A FIRST OF NOVEMBRE – death has walked the streets ! :-)

Little monsters were walking the streets last night, it was Halloween! This night I dreamed of aging and dying. With all these skeletons, ghosts, monsters and vampires who ran the streets, mortality in the family, requests from people who consult me to make sure that the transition of their recently deceased close relatives is going well, my body that in some ways is getting younger and also showing normal signs of aging, such a dream is in circumstance.

It’s a joy to write on these magnificent subjects that are death, fear and the decline of old age.

Let’s begin with the evidence. So that life can continue, it’s necessary to die. The leaves fall in autumn, they’ve all fallen here, even the hemlock needles have gone yellow and almost all fallen. These leaves become compost and create for the following season new life by feeding with their ingredients and humus the new growth of the following seasons.

When the useful life of a person is finished in most cases this person wishes to die. That person’s body will then feed the earth and their soul will be renewed in the light. If that person was loved and had love for mother earth, the motherland not in the sense of the hypothetical borders of countries, but that of the love for the nourishing earth which we perceive as our real home, then the soul returns to earth in a new body to continue this magnificent adventure of life. This reincarnation often happens in the children of our children, and formerly people knew how to recall the memory of past lives.

I’ve found the same techniques for remembering the faces we had before in several First Nations traditions and in the ancient Vedrus culture in Russia. These two traditions embody the purity of our ancient humanity and its wisdom. (See this article) Life continues not only on earth, but also in consciousness. This is a form of immortality. Indeed, if we remember the life we experienced with our relatives of old and succeed in remembering them in our lives today, if we know how to remember the essence of the wisdom streams which we mastered in past lives, then yes, consciousness becomes eternal and immortal.

Tibetan Buddhism demonstrates the validity of this with their Tulkus, reincarnated masters, religious leaders whom at death their most advanced followers search and often find their reincarnation. When they speak of the 14th Dalai Lama, it is really 14 times the same soul in different bodies. This understanding is really very important. Too often we identify with the physical body rather than the immortal soul.

Today, in this desert that has become the spiritual landscape of modern man, there is hardly any awareness of the soul, the spirit, than we are much more than just a body, that the consciousness is connected with the Primordial Intelligence of the world, what Native Americans call the Creator. Then yes, fear is real, the fear of death is there, as we no longer know that consciousness never dies. And yes the grief and intense bereavement that finds no resolution, when people think of having lost the close one forever.

Yet here we are. If we knew the principles which make a Man a Man (as usual here Man with a capital M signifies Women and Men in their divine quality, embodiments of Great Spirit) fear would no longer need to be. We would be able to find the grandmother and grandfather in the birth of the grandchild. It was formerly normal to recognize, in the character of young children, those of deceased great-grandparents. Often it was the young children themselves with their memories of past times intact, who would inform us of who they were.

It’s important to know, in spite of all that is said in modern times, that people formerly lived much older and much healthier than today. It is playing with statistics that they do by counting all that live even against their will, but in poor health and with debilitating handicaps. A strongly handicapped baby in former times would not often survive and his transition was only “until we find you again”. Thus, the genetics from generation to generation was always of high quality as dictate the laws of nature. Thus, the normal age of a still healthy person in many nations before colonization was between 120 and 130 years. Some managed to live much longer! These realities were hidden from you, but many Native Americans traditions still remember. There are still of these people who are very old and yet still healthy. Much rarer and they hide, because they know that if the system knew them it would kill them. Sad, but true… Thus, before the coming of the European colonizers we had a lot more time to develop consciousness and see the generations coming, leaving and returning.

This ancient wisdom needs be reactivated so that Man can once more benefit from a healthy body and consciousness. Fortunately, even if few today, some of us have kept intact and alive the ancient ways. I pray that the consciousness of Men may awaken and our voices be heard.

Have a happy November!

Blue Eagle



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