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(As before I use the word Man with a capital M to designate Woman and Men to make writing easier)

Thus, the high priests spread their dominion over the known world by means of the Pharaohs. They formed armies which set out to conquer surrounding tribes. In every tribe conquered they imprisoned and interrogated their shamans and wise men to extract their knowledge and then killed them. Thus, their science of the mind and spiritual power continued to grow whereas that of the humanities they dominated went decreasing. They built the great temples and pyramids of ancient Egypt, as they had learned how to negate some of the power of gravity rendering the moving of great stones easier. These pyramids and impressive monuments imprinted in the minds of the simple people of those times the omnipotence of the Pharaohs the priests had control over. To do all this work they reduced into slavery the peoples who were conquered by their armies.

The leader of the high priests was in the habit of sitting on the height of a small pyramid to watch the construction work of the slaves while thinking of the different means to control Humanity and augment his power. One day this priest saw a slave with a special light in his eyes. The slaves generally worked with a shot down appearance, transporting with difficulty heavy stones towards the buildings in construction. This one seemed braver as if inspired and animated by something only he knew of. After several days of observation, intrigued, the high priest disguised himself as a slave, put a double in his place on the summit of the small pyramid from where he used to sit and had himself inserted in the row behind the slave who intrigued him. After a few days one evening he began to speak to him. Turning to him with enthusiasm the slave revealed a plan to revolt against the pharaoh and his minions. His plan was well thought and could succeed. The pharaohs’ armies were setting out to conquer new countries and would be gone for several months. As there were only one soldier for 10 slaves if all rebelled at the same time they could free themselves and take power.

The next day the high priest with a sign to his soldiers was removed from the row and resumed his place observing the slaves. During several days and nights, he was in intense thought. He realized that even if he killed this slave, on another day another one could come up with a similar plan and ferment a revolt which would destroy their plans. This time he might not notice. He had to find a solution. After several days of intense reflection, he finally came to see what could be done. He summoned the assembly of high priests and explained to them the system he had thought up that would give them forever dominion over all men.

The next day all the slaves were freed. It was announced that from now on every stone which would be brought to the building would merit to the one who brought it a round piece of silver. With this silver they could buy food, homes, land and other possessions.

The transformation was incredible. The slaves continued to work, but now they forced themselves to the task enthusiastically and with spirit. The day before they had worked slowly, but now they would run to accumulate more silver. Canteens got organized so that they do not have to stop to prepare their meals and people exchanged silver coins for the food. The soldiers who had guarded the slaves now worked alongside them. The workers organized together to build wagons to bring more stones and receive more coins. Their will to accumulate more coins had inspired a technology to improve the work imposed by the high priests. The high priest at the top of his look-out post was quite satisfied. He had just invented money that was going to dominate human affaires to this day.

The high priests understood that it was also important to have control over this formidable new exchange technique. To be able to dominate Humanity with money they needed to form another group, different from the Pharaohs, who could be easily influenced and who would have the greatest monetary power. They came to understand that any nation in a precise territory, even as powerful as Egypt, could sooner or later be conquered by another greater nation if this nation had greater means and population. The system which governed the Pharaohs, keeping them under their control, the very same system which influences the vast majority of our current governments, had to be controlled by another group with a financial prowess that would be the real power.

Thus, they looked amongst the peoples they had conquered for a tribe that would be more easily influenced than the others. They needed to manipulate the consciousness of these people so that they would be powerful but would have to constantly migrate from country to country as they would be hated for the financial power they would have. Their control over Humanity had to extend all over the earth and this would be insured by the migration and power of these special people. They chose a tribe which was called Israel. They put in place men of power who could influence the people so that they would distinguish themselves from others giving them the impression of being superior to other people. To do this they simulated the liberation of this tribe and brought them to the desert, to program and condition them for many long years so they would become the powerful but easy to influence nation that were to be called the special people chosen by Yahve. They wrote special religious writings that affirmed the superiority of the people who had been chosen by their God, Yahve. So, in their religious book, the Torah, we see that the Jewish religion asserts that the Jewish people are the chosen people, loved by Jehovah over all others. Other religious books that were also influenced by these high priests that have a dominating influence on the behavior of nations, like the Bible, asserts that Man is a slave of God, that they is to be humble, poor and serve God ! This clearly established in what direction money needs to flow. In the Torah it’s clearly stipulated that the chosen people, elected by Yahve, have due to their superiority the power to lend money against repayment with interest. The high priests had knowingly created the bank system. Thus the Jewish nation built a financial empire which knows no rival today.

Amongst the Jews there is a special group, the Levites. We know very little about these people. In the Torah it is said that all Jewish people owe 10 % of their income to this clan. The richest people on the planet give 10 % of their income to an occult group. It is interesting to notice that on Web we find a lot of illustration especially old ones of Levites, but no photos!

This group was chosen because they were easily influences by the high priests of ancient Egypt. These high priests have continued until today with the tools of transmission of knowledge from generation to generation and by reincarnation without loss of memory techniques with which they attained a certain form of immortality. These high priests have always been hidden in the shadows, always acquiring and then hiding the spiritual knowledge of all people, assimilating this knowledge and then destroying all trace of it so that they are the only ones to possess the ultimate power, that of spirit. They influences the writing of all religious books so to influence the people in a specific way. The high priests learnt how to form bio-robots, that is people who can be easily controllable at a distance by the power of their thoughts and telepathic suggestions. The great majority of the human beings today are bio-robotic citizens of this system that has them programmed and conditioned to live in world governed by money and governments who serve the financial institutions. This system is constantly wiping out, by all means possible, the aboriginal, indigenous, simple, natural people and tribes that live in harmony with nature. For millennia now these same descendants of the high priests of ancient Egypt control with their thoughts and mental suggestions those in power with the objective of bringing humanity to the brig of the abime, into the precarious life threatening situation we are in now, with the thought that Great Spirit would have to intervene and communicate directly with them. This is how we have to come to have nuclear weapons and power stations that can destroy the earth many times over and such pollution and degradation of the environment that have more and more species of flora and fauna, essential for a healthy environment, disappearing every day. It was their idea that they could then have a privileged relationship with Great Spirit, having been those who put humanity into this situation.

But things didn’t go that way. The high priests were seized when they saw that Anastasia, who was born in the cradle of creation (within nature), managed effortlessly and without any domination to enter into direct and personal contact with Great Spirit who manifested directly to her. They tried to stop her when her first book of teachings was published by Vadimir Megre, as they understood that these teachings had the potential of freeing humanity. An aspect of Great Spirit intervened to protect her and their efforts to eliminate her were reduced to nothing. They realized that their plans were a mistake. They had not taken the right path, they did not have to control humanity to succeed in communicating and communing with Great Spirit, as a woman living alone in the Siberian taiga had obtained this in a very simple and humble manner. .

But this system they created is now so enormous they haven’t the power to stop it. In time other secret societies like the Levites were created throughout the world and they encouraged the creation of these dark organizations. There is abundance of documentation on this subject, research Illuminatis. It is the known fact that 1 % of the rich possess more than 90 % of the financial resources of the earth and that this power makes them feel superior and justified to manipulate the world to their benefit.

These priests nevertheless have now chosen to follow the path Anastasia has shown, as they realize that this way will lead to the happiness and ultimate development of Man. This path is to return to paradise. Acquiring the intimate knowledge of nature will allow Man to create for his family a small paradise, that we call the family domain. Read more a about this in my article HERE.

Thus, a single woman, without any material resources, living alone in the Siberian taiga, animated by love for her family and with only the purity and the original unity with nature and Great Spirit, manages to overcome the dark forces that have dominated humanity for centuries! That’s a great lesson for us all.

So that’s the story I read in Vladimir Megre’s books on Anastasia. It makes sense to me. That it be true or not is not important as it resonates in my heart and thus makes it possible for me to understand our current world situation with to the key, solutions! (Again same article on the solutions envisioned by Anastasia).  The important thing here is to comprehend that each of us has to reflect and make sense of the situation within their own minds. Also it’s important to not blame anyone and especially not the Israeli nation for any of this. We are all responsible for this situation. We are all either part of the problem or part of the solution.

It falls to each of us today to correct the errors committed by Humanity. We need to free ourselves and then free the world. After all we were and are always free to choose on what path we walk, even if the forces here are gigantic, we are free to choose the freedom of the truth or the conditionings and programming of the system. I know this intimately as I never embarked on this boat of illusions.

Then how we do this? We all need to reflect and answer this question within.  For too long we have let others decide the fate of humanity and that has brought us to the extreme and catastrophic situation we find ourselves in today. It is good to activate our thoughts by taking time to think and reflect. All solutions begin in the mind of Men.

I’ve written on these subjects extensively in two books, one that has been translated into English THE PHILOSOPHY OF NATURE. It’s not available on any website yet but I can set it up for those who would want the ebook, just write a comment with your request below.  And also know that you have an inexhaustible source of reflections and inspiring thoughts to activate your mind, within, as you are all daughters and sons of Great Spirit!

Peace, Joy and Light

Blue Eagle

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Blue Eagle. The last couple of years have been challenging for you. I hope you are now surrounded by loving and supportive people wherever you are. You deserve much love and respect for the path you chose. I have been through severe challenges and betrayals but my deep love for Great Spirit and my Spirit family keep me going. They are my foundation. I also have totems who love and support me: a mountain lion I call Callie, my dear, kind bear and protective wolf tribe. I am indeed blessed.
    Beverly Taylor, New Hampshire. If you ever want to spend time in the White mountains and forests, my door is always open to you.


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