(This essay will be prolonged over 4 days, Saturday-Sunday, 20-21 and 27-28th of october 2018)

The laws of the world are inscribed in creation. The Creator, Great Spirit, the Primordial Intelligence which creates and supports the multiverse speaks to us through His-Her creation. She-He does not speak to us directly, but indeed by His-Her creation and with life itself which is our most precious gift. Woman-Man, the beloved children of the Great Mystery, are the only ones who, by virtue of their free will, can go against universal laws or create a paradise by learning how creation works and by creating according to these laws. To create according to the laws of nature is what I call co-creation. But in our modern world Man rather than co-creating, is inventing technologies and tends to live according to erroneous philosophies and false ideas that are destroying the natural world that give birth to all life. Humanity is polluting the earth, the waters and the winds to satisfy its numerous superfluous and often degenerate appetites. Great Spirit allows this as we are Her-His beloved children and our power of co-creation requires this free will. The fundamental laws are well articulated since when we violate them, we suffer. The whole world is afflicted with disease, wars, pollution, suicide amongst young people, abuse, crime, corruption, etc.

Those who wish to find the way back to health, happiness, harmony and experience love in all its magnificence have only to follow the way already written in the world around them. It is simply taking time to look at and understand, nature. The essential truths and primordial realities of the world that apply to Man-Woman are visible all around us in nature, as crystal clear as the water of the pure sources. That is where Great Spirit has written the bible that does not contain a single lie.

Animals in nature all have special celebrations or challenges that precede the magical moments of reproduction. Their dance, their preparation and their choice of the progenitor are part of an intense ritual into which they delve in an intense way, as if their life depended on it. The constant in all species in the act of love is always conceiving life, giving birth to little ones that will be nursed by their parents or by nature itself to full maturity and giving again to the miracle of life.

Sex, making love, fornication as some call it, that is performing the act of procreation without intent to create life, does not exist in nature, or in so few instances that they are very rare exceptions. What is most often seen in all animals is the beauty and intensity of the mating rituals that preside over it.

Of all the ways people interact none can more impact the emotional body than sexuality. The Judeo-Christian, Jewish and Moslem dictates around sexuality create attitudes which are strongly influenced by judgment, sin, taboos and other such programming. These attempt to contain sexual expression within very strict boundaries. The reproductive instinct is one, if not the most powerful of internal forces that influences an individual. Trying to put this in a box will never work.

It’s very significant that trying to do so in western societies influenced by the above-mentioned religions has resulted in a world ridden with prostitution, pornography, rape, sexually transmitted diseases, the alienation of those who have different sexual preferences, separation, divorce, segregation against women, and many other manifestations of profound suffering.

When we study the different demonstrations of sexuality and family relationships in numerous aboriginal, indigenous communities of the world, we notice a great variety of very different behaviour. Some men of power have several wives, in other nations woman of power have several husbands. In other cultures children are encouraged to start loving each other in childhood, others have exploration of sexuality very young with older members of their community that have more experience. In northern cultures if a woman would lose her husband her sister might share her husband with her during the time it takes for her to find a new one so that she does not become dry and acrimonious. In one northern indigenous nation of India children live in a special house outside the village and sleep with a different partner every night. In many cultures husbands and wives are chosen by older family members aided by elders in their community and learn to love one another after marriage. In some native nations woman and men live separately and only meet to make children and so on and so forth. Generally, all these communities have very healthy sexual relationships with no prostitution, no pornography and great respect for women and family.

What can be understood by these very different ways of expressing love and building family is that it’s not the ways we express sexual relationships that matters, but rather to have a healthy relationship. The notions of good and bad associated with certain sexual behaviour in the institutionalized religions and in the civilizations which are influenced by these religions are producing suffering. They deform the intimate understanding of relationships we have in life. The programming inherent in civilizations and religions that try to put specific laws and accepted and unacceptable behaviour around sexuality will always create conditioning that lead to disease and suffering.

All Men and Women of the world need love. They need to feel unconditional love first from their parents and then from their extended family and community. Every shaman and therapist can without error affirm that love is the basis of all healing. The law of attraction that allows atoms, molecules, planets and galaxies to preserve their cohesion and work in perfect harmony is love. Indeed, love is much more than an attraction between two human beings. Love is an essential force which insures the cohesion of the universe.

Every entity of this world possesses its will to exist. All of the universe is alive and every element in it possess different levels of consciousness. Planets are attracted by the sun, but also have their own missions and will of existence. So, rather than sinking into the sun and merging with it, they orbit around it. It’s the same with neutrons, electrons, protons and the other atomic particles which circulate around the core of the atom. Thus also it is with Man, Woman and their Children. In the beginning, the couple will feel this need to merge, but then will also feel the need assert themselves individually. They will thus revolve around one another in a dance of love where will also come to dance their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This dance of love is the most beautiful there is, and it’s universal.

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