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The physical body is that with which we interact with nature. Our body comes from nature, it was formed by life on earth and all of the earths’ elements inform the body of its abilities. Most of these abilities do not require formal training to develop, they are mostly acquired by the simple acts of daily life. Nature informs the body of its potentialities.

Ex. —Let’s take an example we’ve already discussed: if the body is exposed to various temperatures in nature, it will learn to adapt to these variations, either by cooling the skin with sweat or by warming it in different ways, without us having to think about it.

You will thus understand that it’s essential for the full development of our physical body, these abilities which are connected to life in nature, to engage in different activities such as gardening, moving outdoors in various ways such as walking, canoeing, horseback riding or others, wild culture harvesting, landscaping, maintaining dwellings, etc., on a regular base. Otherwise, many abilities of the physical body cannot develop and will gradually atrophy, undermining our comfort levels within the natural world as well as weakening our physical functions. To manifest optimal health, it’s important to develop all of our natural physical abilities in the holistic environment that living in nature offers.

Ex. —Even if we eat the best healthy food, if we don’t exercise, we’ll sooner or later have health problems.

Most of the usual subsistence activities in nature are repetitive but varied. In this respect, thought is also active in the establishment of the best techniques for the tasks at hand. This is important, because our thoughts are thus always be evaluating and testing reality. An ineffective thought will not find an effective way of carrying out a task and will then be educated by other members of the family and community. Physical tasks within nature offer a very important training of the mind while simultaneously developing the physical body. Certain studies within schools in the USA have proved that daily physical activities increase their students’ results and mental abilities.

Citizens of the current technocratic civilizations, except a small minority of conscious people, do not really understand the basic principles of health. What they know is disease. Health care in this “system” is the monopole given by law and enforced by the courts of justice to doctors and their corporations. These institutions are supported by the pharmaceuticals, amongst the richest companies in the world, who are actively engaged through lobbying, media and other actions in limiting the exercise of health care to the medical staff officially recognized by governments. Their lobbies, as well as the professionals of media and public image and indoctrination of the masses, are gigantic and very well financed. Their interest: maintaining disease, as they gain from it enormous profit. It’s thus not a surprise that the basic needs of the physical body are rarely taught by doctors when we meet with them. Most of the time they limit their intervention to prescribing some medication.

Indeed, in this “system” every disease has its medication. All these medicines are chemicals. They all have side effects. Most of them do not heal disease but rather decrease or cancel out its symptoms. In the long term, they poison the body and create other diseases which then require more medication. The end result is elderly people who no longer recognize family members and suffer from different degenerative diseases of the body and brain. They are maintained alive by still more medication.

Ex. —Let us give another example which will appeal to your common sense. We all know that cancers are caused by chemicals and radioactivity. After an accident at a nuclear power station, it’s 100% of young people who live within a hundred kilometers radius around the plant that will come down with thyroid cancer. In spite of these well-established facts how does the medical establishment treat cancer? Chemotherapy and radiotherapy, chemicals and radioactivity! The companies which supply these treatments make a lot of profit from these very expensive products! When we think about the suffering that these treatments cause in people, we have to wonder why people continue to believe what the doctors are saying. How does your common sense react when seeing these facts?

Ex. —More food for thought: common sense says that proper food is an important component for optimal health. A deficient diet with lots of sugar and fat for example immediately leads to disease. Doctors undergo many years of study and training to be called doctors. Yet, in their curriculum there is almost nothing on food.

Before the coming of Europeans, they were very few diseases in America. A study in ethno-medicine has established that there were approximately 86 diseases before the European colonization. The contagious diseases that the Europeans carried spread like wildfire in the indigenous populations everywhere on earth. The immune system of these nations did not recognize the germs, bacteria and viruses which the Europeans carried, the results of a very unhealthy way of life. Certain Native American nations lost 90% of their population to these diseases in the first years of contact.

How did these pathologies come to infest European societies? The “system”, by means of the Roman Catholic Churches of Europe during the Middle-ages, killed with the inquisition and the other different methods of genocide all those who carried the ancient natural health wisdom, the spirituality of nature and the knowledge of medicinal herbs. These people were accused of witchcraft and burnt at the stake. Deprived of the wisdom of the old ways to teach them how to live healthy lives, Europe experienced a gradual degradation of health in the general population. A direct consequence was the plague epidemics that killed tens of thousands in Europe shortly after. Thus, when the Europeans came to America with their deficient unhealthy lifestyle they carried many contagious diseases for which their bodies had become used to by developing antibodies. As these diseases were unknown in America the indigenous nations died like flies above a fire. This deliberate ignorance of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle continues to this day and has spread all over the earth with the consequences that disease is rampant and pharmaceuticals are multibillionaire multinationals.

Ex. —The number of diseases documented by the medical profession worldwide is now over 130,000 and new diseases appear every year.

Formerly, in all aboriginal nations all over the world there were no doctors or hospitals as there was no need for them. Health is the natural state of all beings in nature especially Man as he has the intelligence to maintain a healthy lifestyle and understand nature. It’s disease that’s a deviation from the norm. The more we drift away from nature, the more we submit ourselves to the alarms encoded in our body—the purpose of all diseases—which warns us that we are straying from the way of life taught by creation. Disease is the alarm signal that trumpets: return to nature!

The physical body knows how to heal itself. If we give the body pure good food, pure water, pure air, a healthy lifestyle and eliminate pollutants, we naturally come back to a healthy body free of disease.

Let us not forget that the physical body comes from the earth and that it returns to the earth because we all belong to the earth and the earth should belong to us. The health of the physical body influences all our other bodies as well as our thoughts. It’s thus essential in the philosophy of the nature to examine how the physical body can maintain optimal health.

Health is not complicated and does not require a university degree to be maintained. All people can easily understand the basic principles of health and apply them in their daily lives. If we presuppose the loving attitude of the Primordial Intelligence towards us, common sense would be that health is simple and natural. You will see by reading the following principles that in fact you already know them, but regrettably the world which surrounds us does not support this lifestyle.


1st principle of a healthy body: Food!


Hippocrates, that ancient Greek wise man who’s considered the father of modern medicine, said: “may food be your medicine and may your medicine be your food.” The foundation of health is what we ingest and the closer we are to nature, the closer we’ll be to perfect health. That is why many health experts recommend a raw vegan diet. They explain that of the 19 million species alive on earth only one thinks that it needs to cook food. Regrettably, cooking our food considerably reduces its content in vitamins, organic minerals and enzymes. Vitamins are destroyed, minerals become inorganic and enzymes which are necessary for digestion, as they are the living part of food, are killed by the heat in cooking. A healthy person can allow up to 20% of cooked plant-based food without falling ill, but a person with health challenges should eat all raw if she wants to recover. Then, food necessarily has to be vegan (without any animal protein such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy products), as animal proteins rapidly decay and putrefy within our extensive digestive system and thus produces a lot of toxins. Our digestive system is not geared to digest animal proteins. It’s also very important to avoid chemicals and transformed food as we explained previously. Only organic produce can guarantee that we are not ingesting genetically modified organisms (GMO), pesticides, herbicides and the residue of chemical fertilizers used in industrial agriculture. Our modern industrial procedures have strayed so far from nature that Man is playing with the very fabric of creation, the genetic makeup of plant life. These companies do not really know what the end results will be down the road, in the future. They are only concerned with monetary gain. Yet GMOs have far-reaching and disastrous results that are only beginning to compound the already altered cellular balance that is causing so many degenerative diseases today. Common sense here is more than enough to see that the companies producing these GMOs are only interested in monetary gain. They are often the same companies that produce the pharmaceuticals. One of several results looming on the horizon is the prediction by informed specialists that by 2025 years half of our children using these products and being vaccinated will be autistic. The number of autistic children has already multiplied tenfold.

If we understand the principle from the first paragraph of this chapter that the body comes from the earth, was formed by life on earth and that it’s reinforced and informed by all natural elements, we shall find logical the finding that the most ancient foods are the most beneficial. That is why algae, the very first plant life to appear on earth and then grass the second, are choice foods. Of course, we are speaking here of wheat grass juice, extracted by specific machinery, as our teeth that have been chewing for millennia on soft cooked food are no longer able to effectively crush grass to free the juices they contain. Conclusion: all healthy food consists of raw organic plant based produce.

Obviously, there are many things to learn when we study this diet. Briefly, sprouts have an incredible nourishing potential and are easy to grow right in the house and kitchen. Also let us add that it’s important to eat fruit without mixing it with other foods as they contain a lot of natural sugars and can impede the digestion of other foods. We also need to mention that some people cannot adapt to this lifestyle, for example aboriginal people from the high north whose ancestors have always had an animal protein diet due to the very short summers. Otherwise we’ll not go into more detail about this lifestyle. What’s important here is to clearly define the basic principles of health and food is one of them. There are a great many books on the raw vegan approach, a growing trend in our disease-ridden world. There are also many books, with extensive factual evidence, that explain that the meat-based diet of our modern world is the most important cause of disease, pollution and destruction of the ecology.

Ex. —We are naturally vegans as the following example, with its touch of humor, will demonstrate. If we give a baby an apple and a rabbit, do you think that it’s going to eat the rabbit and play with the apple?

Ex. — a meat-based diet requires vast amount of land to produce enough animals to butcher for a year per family. A family on a vegan diet can supply all of their needs with one hectare of land for innumerable generations.


2nd principle of health: pure water


Sufficient pure water. You might think that’s easy, but in fact it’s very complicated today. Water from the faucet is not pure water! It may have been treated with chemicals to sterilize it and thus be dead water, but regrettably it’s very polluted! Just imagine how far this water has travelled in pipes! Ask those who distill the tap water what remains in the tub after distillation. The smell is atrocious and they find everything, even worms and other parasites.

The best water, except that which is naturally filtered by the earth, is distilled water. The apparatus to do this is affordable and available. Another method to cleanse water is the inverted osmosis filtering system. The water thus purified by these two methods does not have any life left, its dead water. It’s then important to restructure or reactivate the water, process for which there are several methods. One that requires nothing more than jars with wide openings is the following: fill such a jar with purified water; expose it for three hours to sunlight then put it three hours in a dark place. The natural bacteria will then return to the water and it will once again become living water.

I’ve heard from a wise Native elder that water that has flowed over rocks for over 100 meters has been cleansed by the rocks. Water flowing over rocks does produce negative ions that do purify. Of course, water in natural lakes is living water. When we used to live naturally from the abundance of the earth, before industrialization, we could drink water everywhere, in brooks, rivers and lakes. One of the consequences of the technocratic “system” is the progressive degradation of the quality of water.


3rd principle: pure air


Breathing pure air. The air in our houses and buildings is more polluted than the air outside in the city center of a metropolis, unless you have devices to purify the pollutants in the air and circulate it. There is only in nature where we can find pure air. It’s thus important, even in winter, to open our windows. Various conditions give a very vivifying air : mountains because of their huge quantity of granite, natural producers of negative ions; ancient trees or evergreen forests; by the sea for its iodine filled winds or by waterfalls. It’s a very wholesome activity to take brisk long walks in such environments. Our breath feeds us more than all other foods. We can stop eating solid food for months (as countless people have demonstrated), stop drinking water for days, but it’s impossible to stop breathing for even five minutes. Also, air has to circulate, move, as wind in nature, thus the current trend in installing devices that circulate the air in houses and buildings is well inspired.

The presence of the wind and being conscious of the wind as a meditation practice gives important indications on the nature of thought and spirit. This becomes an important subject of contemplation for those who wish to increase their understanding of the world.


4th Principle of Health: exercise


Exercise. The body needs movement every day and we also need to improve our muscular capacity and stamina. Even doctors will say that we need physical activity and exercise. The level of physical activity of those living in nature or on farms compared to those pushing pencils all day long and striving to motivate themselves to go to the gym a few times a week cannot be compared. This is a clear illustration of the deficiencies connected to life in today’s civilized lifestyle. Obesity, high incidence of cardiac problems and a weakened immune system are among the numerous problems which stem from too little physical activity. It’s also a characteristic of a lifestyle where most of a Man’s usual tasks are carried out by machines.


5th Principle of Health – sleep


It’s imperative to get enough rest and sleep. In nature, people naturally follow the cycles of day and night and thus always benefit from enough sleep. They also have a very relaxed lifestyle where there is very little stress. It’s Pierre Rahbi[1] who said that we never see a farmer running! At present, many city dwellers have many problems getting enough sleep and experience insomnia and the sales of sleeping drugs and related products have exploded to the satisfaction of the pharmaceutical companies who are well aware that some of these are quite addictive.

We need 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Working nights and even evenings have consequences on one’s health. And the quality of our sleep also matters.


6th Principle of Health – Sunshine


Sunlight! We all feel the incredible benefit one gets from exposing our bodies to warm sunshine! According to numerous scientific studies, many benefits are directly connected to exposure to the sun’s rays. Among these, let us mention the effect on humor. In winter, amongst city dwellers of northern countries who stay almost always indoors, sales of antidepressants and the other comparable medicines increase substantially. It would be a lot healthier to mitigate this deficiency by more natural means, as these medications amplify in the long-term problems with humor and can create dependencies that create other problems. Also looking at the sun is also beneficial, but is only possible at sunrise and sunset when the atmosphere eases the strength of its rays.


7th Principle of Health – a life mission


A passion for life! A reason to live. Meaning in life. One needs a profound motivation which stimulates our willingness to become the best we can be! Understanding the meaning of our lives and our place within the community and the universe supplies this motivation. Thus, the rites of passage performed by aboriginal people everywhere on earth. Thus, the need to periodically reflect in solitude, about life and what we want to make of it. Thus, the need for psychological support found in love and friendship, which one experiences within the family and within the community in a natural setting.

Each of these principles, essential for the health of the physical body, could be the object of several volumes. Our purpose here consists in understanding that the physical body has a natural wisdom and innate intelligence. The body knows how to heal itself and does not need medical interventions to experience health. All the body that is experiencing disease needs to come back to health is to eliminate toxins and pollutants, from his body and the environment, to be adequately nourished, and the above-mentioned principles. The physical body will then demonstrate health which in turn will allow the other bodies to develop.

Medical science has its place. It’s incomparable its poly traumatology (multiple severe injuries, wide spread 3 degree burns, emergency intervention in severe life threatening chronic diseases). In those instances there is no choice but to consider the body in its only chemical and mechanical processes and do the appropriate interventions. Medical science and medicine also have great diagnostic capabilities if a bit intrusive at times. Other less intrusive techniques exist but are ignored by the elite of the medical world except in countries like Russia and some places in Germany.


[1] One of France’s most important ecologists.

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