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Other related notions in family life that will reassert these values relate to the psychology of children. In the life of a conscious couple well aware of the natural wisdom we are relating to here, the coming of a child is an event which is planned for a long time. Couples will be preparing for the coming of a child often for several years before actually doing the act that will put the birth into motion. It is, amongst other preparations, finding, building and organizing the place where the child will be born. This place is called a family domain. It’s in this sacred space that the child will be born, grow, learn and develop. This place is often bequeathed to the child by his parents when they leave this earth. This place is essential so that the child can develop all Her-His natural capacities, amongst others, near perfect physical health.

The Earth belongs to us and we belong to the Earth. Only in close contact with nature will our bodies fully develop. Also, the trees and animals of the domain will witness the birth of the child. All the natural world will want to protect, nourish and teach this new god or goddess that mankind is for the natural world. In this way the child will have first-hand contact with the science of life and the universes. The child will really be safe and surrounded with a family size paradise of natural beings who love him or her and who want to give as much as they can to this new being. Everything in this environment will protect the child and help towards his-her full realization, that of becoming a true human being. To really understand this a whole book would be necessary [1] as this subject is really vast.

It’s good to know that when the infant has been conceived in this way, with long preparation and in a conscious act of co-creation, delivery is without pain. It is said that when the child was conceived in a moment of sexual pleasure without intention to procreate, there is pain during childbirth. Those who planned the coming of the child with their spouse live sensations more akin to bliss and ecstasy than pain. When natural laws are not respected suffering follows.

After childbirth, the placenta is buried on the family domain and a tree is planted above it. This is the child’s special tree and he-she will have a very special relationship to this tree throughout life. My daughter had her placenta buried under an oak tree here on my family domain and that tree as it grows shows us many things and is an important reference for my daughter and for me. Many teachings were given to her under that tree and when she has a problem thats were she goes to meditate. Of course, we have only briefly touched upon this vast subject, childbirth and education. We are mostly trying to make a case that in modern life we have lost the essence of what family really is.

Today, most children are conceived “accidentally”. They were not planned. On a deep level, the child is aware of this. Throughout life the child will carry the weight of knowing, even if it’s on a subconscious level, that he-she was an unwanted child. Often, this will reduce the amount of connection the child has towards his parents. This is one of the reasons why an increasing number of elderly parents find themselves in places intended for many people at the end of life, abandoned by their children. This situation if very sad, for them, and also for their grown children who will not benefit from the experience, wisdom and knowledge their parents have accumulated through life. This never happens in indigenous families who want to hold on to the loving parents to the end of life and thus benefit from the experience and wisdom they have accumulated.

True love-making is a sacred, very intimate event. The magic and cosmic act of creation of life is the most beautiful moment a person can experience on Earth. It is thus prepared with great diligence, in love and joy. It’s experienced in a couple’s sacred intimacy.

In today’s world, this act is everywhere trivialized: on television, in magazines, books, on internet, in pornography. This is really one of the best ways the dark forces have for us forgetting who we truly are as human beings on the sacred earth mother. The greatest perversion of the modern world it is what is said, shown, and taught around sexuality. The way we think of sex influences all the rest, distorts our relationships, creates conflicts and useless suffering… It is the greatest manipulation of our minds that exists in our societies today. It’s on this subject that human beings are most blind. If Man and Woman find the path towards truth in their relationships, many of the problems on Earth will find their resolution.

A phenomenon that can illustrate an important aspect of true love relationships is that of telegony. The physiology of the woman is organized so as to chemically adapt to her first love in a near-permanent way. I have seen proof of this theory throughout my life as whenever I see a father’s traits on his children and verify I always find that that man was the woman’s first lover. The forces of darkness have tried to discredit this theory. The system prefers that couples be divided and weak, that they ignore the truth. They are thus easier to manipulate. Unbridled sex, pornography, prostitution and sexual deviancies are thus often the norm today… It facilitates the enslavement of Men. The strength and power of a united couple is huge. And the children connected with nature on their family domains are powerful and free. They are a threat to the system.

There are ceremonies that can change the chemistry of the couple in a reconstituted family. I’ve performed this ceremony on a few occasions. I then saw the children of a dead or absent father becoming the biological children of the new husband. This wisdom can be reactivated today. It’s important to understand that the old indigenous rituals and ceremonies are powerful and imbued with wisdom. But first we need to understand these realities hidden for centuries by the dark ones who manipulate humanity in their greed for power and control. It’s not easy in these times where people prefer to think with their desires rather than their consciousness.

[1] My book THE PHILOSOPHY OF NATURE can be helpful with this.

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