ARMADILLO – totem animal

Armadillo speaks to us of protection, a protection which establishes the borders of the space which we protect around oneself. The armadillo is really not an aggressive being! It has a very hard shell and, when it rolls itself into a ball, it’s almost impossible for a predator to get at it.

What armadillo medicine teaches us is how to establish within the light of our consciousness the limits of our sacred space. What’s comfortable for us in our rapport with other people? What circumstances do we allow to happen in which we are at ease and what feels like an invasion of our intimacy? Knowing how to clearly define our own “bubble” is very important.

Very often, people did not really understand the extraordinary nature of the human creative potential. They can be victims of various circumstances and different people invading their privacy or bubble, in their daily life, within the framework of their work even within their family. This happens because they did not clearly establish their sacred space, those limits within which they want to live.

It’s every person responsibility to establish their sacred space. This will make clear who is within their working circle of acquaintances and what rapport they have with them and who is a part of their intimate circle and who is not. It will establish favourable circumstances and what circumstances to avoid. Doing this will make life easier and a lot more comfortable and conducive to our evolution and happiness.

All this relates to the peace shield teachings. The peace shield was a whole skin of a buffalo on which was poured a sort of glue made with its hoofs. This skin was pinned over hot coals and heated. Thus heated at high temperature without burning it would shrink until it was only a tenth of its original size. This hardened skin was harder than wood and strong enough to shield from the spears and arrows of an enemy. On the outer side of the shield the warrior would paint his medicine: this could be his totem animals, his elemental defenders, the symbols that represent his vision or his name. Names in latter days were always sacred names received in vision or through rites of passage that would be the passing from childhood to adulthood. This shield was then suspended on a tripod near the entrance of his teepee (this word is derived from the Dakota “thipi ‘which means “house”). The warrior thus was openly showing his colours, he was in fact proclaiming: “This is whom I am.’ In this way was established a sacred space within which he was protected by his medicine.

To clearly establish who we are and thus also our sacred space, even if it’s just a personal and internal process, will clear the energy in our home and allows us to determine the boundaries of our comfort zone. This process is used to establish with clarity our comfort bubble that in turn makes it easier to determine what we want within that bubble and what we don’t want. Our thoughts, words and actions govern what happens to us thus this is very important.

Here’s a simple technique to practice establishing our comfort zone: on a square piece of paper, draw a first circle, then within a second one, inside the first one, who symbolizes our intimate space. In the inner circle write all things with which you are ready to live with permanently: love, peace, joy, a beautiful home, one’s beloved and family, etc. In the space included between both circles are written the things which we want to have sometimes but not all the time: friends, work, and various circumstances of life which we like experiencing regularly. Finally, in the part outside both circles, is written all that you never want: hatred, cruelty, jealousy, the kind of people who upset you, unpleasant experiences, etc.

This paper is then put in the wall of your room and every time you look at it, it reflects back to you all that you want and don’t want in your “bubble”. Now, thought being creative, the natural boundaries of our life are thus established.

Appeal to armadillo medicine to protect the boundaries of your intimacy and happiness. Know that if you trust your “medicine”, you will generate respect for your sacred space by those around you.

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