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Sexuality without love is one of the worst perversions there is, although the vast majority of human beings today have no clue of this reality. In the modern world, sexuality has become an industry and very often a dependency and a palliative to a world divested of true love. This fundamental need to be loved and to give love is being replaced by a physiological function divested of true feeling and is sometimes of unspeakable ugliness. Very often Women are the ones suffering from this as they are used, abused, sold as goods or considered as objects whose sole purpose is satisfying the guilty appetites of men reduced to the state of depraved animals. Here we can measure how a life far from the original instructions, the unchanging laws of nature, is destructive. The children of Great Spirit are reduced to finding their satisfaction by wallowing in unhealthy pleasures which degrade him to a state lower than that of animals. You will never see animals copulating in such a way that it’s destroying their health, wasting their vital energy by ejaculating without restraint for the sole purpose of their personal satisfaction.

Animals always follow their original instructions. They usually meet once a year to procreate and perpetuate their species. These acts are very ritual and are preceded by purification and lengthy preparations. Here are some important clues that can lead to what is often missing in modern couples to form strong, durable unions full of affection and magic. If sex (making out, or whatever the many names given by modern culture to sexual relations) exists as the first reason for the union of a couple, this couple is often destined for separation or divorce (the lot of more than 50% of current couples) or to creating a life full of resentment, cruelty, hate, and other negative emotions that are current to many couples who remain together despite the disappearance of love that was there in the beginning. This is caused by several factors.

First of all, Man and Woman instinctively know, deep within, and are intensely seeking even if it’s only an unconscious urge, the intensity and magic of that cosmic moment when there is creation of life. This only happens when there is an aware and deliberated intention to make children. This magical moment and the incredible ecstasy that happens in that moment is registered in our consciousness. This magical moment is absent when we have sexual relations, even if we call it “making love”. Because “making love” is an empty enactment of the ritual of reproduction, “to make love” is empty of the intention to create life. So, even if we hesitate to admit it to ourselves, we are almost always deprived of that intense magical, cosmic moment of ecstasy in our carnal relationships. We have the conscious or unconscious feeling within that there can be more. That can lead with time to thinking that the problem is with our partner, that our companion is not the right one for us. By looking somewhere else for what we think we are lacking we destroy the trust and intimacy of our relationships.

Those who consciously experienced the moment of creation of life, with the intention to create a child and by feeling that this creation was happening, in a place in which they intend to receive the child (a family domain) speak of this moment as being so intense that it created an eternal and unchangeable connection to the loved one. The possibility of looking or of thinking of somebody else as a sexual partner is henceforth non-existent. The life partner becomes a god, a goddess, capable of creating and supporting life. The spouses surround themselves in a loving, whole, exclusive and love filled experience of daily life. Often men who experienced this moment say that the experience was so intense that they do not remember that moment. What they remember is waking up the following morning with a magnificent feeling of intense joy, bliss, of powerful and durable fulfillment. This feeling stays with them for days and even weeks and the memory of this incredible moment is inseparable from the love they have for their beloved.

Secondly, if we are in a relationship where sex is not the first reason for our union, we have a better chance for a lasting relationship. We are together because we share the same vision of life and the same project, that of creating our dream paradise, or creating children, and not that of satisfying sexual desire. The chances are that this union will be durable as every day the shared work of co-creation increases the connections and shared experience that create a cosmic bond. On the contrary, in a couple that was formed only through desire, every sexual meeting increases the unconscious frustration which, sooner or later, leads to the dissolution of the couple or to a life together devoid of love.

Most women feel in a much more intimate way the realities of life but today often have difficulty in affirming their perceptions and wants. Men often have a more imperative and more superficial sexuality. But here we are, the road to relearning control and mastery is a long one, strewn with pitfalls in a world which values freedom without consciousness.

It is important to understand that when a habit or sexual behaviour has been experienced by someone, changing these ways is very difficult, almost impossible. This because such manifestation of deviated sexuality escapes any control by thought, principles or philosophy as it’s fundamentally imbricated in the emotional body of Man. An example which has a lot of news coverage in current events is the worldwide revelations of sexual abuse committed on children and others by the Catholic clergy. Once again, we see the stupidity there is to put our sexual behaviour in a box, in this case sexual abstinence in men who are supposed to counsel their community of religious followers in the wisdom of spiritual teachings without the experience of healthy physical love. Impossible! The need for love of all human beings is imperative and must be integrated into the education and living conditions of our families and communities.

A very revealing study on this subject is one I saw some years ago in a magazine published by chiropractors that studied the number of times when people of an indigenous community would be touched, caressed and receive physical expressions of love and affections by members of their family and community. 16 times a minute! I’ve seen indigenous families of Canada sleeping together, in a large bed which occupied the whole space of the small hut where they lived very happily. They were eleven in that bed with 4 generations represented. Touching, receiving physical demonstration of affection is essential in the education of children and the life of adults. To be deprived of these physical demonstration of affection creates an emotional deficiency which is going to provoke a search for strong feelings to replace them and this is where sexual deviancies, abuse, rape and suchlike are created.

All in the education and the training of our children is dependent on the love and affection which they receive. This is why in our current schools where they are in the presence of strangers, where education are given by teachers who can be prosecuted if they touch the children, because of the perverted vision of sex coming from a society that has been conditioned by the Christian, Moslem and Hebraic religions, often leads to young teenagers who are starved for sexuality and in different phenomena of emotional deficiency such as suicide in young people.

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