are! Hope is as vast as the world as our consciousness can contain the whole world. There is no limit to the power of a true, real human being! You are the healers of the world. You are the vectors of the healing of the consciousness of humanity. You are the doctors of the earth. You are the representatives of Great Spirit on Earth. You have but to assume your responsibilities as Men and we shall find the free, healthy, happy and pure life that is our true inheritance.

Death does not exist. There is but life which is eternal.

With love,

Blue Eagle

2 thoughts on “Message from Blue Eagle for the 1st of the year 2019”

  1. Thank you for the letter of hope and encouragement and honor. I steward a section of white sage in Southern California, and sometimes I laugh saying, they don’t need me – they have survived for centuries without me just fine. But they love me as I do them. And they tell me much. They know everything, you know? We laugh and we cry and dance and sing.
    it’s not an easy life and I work very hard just to stay alive. most of the time I am appalled at their being an attitude or opinion where it does’t belong. Backing down is not an option and I hope I see the day that I am respected for what I value. Peace

  2. I just lost my best friend ,everything ,we both have cherokee American Indian, southeastern. And I still having a hardtime, with his death ! Cause we were very close, he was at work and fell 30 to 40 ft. Through a building, but, that’s not , what the cause of death was,, it was , cardiac arrest, that done it . He told me, I had a blanket that hung on our window, one week prior to his death. …that he seen ,,,his words ,,,tear’s in that ,, wolves eyes. For I had a wolf throw blanket that hung on my window as I do now too, he had more cherokee than I do. His mom was full blooded. He went work,,,one morning, I never seen him again. At the time both of our vehicles were being worked on.,,,,and.,,,he also told me ,,,he had a dream. But ,,,he would not say ,,,what it was ,,,just that it was not good. He fell on Dec. 18, 2017.. They kept trying to get him back ,,he was only here almost 2 days after the fall on Dec. 20 th. About 1: 20 a.m. Mike , was his name.,,,good man !! Also he was on life support and they took it off ! He always said. He did not want that , also.,,,I tried to get to mike. But. It never happened,,, till this day,,,I always think of him.!!! Also he was born in Georgia! He lived in Alabama, but. They, the crew he worked with were driving back and forth to Georgia , he fell in Georgia and passed away there at the hospital. I just wanted to share this. RIP. MIKE. ,,,he also looked a Lot like …,Willie Nelson. Ok. Thanks. I miss him so much. We lived together. He was my life !! Thanks.


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