Question of a reader:

Several times you mentioned the internal alterations and deformations due to the programming and conditioning of our families by the system. Could you give me some examples please? Thank you.

Wow!! … There are thousands. One of the most pernicious is the conditioning that has people thinking that the current technocratic society with its governments and its science is going to know how to solve our innumerable problems (pollution, disease, destruction of the ecosystems, land erosion, climatic change, etc.). In fact it’s the blind use of science by technocratic societies that creates these problems. It’s an illusion to think that they are also going to solve the problems they created. As if the source of the problem is going to solve the problem. All attempts to apply remedies to ecological problems with a scientific approach will ultimately create new problems. Let’s give an example with what I heard on the radio yesterday. The Ministry of the Environment of Canada sends into the air every day 65 atmospheric balloons which go to high altitudes to measure the winds. This helps in foreseeing weather patterns and can eventually be used to warn the population of catastrophic weather events. These catastrophic weather events are in constant increase due to chaotic weather patterns created by climate change that are a result of our pollution. Each of these balloons contains a battery, is made of plastic and an electronic board, all very polluting. The Ministry does not know how to recuperate its’ balloons when they fall back to the ground. Even if they added a GPS tracker the territory is too vast, it would cost too much and create more pollution. The Ministry whose mission is to protect the environment pollutes the environment every day without being able to correct its own pollution.

2nd example: This is one of the most pernicious of all conditionings. People are programmed to think they have to work to earn a living. It’s an extremely pernicious programming as it negates the identity of man, the understanding of who we are on this planet. What it does is make people slaves of the system that feeds off their vital energy through taxation. This comes at a high cost to their physical and mental health as most people work in environments that hold high stress, artificial environments, in jobs are often debilitating and polluting. Most of the active life of people today are spent when young at school and when adults in work. This situation is in replacement of what should be done, that is teaching people that they can become co-creators of paradise, with lots of time to reflect on the mysteries of the universe and spend precious days and years with family, friends and community. Reality is that life was given as a supreme divine gift to all Men in a terrestrial paradise. The reality is that everything was given to us as nature has and holds everything we need to be happy and healthy. People who live according to the laws of nature do not need to work 8 hours a day to earn a living. In nature at every time of year new plants grow and they appear at the exact moment when our bodies need it the most. For every disease there is a plant, tree, herb or shrub that will heal it. We used to live a life where we only had to bend down to pick the best food and medicine for our needs. In fact, it’s the system that needs our work to continue to exist, not us who need the system.

3rd example: the mania of overdressing babies as if they could be harmed by the cold. This is well illustrated by the saying; “dress up you’ll catch a cold”. Babies are real balls of heat. If they are exposed to the cold of nature, their bodies will learn to generate their own heat and they will never be cold. An older person will be really sensitive to the cold, not a baby or young child. Yet we see parents consistently overdressing babies and keeping them overly wrapped up in layers of clothing even within overheated houses and buildings. Babies hate this, they’re often trying to take this clothing off. That’s the wisdom of the body expressing itself. Yet parents don’t listen. They impose excess clothing often superior to what adults are wearing. The end result is that we never learn to adapt to the cold. We are even afraid of the cold. People get cold when the temperature falls under 10 degree C.! The reality is that the human body is magnificently adapted to the natural world. If we let the body experience cold, it will learn how to adapt. Few people understand this, yet it’s a reality. That is what programming and conditionings are: creating artificial ways of reacting to the world that are not in harmony with the reality of the world. To illustrate that we do not catch a cold—I enjoy in the winter when I’ve had a difficult day to have a hot bath with our wonderful bath salts and then go outside naked to dry in the cold winter air. I find it vivifying. I admire the stars that sparkle in the winter cold, and enjoy breathing in the coolness and purity of the winter air. It takes close to 5 minutes before the skin has dried in the cold air. Yesterday evening when I did this the temperature was around -15 degrees C. In the mind set of programmed people in the technocratic world, it’s the ideal solution to catch a cold or another evil sickness. But in reality this practice is vivifying and energizing and allows to experience winter without suffering from the cold. I never have colds or flu. But most days as this takes a lot of time I just go for the cold showers twice a day. I’m often surprised when people around me complain about the cold as I hadn’t felt it. Do not try this without preparation when you are not in the habit of exposing your body to the cold. You should not feel cold. If you are cold, it’s because you stayed for too long. In the beginning a rapid exposure to the cold should be followed by friction and then dressing up. A rapid cold shower in the morning and evening is a very good practice, very healthy, stimulates the libido, the inner fire, the immune system, is a tonic for the skin, and adapts us to nature and many other benefits. Yet hardly anybody practises this. They are programmed and conditioned to fear the cold.

There are thousands of these conditionings. This is a measure of the distance which separates Man from nature from which and for which he was created. In reality nature is our home, our original dwelling, where literally everything was created for our well-being. By living an artificial lifestyle nature has been left to itself and often mistreated. As a result many plants, insects and even the elements are rebellious and seek to repel people. This is not a natural situation, it’s been created by ignoring nature. When we live in harmony with nature, amidst nature, we don’t need to work, all grows according to our needs all around us. In communities living within nature there are no prisons, no police, no armies, no doctors, no chemical drugs and no hospitals as people in nature have no need of them. Look at all indigenous nations that live in harmony with nature all over the earth, on all continents, from the Inuit on polar ice to the tribes in hot deserts and you will see that none of them need these technocratic organizations that impose suffering and strife on them. And look at the life human beings have today in this world-wide technocratic system that has been imposed upon them. This is the result of thousands of conditionings and programming established by the evil forces for the past 12,000 years so that human beings can be formatted to feed this technocratic system with their vital energy rather than experiencing supreme liberty and divine life within paradise.

So I think we can agree that this question was very relevant. It’s important to understand conditionings and programming although it’s not that easy to explain. It’s only if we see them for what they are that we’ll be able to dissolve them.

Love Light and Peace

Blue Eagle


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