I think the most important question that we have to answer when we look at the world today is this: what has put us in the gigantic human and ecological catastrophic predicament in which we are all in today? First of all it’s important to understand the source of this problem and then to take responsibility for it. It is my conviction that if we take enough time to think all this through we would be able to transform this life threatening situation into health for the environment and happiness for all families. (Man with a capital M in the following text is intended to designate woman and man to simplify writing).

Thus what follows should be meditated and validated by your own logic. We are all capable of finding the truth on the origins of Man within us, as we are all Men with this history encoded within our genes. Let’s not be lazy of thought and even try to accelerate our thoughts so we can understand this situation and find solutions. To feed your reflection I’ve used here data that comes from a very evolved lady, who spent her whole life thinking about these things, Anastasia. My current text (and surly tomorrow also as there’s a lot of material to be covered), is a summary, a synthesis of Vladimir Megre’s books on this subject, the history of what brought us to the current situation. To read on my perceptions of this author and the woman he writes about see article here. Having meditated, read and searched for the truth since childhood I was capable of validating this story for myself. It makes sense to me.  Know that your knowledge has to come from your own observations and conclusions and not come from papers or words of another. Thus, this text is above all intended to nourish and stimulate your own thought process.

Originally Man was created perfect. He lived in a paradise created for him by the essential intelligence which created and continues to create the universe with the impeccable precision that governs atoms and galaxies. Man was created in the image of the Creator, which is with the same potential of co-creation and understanding. Thus, the first thing Man was to do was understand creation, that is to identify the reasons for being of all plants, animals, stones, winds, water, fire, stars and planets. Once he understood creation he could then co create in unity with the Divine a magnificent paradise where every being would be a part of his happiness and joy and where every being was also just in the right place in harmony with the environment where there was no strife or disharmony. Man originally had all powers and was immortal.

A pernicious virus affected Man. For the first time since his creation, that is millions of years, he felt disconnected with Great Spirit. This ill perceived absence created panic and fear. For the first time, he couldn’t feel the profound connection that unites him with all of creation. He thus felt that he was in danger. For the first time, he felt the need to protect himself and sharpened a stick, the first weapon. The current nuclear bombs are but the continuation and the same thing as this first sharpened stick. For the first time, he was afraid of running out of food and his panic and observation had him eating animals for the first time. He was running from his fear and thus it settled permanently in him. His continual flight from looking at the source of his fear made him stupid and slow of thought. He no longer tried to understand the true nature of the world and thus was forced to protect himself with different useless and sterile manners such as asserting his power, accumulating food and wealth, having power over others, and to do so create the best weapon, etc. His need to flee from his fear made him inclined to temporary pleasures and he developed unhealthy dependencies which dull the mind and induce sleep. Strife, war and violence afflicted most of mankind in ever growing circles as the thirst for power had Men attacking other communities and nations to dull their fear of not having enough, accumulating more power and possessions and their illusion that nature was a threat to their lives.

Certain families nevertheless preserved their understanding of the world and connection with the Divine. They usually lived far from others in the impenetrable forests and all of nature protected them. These families lived in harmony with nature and constantly deepened their understanding of the world. A Man amongst them, who lived with his wife in the heart of the forest, wanted to teach the world the science of the mind, the science of inner imagery, the power of co creation. He had the dream of co creating a harmonious society on earth, a world of wise and compassionate leaders who could facilitate peace and prosperity amongst all people and nations. He left his family and went seeking a tribe who could embody his dream. He chose a peaceful tribe that had always avoided conflict by fleeing.  This tribe was called Egypt. He managed to create a prosperous society which chose its leaders with wisdom. He did this by passing on his knowledge to a small group of initiates. They became the priests of ancient Egypt. But the desire for power and the false impression of being estranged from the Divine had these priests wanting more than what they had. They finally threatened this wise teacher to give them all of his knowledge. In fact, he had given them all they needed to know, but they didn’t have the internal capacities to understand. But they went forward with their threats and starved the wise man in hopes that he would give them what they aspired too, direct contact with Great Spirit.

Before his death, as he would every year sing to the crowds that came to hear him and that the priests didn’t have the courage to deny him this, he sang from the top of a tower where he had been imprisoned. His son who had come searching for him heard his wisdom and the wise one recognizing him in the crowd, sang for him. Since his birth his son had heard the stories of his wisdom passed on to him by his mother so the song sank in deeply and he understood the essence of his father’s wisdom that he brought back to his family in the forests of ancient Russia.  He was one of the ancestors of Anastasia.

This wise man, having given all he could with what energy he had left after many weeks of starvation, passed on. Despite their fear, the priests formulated between themselves a disastrous project. They had wanted direct communicating with Great Spirit something they had thought the wise one could give them. They got to thinking: since Great Spirit loves Man as his beloved son, and as such would, within the boundaries of the free will He had bestowed on Humanity, do all He could to help him, if they brought Humanity to the edge of annihilation and be responsible for this situation, Great Spirit would have to communicate directly with them.

Thus was born their plan to enslave all of Humanity. By working with the black arts and the esoteric sciences, they endeavoured to accelerate their thought. With good reason they knew that those who think faster have power over others. They noticed in time that there would be a limit to the speed of their thoughts in fact imposed by their aims of dominion and so they began to slow down the thoughts of the humanities which they dominated. By using the weaknesses of humans, they mirrored in place by means of changing all sacred books, educational systems, governmental imposed programming and behavioral conditionings which would prevent humans from developing free and rapid thoughts processes. They set up a gigantic system that they steered from the shadows so that nobody would know who was in fact pulling the strings. They formed and educated from their very young age the Pharaohs so that they were obedient marionettes. These Pharaohs had so immense tasks and not enough time to formulate their own opinions that they were obligated to consult and to respect the wills of the high priests in all things. If the Pharaoh deviated from the narrow path which the priests had drawn for him they would eliminated him and put the other one in his place. [That continues to this day, as an example think of J-F Kennedy].

To be continued tomorrow 🙂



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