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This very special music comes from the shamanic traditions of the world. Harmonics is singing several notes at once (up to 3 notes, 2 being more common). Many shamanic cultures throughout the world have used this droning voice that creates clearly audible overtones above the main tone. Some Native Americans call it Spirit Voices. The Tibetan Buddhists have also perfected this type of singing; some sounding notes an octave below the bass tone! Musicologists have determined that the bass note that the Gyuto monks chant is two octaves below middle C, vibrating at 75.5 cycles per second. The deepest range of an opera singer is closer to 150 cycles per second, nearly twice as high as the extraordinary bass of these monks.[1] In North America, the Inuit culture has a similar technique called throat singing. Up close, face to face, a couple of Inuit Throat Singers will make throat like sounds often imitating animals. These sounds bouncing off one another create complex overtones.

These special tones have a profound effect on our consciousness. They bring us to other levels of awareness initiating trance like states of perception. As the harmonics resound into different octaves of manifestation so they touch off subtle reactions in our own mind stream. These sounds will bring us into contact with other dimensions.

There are many different dimensions sharing this time-space continuum with us. Crystals also have the potential and ability of vibrating easily into other realms of existence. Sound is a privileged door into levels of perception and reality that can bring many benefits. Harmonics give very special healing and can work on all levels of being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. They give deep relaxation, reorganization of misaligned energies, realignment of etheric energies, rejuvenation, understanding problems and finding their solution, clearing and purifying the energy channels and opening new pathways in the brain. Modern research on harmonics has found that listening to harmonic sounds will charge the cortex of the brain, reduce respiration and heart rate and lower brain wave activity. Mark Ryder PhD of Southern Methodist University found that people who listened to the music of the Harmonic Choir as opposed to other types of music, showed decreased heart rate, slower respiration and lower galvanic skin response[2].

Harmonics are actually present in all sounds. The clarity and number of harmonics present in any given sound will determine its texture and sound quality. As you listen to harmonics a whole new way of listening occurs. You will hear things you had not noticed before and your perceptions will change. There is more to say that what this booklet can hold, so I will leave the experiences for you to discover.

Do not listen to this recording when driving a motor vehicle. When I first got this CD as I was driving back home from the studio I put it on in the car. 5 minutes later I suddenly became aware I was driving with my eyes closed! It does put you into altered states of consciousness, so not a good idea to listen to this when you’re driving!

The central piece can have dramatic effects on the consciousness of people. It’s good to be aware of that and be receptive to the reactions of the people around us. Too much transformation too quickly can be difficult for certain people.

Now we look at the words describing the songs. It is good to do the exercises, described in the following songs, as we listen to this recording.


1- The Breath of Life

 Appease the mind, settling down, bringing our true nature back to its calm centre, in a natural mode of being. Breathing slowly, fully, and focusing on the energy in the breath. Relax slowly and comfortably into a meditative mood. As we deepen our awareness of the sound, the stray thoughts, worries or unfinished tasks may knock at the door of your calm circle, requesting entrance. Do not allow them to disrupt the calm space you have prepared. Yet do not push them away. Repulsing them would be giving them the centre stage. They do not require that much energy. Simply observe the emotion underlying that thought until its transient, temporary nature becomes apparent. It will then dissolve in the light of understanding. If a conceptual construct is insistent and does not reveal apparent emotion, affirming its contrary can help trick the mental dialogue into releasing the tension maintaining that obsession. In this dualistic, logical realm (the mental) everything can be put in opposition. I can say my body is not well; or I can say my body is healthy. In reality, neither affirmation is completely true or false. Reality has more dimensions than dualistic mind can comprehend. So affirming the contrary of a persistent thought can transform that pattern of inner discourse. Then, coming back to the breath of life, breathing deeply and then releasing completely. Be completely relaxed.


2- Painted Woven Quills

At the conclusion of my first cycle of study with the spiritual elders, I expressed to the circle of students that I had come to understand that spiritual practice is hard work. To this day that is still my understanding. Life will respond to the conscious effort we put into it, producing whatever fruit we have energetically called forth. Thus, personal discipline is of major importance in our lives. This song with the water drum has been recorded so we can practise whatever mental or physical exercise can prepare us for other states of consciousness. Like any art, the persistent and regular practice of any exercise will bring results as beautiful as the strings of colorful beads and woven quills that enliven our ceremonial clothing.


3- Going Above and Beyond

Our clear perception of reality is veiled by the multiple conditioning we receive from family, school, friends and society. These conditioning have us believing things that are not real and that are sometimes actually harmful to our health. A good example of this is the current eating habits of people in rich civilized countries today. Not so healthy. Shamanic music by propelling us into altered states of consciousness can often help in alleviating or expelling these conditioning.   I pray that this song may dispel those veils that can fall away at this time, so the light of truth may be perceived and supported. May our true and natural state of being be revealed to us!


4- Other Worlds

Being naturally relaxed and yet striving to be all we can be; that is the delicate balance we seek. This equilibrium can set the stage for travelling above and beyond our habitual tendencies and perceptions. Here, in this song, we can open up to going farther than our ordinary thoughts, as we seek to realize universal mind. There, all things dance their interrelationship in multiple interpenetrating dimensions. To begin, we commune with our guides and protectors. We then visit the ethereal records where our past lives were consigned and we seek the original instructions we were given for this life. As the salmon we travel back to our true home, that pristine state of pervading knowing and peace. There is emptiness from which all things arise to manifest in many different forms, throughout the countless eons of time. We are constantly in contact with this emptiness, even if unaware of its existence. What would happen if we could consciously enter that simple but profound awareness? Let us explore, remembering that what really matters is not the actual experiences, but the effort in trying to be better people. We have the potential to give infinite love, compassion and attention to all that lives. May that potential and wisdom accompany our skillful activity in helping others.


5- Hymn to Creation


There is no end

Infinite worlds

To invite into being

To invite in our life

Love and light

Peace, love and light.


Thankfulness is a gateway to a way of life filled with joy, love and peace. This song is a celebration of the beauty way, the sacred path of all Native People. Giving thanks for the music, we rest in awe as we perceive the mysterious nature of reality.


6- Returning Home


Traveling back. Coming home renewed and rested. Waking up to the rapid pulse of the water drum sounding the beat of the here and now. Feeling our precious human body awaken to the joy of being alive. Stretching and moving. Dancing the bliss of our cells shining with the light of renewal and restored energies. Looking with fresh eyes on the world. Seeing things as they are. Making offerings of thankfulness in many ways, by singing, dancing and giving. “Osada!”  It is good!


[1]           Healing Sounds by Jonathan Goldman, Element Books, Dorset, England 1992

[2]           IDEM

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