Reflections on the world continued

Recently, I wrote two articles that describe the perception which we have of why the current world of men is in such a humanitarian and ecological state of crisis.  (article 1  and article 2 ). I would today try to find why we embarked on this path several millennium ago that has brought us to this very delicate situation. Our life style creates injustice, pollution, misery, suffering and disease and is destroying our environment. This situation is illogical as we are intelligent human beings and yet we are destroying ourselves.

In the pre-mentioned articles we saw that certain individuals had taken advantage of our illusion of separation, of being cut from the source, from our link with the Divine, (thus the Christian myth of being cast out of paradise) to create a system who’s purpose was to bring humanity to the edge of annihilation. If we look for the root of the problem in those who created the current system and to the multitudes who have continued to feed this system we can without fear of error think that it was pride, hubris, self-glorification and importance given to the ego and personality that allowed this situation to persist. To give any kind of importance to the ego, to the personality, to let hubris develop in us can create a feeling of separation from Great Spirit and this illusion is source of many deviances. I suggest examining how we could avoid that such situations be reactivated in humanity. We know the path the road back to an intelligent and healthy life style and that in itself is a long road. We will succeed but if it’s to dive back again into the illusions and subsequent suffering after a few millennium, again and again, I think better to examine this attentively and gather remedies today. A rather important subject of reflection I would humbly look at. I would begin by sharing the thoughts of a long-time student who sent me a text that I find interesting and in sync with what we are looking at. With her permission I have slightly modified the text so it’s easier to read. Let us listen to Weena Bear Woman.

«It’s often on the vision quest or moon lodge that we reconnect with the feeling of awe, the understanding of what is sacred, the holy path of our mission as human beings.

The rites of passage that were passed on to us from generation to generation have given us the understanding of that obnoxious weed that is self-glorification and its side kick, arrogance. Arrogance has a major destructive power often giving birth to violence and ultimately war. These emotions are in turn fed by our fears, our erroneous belief systems and these often lead us into violent behavior.

Hubris and false pride are connected with the first energy center at the base of the spine, at the perineum. This center is also associated with family, work and the feeling of being connected to our mission in life. When the dark side of hubris gets into attack mode it activates an energy which becomes powerful, that some call tribal consciousness; the fear of being ashamed and of being humbled. As Carl Gustav Jung wrote: «Who looks without is dreaming; who looks within is awakening”. So that this weed (hubris) transforms into a medicinal herb, we have to go within. This medicinal herb is called reverence. Reverence is a grace which appears in the depth of the soul, a feeling of awe and joy. It is feeling connected to the sacredness of life! We have to collect within ourselves peace, the feeling of unity and plenitude, spiritual virtues that will harmonize us with the outside world. We have to purify and clarify so that our crystal body of light becomes as brilliant as the moon, such a full moon shining in a cloudless sky. That will teach us how to dissolve the illusion of prideful clinging to ego which has saddened and brought so much suffering to our humanity for such a long time.


I think that we indeed have to try to see what are the emotions, the feelings, the behavior which are the most susceptible to be antidotes to hubris and clinging to the personality and ego. By cultivating these virtues we will more easily connect with the feeling of awe that is our connection with source, Creator, Great Spirit. Reverence is an emotion that is in harmony with the rightful role of Man and the reality of the world. Tomorrow we will continue to investigate what can help us find unity and harmony with our essence and nature and thus prevent the errors that are so hard to correct today.

Sincerely, with joy, love and peace

Blue Eagle



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