Mistful morning

In the dark, mysterious magical morning, the mist rises from the soil in large, slow careful curls… the air is filled with water scents… the world, in dreamsome numbness, ignores the greyish light starting in the east.
Now, the sky clears, a bird chirps a timid hello… and soon they are all celebrating the rising day!
All has been washed down by yesterday’s heavy rains. The sun is shining on a bright, fresh, new world… its sublime rays are like columns of light appearing between the clouds and trees, designing an immense cathedral of surrealistic beauty, highly surpassing the finest masterpiece. 
This one is animated, moving and changing at every moment, with subtle fragrances, grandiose shades of light, continuous music and ever changing texture.
My bare feet are delighted with the lick of the watery grass, cleansing me of the night’s heaviness.
I feel as if the rest of my life is dawning, sensing that everything, really everything is possible.
Thus it is, since here, in this wondrous cathedral, Great Spirit is now holding my hand…

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