THE PRAYING MANTIS – animal totem

The praying mantis is the guardian of the insect world. It controls the population of some of them and thus has an organizing and regulating role. It’s amongst the largest and most graceful of insects.

It’s one of the rare insects which can be an animal totem. We count, amongst those possessing this characteristic, the ant and the bee, because of their social organization and of their importance in nature, the spider, very different from other insects and the praying mantis.

The people who have praying mantis medicine in my experience are almost always women. They sometimes have relationships can even get married, but have trouble remaining stable in their couple. They prefer to act in their own way, and often enter in connection with others to feed on them to further their own agenda and work.

The praying mantis is very powerful and endowed with an immense patience. The people who have this medicine can become integrated into groups and organizations provided that they are given a large autonomy and some decision-making power. They can then be very effective in that organization.

It’s a medicine that’s quite difficult to carry, but can be highly beneficial if those who have it know how to cultivate a sense of social responsibility. They can then contribute to the balance of the groups and societies within which they evolve. The negative aspect of this medicine is the tendency of some women who have this medicine to use their men up to their marrow and then throw them away when they are no longer feel useful. Then, often, they find themselves alone and do not know how to become reconciled with their solitude, which then becomes rather difficult for them, as by definition they have a regulating social role.

Thus, it’s very important for the person with praying mantis medicine to cultivate an understanding of their social and moral responsibilities and the necessary commitment to the long-term with their companions and organizations to cancel out the negative aspects of this medicine. If these virtues and understandings are fully integrated, this person will then become an ally of great power and will be appreciated for their beneficial talents in organization and influence. They will find joy, love and satisfaction in being useful and effective in their personal and professional life. This in turn will stimulate that person to do more and then there is no limit to their achievements.

That is praying mantis medicine.




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