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Think of all the suffering experienced by men and women who had intimate relations in couples that eventually fell apart: an incredible sum of deep emotional pain for which there are very few remedies except time… Very intimate, very destabilizing pain that often takes a long time to dissipate. Almost all people in our current world have experienced such suffering. If the wisdom of ancient times that helped people stay in stable loving relationships throughout life was taught, this could be averted.

We could then go a step farther into deeper and deeper love. When the couple experiences deep love in their families and that that love grows throughout life, they can envision that they want to live together eternally. Yes, when love becomes so grand and intense it can lead to the immortality of a couple’s relationship. It has been seen and told by several people that they can find again and again in each reincarnation their loved one. That’s really the most incredible love story one can imagine. In fact several films have used that theme.

I would like to evoke these teachings that I’ve heard three times. With my Cherokee teachers, in the Chinese Taoist immortality teachings and in the Russian woman recluse Anastasia’s teachings recorded in Vladimir Megre’s books. Those of the Cherokee are very similar to those of Anastasia. In fact, the technique is the same.

In very numerous traditions and in all indigenous nations of the world (they all practice shamanism, a universal spirituality), there are exercises and practices which allow to feel and realize that we are a spirit which lives in a body and not only a body. The body is but a garment which we put on to experience life and discover the magnificent ability to build a life, to love our family, our community, our nation, nature and our sacred earth mother. Connection with spirit is fundamental to the human experience. We experience our multi-dimensionality every night in the dream when the spirit leaves the body to go to other dimensions. In the indigenous nations and natural communities, dreaming is a way of experiencing spirit and working with consciousness. The dream world is real and is important in the life of all people. There are only civilized societies to disregard the dreamtime and say to children, “it’s only a dream”. In the real world where communities have a true knowledge of life, dreaming is fundamental to understanding the true nature of spirit and body. With this knowledge, it’s possible to understand the migration of souls, this eternal journey by which we come again and again to experience life on this magnificent and very beautiful earth mother.

When we truly understand the nature of our spirit, its eternal immortality, we can begin to develop the ability to remember. Most people forget all that came before when they reincarnate. Some traditions like the Tibetans’ and Hindus’ traditions put great emphasis on remembering past lives and often succeed in keeping the threads of remembrance alive in their consciousness, from life to life. Some Native Americans traditions also have these teachings. To understand and feel our immortality in consciousness gives a very different perspective on life. We then have a very different take towards the events of our lives and decisions we make. We can also follow with new acuteness the results of our thoughts, words and actions and understand that we shall always have to assume their consequences. This builds great ethical consistency to our lives and benefits all beings.

Understanding the eternal continuity of our spirit is the first step. Next one is to truly feel it. To feel the eternity of our consciousness gives a holistic understanding of the truth. This makes it impossible to forget even when we are taken in by the whirlwind of daily life activities. That is why certain exercises, as remembering our dreams, have so much importance in the ancient traditions of indigenous people. How do we acquire this understanding today? Simply by setting some time to meditate and reflect, to being quiet with your thoughts in natural places and if possible, sleeping under the stars. This knowledge is completely natural and comes effortlessly when we have time to observe our consciousness and our soul. Remembering our dreams and taking time to observe the correspondences, they have with our daily awakened lives will also be of great benefit.

It’s the first stage in the preparation of an eternal couple’s relationship. The second stage is planning, preparing and taking care of the family domain. If children are born in a family domain that was prepared for them, this knowledge is instantly acquired. But for the great majority of us today, we are orphans of a motherland. We have not developed true profound love and knowledge of nature and the land. When we work the land, gardening, we’ll see that the earth gives back a hundredfold what we give to it. When we feel the special flavour and virtues of the fruit and vegetables and special healing powers of the herbs that we have grown in our gardens we will begin to appreciate what it means to be a true human being. When we spend time appreciating the beauty and perfection of nature there is an immense love that grows in us for the land of our ancestors, what is commonly known as motherland for European consciousness and mother earth for Native Americans. It’s this love which is going to allow the soul and the spirit to want to return in other lifetimes to the family domains where the children of our children are living and be reunited with our families.

This is a real, living practice. I know such families with a history which goes back generations. To build on such a relationship we need to cultivate love and knowledge of nature. These capacities and feelings come naturally to those who build their family domain.

The next step consists of sleeping with one’s family under the stars. Stars are beings of consciousness which are in connection with all that they see. Their light is imbued with knowledge that we can acquire by sleeping under the stars. In time, the family develops a special relationship with one star. This sacred communion and communication between this star and the family allows to reactivate, in the consciousness of the child, the memory or recollection of having slept with the same people under the same heavens in other lifetimes. This moment is grand and in the families where telepathy[1] is activated, all family members will remember at the same moment the relationships they had. As an example that was told by an apache lady when she realized very young on such a night that her mother was once been her daughter. Later when she gave birth to her own daughter they realized under the stars that this young child had once been her grandmother. Others have spoken of seeing when the father was once their son and one’s grandfather is now a little boy. In the starry night the family remember loving relationships that had once united them in life. This is when a person can also start searching for the beloved he or she remembers from past lifetimes. The consciousness and power in the spirit of a true human being is such that these two beings will find each other as inevitably as rainwater will one day find the sea.

It’s so important to truly understand who we are as humans on this planet. We are meant to be the consciousness of this earth, the creators of paradise. Death does not exist for those who can come again and again to their motherland. Thus, it’s also very important when we are ready to leave our bodies behind, to keep our thoughts firmly fixed on life, love and the immortality of our eternal relationships with the earth and our families. Nothing exists that is more important than our commitment to being the immortal guardians of paradise and the eternal love for our families.

Blue Eagle

[1] Telepathy is a natural ability which is greatly reduced in most humans today. We are having to use the telephone all the time to compensate. Current technologies are prostheses and crutches to replace our unused atrophied abilities. In fact, the use of technology maintains in dormancy the abilities we formerly had.

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