A morning with the Soul of the world

Peace is … Light comes… in this great world of incomparable beauty, with blissfulness bestowed on me, I walk, breathe, contemplate, I feel overwhelmed with intense joy and the impulse to give, help and create … I can hear the voice of those weeping and calling. All this suffering because we have lost the living link to the Divine within us… But so simple to retrieve it; it is there in every moment, in our Heart, in nature around us, with all the answers, comforting, tender and peaceful… But so many souls do not have their sacred space, their blessed land, their family domains where conscious awareness can arise within them, the awareness of our mission as co-creators with the Divine, and the blissfulness of contemplating this Creation… This was taken from us by the forces of darkness, always looming in the shadows, waiting for a moment of weakness, doubt or fear… Great strength is within Man, all power, everything has been given from the very beginning, with no other obstacle than our own erroneous thoughts… but here, now, clarity is all encompassing, thought is pure, strong, and the world is coming back to life… Together, we can retrieve our blessed motherland, protect it for the children of our children, rebuild a family united in our ancestors and future generations, on this small piece of paradise we have built, with our thoughts, with our written words, acts, speech and lives… Supreme truth, blessed thought, soul of the world… I love and thank you. May all sincere beings, dedicated to goodness, overcome darkness once and for all, may all those who live in darkness leave for the dimensions now meant for them… so it is!

Peace is… Light comes… joy, beauty bestowed on me, I walk… I am…

2 thoughts on “A morning with the Soul of the world”

  1. I don’t want to work in this building the day after tomorrow.
    I want to work with life, for life, not against it. I don’t want to be a machine. I don’t want to be a slave, an automaton. I don’t want them, the darkness, to overwhelm me and make me forget the fondamental laws in my heart. University is a trap. You want to be an automaton? Then go ahead and feel what it is to be sitting down all the afternoon long, even all day long on a chair, sometimes with other automatons, sometimes even all alone. What a strange way of living our lives. What a wonderful path to making you crazy. I want to make myself fading away in nature and purity, in the truth, in the life, in beauty, not in the dissertations and overthinking. The living side of life not the dying one of it. But why is it so hard to follow our heart ?? I feel like forgetting who I am and why I am there, like most of us by the way. But today and everytime I do it, I feel something vibrating in my heart reading of you BLUE EAGLE. Thank you for what you say, thank you for reminding us of the truth. Of the light. Thank you for making me cry.

    Thank you GREAT SPIRIT.

    Love, peace and joy to you all reading me, to you all in the world.


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