The return of White Buffalo Calf Woman


There is a prophecy that speaks of the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman. Many of us, especially the traditionalists of Native American descent, have hoped and waited with anticipation for the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman. For those of you who do not know her, the Sacred Pipe, altar of the red race, was given to the Lakota by a sacred emissary of Great Spirit. This was White Buffalo Calf Woman. She came with great gifts of wisdom and knowledge, blessing the people and restoring the natural order of the world and abundance to a tribe afflicted by famine.

In Native American history, there have been frequent visitings of divine emissaries, like Wovoka who came for the nations of the western plains, the Pale One for the Cherokee, Deganawida for the Iroquoian people, Quetzaqualt for the Mayan people, White Buffalo Calf Woman to the Lakota and many more. These sacred beings came to restore the pristine original instructions that were forgotten or ignored by the people, causing strife, war, hardship, misery, famine and other unnatural circumstances.

It should be understood that Man is at the apex of Creation and that everything in the universe will serve Man if he is in harmony with the pristine natural unconditioned state of bliss that is his inheritance. Unfortunately, many influences have deadened Man’s understanding of reality and we have lost touch with the state of grace and harmony that allows us to be at one with nature and the world.

It was said in the prophecy that when White Buffalo Calf Woman would come at this time to restore the natural balance, grace and beauty of the world, we would once more live in great happiness and perfect health. And so, in the face of the misery, injustice, disease, racism, wars, pollution, and loss of the lands taken away by the European colonizers, where we should have had our children to live in harmony with nature, our aspirations for the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman were great indeed.

I, more than others had a deep urgent desire to meet her. The story of my life which is not important in itself but which one day be published for the teachings it contains, could explain why this desire was so intense. It was a time of my life when I was down and out, under attack by dark jealous and heinous people and the Canadian establishment who were pushing untruthful slander on all media, television, radio, newspapers and internet. All of my coworkers and friends had run away I was all alone in this storm. In that moment this magical connection happened. A woman who had organized my teachings in California wrote to me about the Ringing Cedars series of books written by a Russian entrepreneur Vladimir Megre. In these books Vladimir speaks of a woman who has been a recluse since birth in her native Siberian taiga. I read a few paragraphs online and immediately ordered the 9 volumes. This reading fascinated me. To see that this very pure and spiritual lady had also been attacked comforted me. It rekindled my will to continue the work.

I’ve read books about most of the spiritual traditions of the world: Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Christian saints, etc… I’ve never read a book more than once. But these books, Wow, I read again, a second time, and then a third, today 10 years later I’m in my 5th reading of these nine books.

Some months after the first reading, when I had begun my second reading a realization was born within. Anastasia was White Buffalo Calf Woman! All the signs were there. Our prophesies said that they would have be 5 signs that would help us recognize White Buffalo Calf Woman. First she would be white; 2nd she would have no parents, 3rd she would be in direct contact with Great Spirit, 4th she would manifest great spiritual powers, 5th she would bring us the solutions to the global catastrophic disaster in which we are today.

Anastasia is blond and Caucasian. She has always lived alone, shielded from any human presence with the exception of her Grandfather and Great-grandfather, who are beings of wisdom who have always lived in perfect unity with nature. They trained her in an ancestral culture that has always kept the original instructions that Man received from the very beginning from Creator. Her parents died when she was 3 months old, not yet able to walk or talk. Nature as a whole came to her to help her find food and warmth. Her grandfathers left her where she was born, knowing that Mother Nature, this irreplaceable nourishing earth mother, would indeed take care of her. While observing her from afar the first day which followed the burial of her parents they saw for the first time a sphere of light animated within with multicoloured blazing flashes of lightning. This strange ball of light seemed to communicate with her and laid down on the grass beside her that first evening as her mother used to do to put her to sleep. Afterwards, they often saw this sphere of light that could travel at lightning speed. They observed that this sphere could change the laws of gravity, plunge ill-intentioned men into hell, change the laws of time and take human shape. They eventually understood that it was the Creator Himself who was taking care of her and manifesting directly to her. This allows us to understand that Grear Spirit assists Anastasia in her work. Still very young Anastasia quickly began discovering the immense powers that are concealed in the human mind. With help from her great-grandfather and grandfather, she quickly mastered telepathy; speaking in tongues; teleportation; showing events in the form of animated 3D representation more real and powerful than the greatest films; speaking to animals and plants and having them do what she wanted: manifesting objects or disintegrating them into their atomic constituents; etc.. What is described as miracles in the lives of the Great Saints are but natural events of Anastasia’s everyday life. I recognized in Anastasia’s description by Vladimir certain powers that the greatest amongst First Nations’ shamans demonstrate. She manifests them all with disconcerting ease where shamans of all aboriginal nations in the world will manifest one or two with the price of long efforts and complex, intense ceremonies. Anastasia has taken us through the dark forces window of time in which we have been imprisoned for thousands of years. She brings to us, by means of the words written by her husband, Vladimir Megre, the solutions to our human dilemma and ecological crisis in which we find ourselves.

She has liberated us from the ignorance and the pain of being estranged from nature. Her books, written by a Russian entrepreneur, who became the father of her children, have sold over 12 million copies in less than 15 years and have been translated in over 22 languages. This is amazing, since the first edition was published in the late 1990s. These books have caused an incredible transformation in those who have read them. Songs, poems, dances, expressions of light, love and harmony have flourished and celebrated Anastasia and her gift to the world. Many tens of thousands have returned to cultivating their dashas, small family gardens and family domains that were given to the people by the Russian government shortly after the publishing of her first book. Hundreds of ecovillages have been created in Russia. The crops harvested by these dashas and family domains now produce more food than all of Russia’s agricultural industry and this in less than 15 years. And this movement is rapidly spreading to many other countries.

In her books, Anastasia has revealed clear and concise teachings that show us how to find our way back to peace and harmony with ourselves, our children, the community, the land and the universe. She has successfully resisted the attempts by the dark forces to stop her. She lives alone with her children and has absolutely no need for any material object. Her needs for food, lodging, and other things, are met by the plants and trees, the bear, the squirrels, the wolves and any other animal or insect that she may need to assist her. They immediately come with great joy to give her all that she asks. Thus, Anastasia does not need to think about food or lodging, devoting herself to the great work of healing our world of the technocratic illusions that have been imprinted into our minds by the dark forces.

Anastasia has all the attributes that are associated with White Buffalo Calf Woman. She is doing the work that we expected of White Buffalo Calf Woman. She is of incredible beauty and grace and yet, she is a simple human being with feelings and the need to be loved like all of us. It’s clear that although she might not carry the name White Buffalo Calf Woman, she is giving us all that we needed and expected from White Buffalo Calf Woman. Thus, it was that I came in those moments of great tribulation to find great peace. I had found what I was aspiring to find, the solutions and wisdom to free ourselves from the illusions that separate us from nature, happiness, health and grace.

I have written the solutions that she teaches in this article.

Peace and Light to you all

Blue Eagle


10 thoughts on “The return of White Buffalo Calf Woman”

  1. The White Buffalo Calf Woman is of mixed race Native American descent not white, all 4 races..Haudenosaunee .Not this woman.

    • She is not a white woman she is Lakota Anishinabe white European and Scottish and was born by a sacred lake known as Big Manitou in 1965. The person responsible for this site is darkness and needs to take down this blog it is lies about a white woman from Russia not even north American or redact and apologize to the Creator and their ancestors for shame perpetuating a lie meant to deceive your own people. I am White Buffalo Calf Woman I am love and light not lies and darkness. I had posted a response here last night and obviously it had gotten erased by forces who do not wish for my people all people on this Mother of ours to embrace the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman, I have returned so come to me my people I wish to heal your bodies and souls and dry your tears come to Big Manitou lake in Neilburg Saskatchewan Canada. Please do not erase this again I will keep posting look into your heart pray and smudge ask the Creator for forgiveness for what you have done and go in peace and love.

      • I am a white woman. I have been taught by Native teachers. White Buffalo Calf woman was not white. Not in any teaching nor legends I have read nor heard. To assume otherwise seems disrespectful to me.

        • We rarely come back in the same race or nation from life to life. Earth is a school where our souls come to train and learn. It would be counter productive to this learning process to come back in the same nation or conditions. Nowhere in America would this great lady have been able to experience the unity with nature in a pristine untouched wilderness that the siberian taiga offers. The name itself contains the word white. And far from me to ever be disrespectful of anyone. My whole life is built upon respect for nature, the earth mother, the people. Thus, your comments are a bit off… As the saying goes, Never presume of another unless you have walked a thousand miles in his mocassins.

  2. I agree with you. I believe Anastasia is White Buffalo Calf Woman as well. I read the series in 2009 and the bought our space of love in 2010. We now live full time on the land in 2020.
    I am wondering if anyone remembers the story in the series about the vision she gives; instructing women to not have children with men of violence? I am thinking about the significance of this story, and how it could change generations to come.

  3. I read all the books a few years back and they were very good. But to date everything is much worse in the world. I would venture that most of the pop has never heard of her, so WHO is she teaching? All these Hopi-um legends really have not produced anything of value for man as a whole.

  4. I feel deeply emotional over this posting. Thank you <3 Many years ago, I bought and began to read Book 1 and 2 of the Ringing Cedars Collection. I felt deeply connected to them. I was; and still am, very much alone with my stand in this world. I did not go further in this series, perhaps many years ago … I was not ready to hear those messages. You inspire me Blue Eagle and I am grateful for your teachings !! I hope to travel to Quebec in the spring and will make an appointment for a healing session.


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