This Weekend

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written on the blog. Usually I do it on the weekend when I have more time. But the last weekend of octobre I was traveling to event, a Book fair in Saguenay. Precious moments.

Last weekend I was trying to catch up on much needed autumn work in the garden. Lots to do with winter coming up fast.

I’m working on a text that’s very important for us all. Loving relationships in couples, family and community. It’s been already 2 week since I started writing and I’m just beginning to see the end of it. Its complex and there’s a lot to say. I hoped to begin sharing my thoughts this weekend, but I can’t despite many working hours on these texts. It’s lengthy and I shall begin next Saturday and it will be continued for several days. I think that they’ll interest you as it’s a view which is unusual in the current world.

I’m working on organizing a small concert tour which will happen at the end of November. I shall sing in Wendake, Laval and Val David in the Laurentians. Register to the newsletter on this blog and you will be notified when the publicity comes out.

Thank you for reading me.  I feel you are numerous to reflect on my comments. It warms my heart.


Blue Eagle

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