It’s still snowing, supercool! We shall have a white Christmas with lots of snow on the ground. I am in ninth heaven on these restful days. In winter I’m like a bear. I sleep a lot, I eat and I work a little bit, not too much. This year I’ll spend another Christmas with my beautiful consort, its… words are too small. I don’t talk about it much, I’m like an old bear, grumbling, surly, solitary and the like. Yet I feel everything intensely and when I wake up in the morning and look at my small domain, at the snow falling, I feel love growing and flowing all over the earth.

Thanks for all your comments. I’ll answer a question which is put to me this morning, which worries a lot of people. First though, at this time of year when colds and flus afflicts those who still get them, here is a testimonial that I’ve received.

Hello Blue Eagle,

In one of your texts you explained that you often discover new uses for your shamanic perfume Chiiyaam. Besides the one which consists of surrounding my aura with it 3 times every morning or when I feel the need (a practice stemming from Reïki), I use it against colds. As soon as I feel the first signs of a cold, I put a drop under each nostril, generally in the evening before sleep: it’s radical, I’ve never since had a cold. I practice this also with my family. Its of an incredible efficiency. Even when the cold is already well advanced it only takes two days to heal it.

In Friendship,

Jocelyn DUTAUD

For those who don’t know Chiiyaam, my first shamanic perfume, there is info on www.invocation.ca

But here is my opinion on the flus and colds. A flu and its brother the cold is in fact the body which cleanses itself of its toxins and takes advantage of the change of seasons viruses to do so. It’s the why of fevers, sweating, coughing, spitting out mucus, diarrhea, etc. the body is cleansing itself. If we favor purification by fasting with a little lemon juice in water, in 24 to 48 hours the flu is over, maybe one day more if it’s the first time we apply this treatment. If we have a way of life where purification of the body is ongoing like me, never any flu or colds ! J

Thus this question, and I quote:

But my question remains: how to live a profound spiritual desire in this toxic materialistic world, where the only religion seems to be aggravated individualism and profit at any cost ? Jocelyn DUTAUD

First of all, yes the world is in a dreadful state, yes the great majority of the human beings live as machines programmed to serve a system which serves the economic interests of a small number of individuals who seem to have lost the love and the consciousness of our earth mother. But this is not a hindrance to experiencing your spirituality! Spirituality is our internal link with Great Spirit, or whatever the name you give to this tremendous universal intelligence that oversees the order and harmony of atoms and galaxies. Your spirituality is what allows you to understand the world, as well as the abnormalities and the degeneracy of human beings in these times, but it doesn’t depend on this world, it depends on your internal relationship with the Divine. The Creator does not speak to you in words, he does not communicate directly with you except through his creation and this connection in your heart. The soul [or spirit, or heart or internal sun, it doesn’t matter the name which we give it, the important is to understand that a divine spark lives within us] is our eternal connection with Great Mystery. The soul in the heart is our creator and the co-creator of the world in which we live. Thus, if we are in connection with our soul we are in connection with Great Spirit. This connection gives us the ability to modify and transform the world in which we live. That is how we can experience this profound spiritual desire which lives on in all of us. By putting into action our ability to be divine co-creators, to transform this world into a paradise where people can live in the integrity of their original instructions we are in an active and profound spiritual experience. The way which was given to us to carry out this implementation of paradise are the family domains. Indeed, its only when we create our sustenance from the land that we can protect the ecology. The ecology, nature, is the great bible of our original instructions for life that comes directly from the Creator. All the laws, all teachings, all messages from Great Spirit are there, in His creation. These instructions and teachings are but a reflection as in a distorting and tinted mirror in the sacred books of Men, but they are intact and directly from the Creator in His creation. In the current context where people are profoundly altered, conditioned and programmed by a completely artificial life-style in this worldwide system, there is only on a natural land base which belongs to us, the family domain of a hectare, where we can develop the deep links with nature which allows us to receive these teachings from Great Spirit. But even before owning a family domain, this connection always exists in the heart. When we begin to envision, to visualize this perfect paradise, this ideal family domain, it begins to exist. As we have been created in the image and likeness of the Creator, when we hold within the vision of our family paradise it then begins to exist in the subtle realms. We thus become co-creators of the world we live in. That allows for a permanent and deep, profound connection with God.

I hope this helps! May you walk in peace on the beauty way.

Love and Light

Blue Eagle

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