The rising sun shines among the leaves of the trees shivering in the fresh cool morning of this beginning of autumn. It gets warm in the daytime, but in the early hours during a short moment we feel the change of season approaching. This quiet perfection that exists in the awakening of nature when everyone is still sleeping has its equal only the serenity of consciousness contemplating its co creation in the world.

We have a world to heal, a society to be transformed, a motherland to be remodeled and a consciousness to purify. The task is enormous, gigantic and the opposing forces that are degrading the world’s ecosystems and destroyed our natural communities that lived peacefully in nature seem quite powerful. Where will we find the strength and wisdom to transform the world? How can it be done?

Within the question is the answer. It is with questions that we should educate our children, not by filling them full of information, but by stating the problem and accompanying them in their search for the solution. In the same way, we need to face the current world situation and each of us has to find their own answers. Easier to say than do, the current tendency being to avoid thinking by delving into entertainment rather than the moments of silence and introspection which could allow to address the threats which hover over the future of the planet and humanity.

Each of us has to find these answers. As said one of my elders, we are either a part of the solution or a part of the problem. In my understanding of what’s coming, those who are an integral part of the problem are going to have to find another planet. During their soul migration they will no longer be welcome here, but will be redirected somewhere else, in another world. When we understand that mother earth shelters our families, our friends, and that it has no equal in all the galaxies of the created universe, that death does not exist and that immortality of consciousness is a reality, we then have a perspective which allows for enlightened living on this planet that has been entrusted to us.

The powers of darkness have hid all these realities from humanity for millennium now. Nevertheless, the truth is always there, always available if we take time to think, to reflect, to be real human beings. In the eyes of the One, the Creator, the Primordial Intelligence of love always there to help us in the fulfillment of our dreams and visions, we are the beloved and sacred daughters and sons of this co creation. The world around us was created for us. We have forgotten that every plant has its reason for being, its capacities to feed us, to heal us or to balance the ecosystem, that every insect has its role that every animal would like to help man and to feel his love. But we can remember, we can dig up from the meanders of our consciousness the realities of our primordial identity created in the likeness and image of Great Spirit. But for that to happen we need to take time to think, to reflect, to meditate, to contemplate, in the moment, now…

The best way to prevent us from thinking was to create an economic system which has us running from morning till evening to make money. That way there’s no time to reflect, only time to feed this hellish beast, the system that feeds our technocratic societies by devouring the earth leaving behind garbage dumps and contaminated lands. The artificial fear of not having enough, so deeply imbedded in our technocratic societies, maintains the system as a catastrophic monster that threatens the future of humanity. When I see aware and conscious people with lots of potential, remain stuck in a system which deprives them of time with their families, deprives them of their joy, their potential, devouring the minutes and the precious days of what could be their co-creation, I am deeply saddened.

But I go on, the solution has been given to us, one that feels right to me, the one that has arisen after many, many years of reflection and pondering on the state of the world, the one that arises from my research and that now feeds my family and develops in the world in many countries. I see the rising sun which enlightens the world and my flowers are delighted with me of our happiness, our family domain, the small plot of land we have chosen to protect, this family size motherland. What I see in front of me, the contemplation of our co-creation, reflects the beauty of truth and awakens bliss. I experience the possibility of eternal happiness on earth. I have access to a paradise of love and consciousness. I am a part of the solution.

And you?

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