How is the law of karma to be understood?

feuille--corce (1)B: In a wonderful text presented as a channelling from Josuah, about healing and therapists, it is said that suffering in the world should not necessarily be fought against, even when we feel shocked or horrified to see certain injustices. Josuah has this sentence, for instance: “Compassion, true compassion, which is filled with love, is not pity, but respect”. Then he speaks about the choice that was made by the soul of those children dying from hunger, and explains that we see only a fragment of their story, and that this experience has a meaning in their personal and spiritual path, so we should not necessarily try to interfere.

Also, he says that Man was granted freedom of choice, and that this is what justifies his experiences of the obscure forces, of suffering, of evil, etc. He says that experimenting evil is the only way to get to the consciousness of what is good and pure, that without those experiences, we would enjoy perfection without knowing it; also, that this process in which we are involved, to embody ourselves and experience things in the flesh, to experience extremes, belongs to the process of creativity belonging to Man.

I remember that in one of your articles, you wrote about karma, which can explain and justify our experiences on earth. But, again, if we read Anastasia’s teachings, karma doesn’t really seem to be to the point; yes, events are the consequence of previous events, the original mistake lead to the loss of our pristine purity and happiness; but she does not seem to give any credit to this story of a karma, she just seems to think that we have been mislead for thousands of years, and once we have retrieved the right path, every one can be happy again forever. In this context, karma seems to be one more invention of Man to explain things with which he would otherwise feel at a loss.

 AB: Karma is a law of the universe, the consequence of one’s actions, the law of cause and effect. Nowhere does Anastasia invalidate this law. She does point out though, that we are responsible for our actions and that it’s our responsibility to transform the circumstances that lead to such suffering. She explains how such things have come to pass so we can understand and thus find the antidotes to such ignorance and darkness.
I do not trust these so-called channellings. I always speak for myself and take responsibility for what I say and have no need to rely on outside entities to access wisdom although it’s possible to do so. When I do, on occasion, ask a question or two of my ancestors, I then rely on my own innate wisdom to process and validate the information they give me and then test it. Thus, if I ever share this information, it will come from my own discriminating wisdom, exploration and experience. I find it dangerous and irresponsible to profess teachings that come from other entities as if we were but vehicles and instruments of their superior wisdom. This is not spiritual sovereignty; it feels like dependency to me. Once again, allow me to insist that we not be lazy but find out what is true by accessing our own primordial innate wisdom within.To conclude with this, I am not questioning the validity of what is said in this text; in fact, there is nothing new here. What is new is the possibility of endorsing the responsibility of our destiny and changing the circumstances which cause suffering. Rather than accepting suffering as inevitable, which is not true, we are called to assume our destiny as Men and co-create, with the Divine, paradise on earth for all life.
Peace and light,
Blue Eagle

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