FROG – animal totem

The key-word for frog medicine is purification.

Many Native cultures consider that the frog’s song attracts the rain. Frog’s medicine is that of water. It teaches us to honor our tears, as they are the sign that the soul is taking a bath. We say that all rites and initiations made with water belong to frog.

We experience life as a frog does in its second cycle of life, that of the tadpole, when we are an embryo. There we feel what it’s like to be in a fluid world.

When a frog sings, it’s calling the thunder birds, so that they can come purify and energize the earth with lighting and rain.

When we meet the frog or when it is given to us as a sign, its often time for us to cleanse and purify our bodies or to renew and regenerate our souls.

When we are tired, worried, deprived, when we feel nervous, empty, flat-out and weak, it’s time to call on frog medicine. Turn off the phone, lock the door and have a good warm relaxing bath. There we pray that the purifying virtues of water may bring us forgiveness and abundance. Frog medicine is going to eliminate the distractions and its muddy times with the crystal clear energy of being in all its perfection.

Those who have frog medicine are often people whose work consists in cleansing the environment: houses, businesses and other places affected by evil or malefic energies.

Frog is always welcome in our gardens. It brings an energy which balances the water element in plants, and many unwanted insects will be eaten up by the frog. It’s also a good barometer of a place’s ecology. By observing the absence or presence of many frogs, we can see if the place is polluted or filled with vitality.

As with all creatures created by Great Spirit, the frog does what He wishes it to do and this indicates for us a specific and very important medicine in our lives: that of purification.

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