Some readers commented that they were looking forward to reading more on this subject. I’d like to oblige but really, I don’t know a lot about this. I’ve always resonated with nature and my shamanic abilities allow me to find solutions to the problems encountered in the garden. I once made a garden in the Quebec City, in a back yard with little sun but the results were so surprising that a local newspaper took some pictures and wrote about it.

We’ve always had a garden but I’ve never had any formal guidance or teaching on gardening other than a few minutes here and there with my father or a person doing permaculture. But I will share what I know, as it’s information that you won’t often find in most books or classes.

The first thing which seems important to me and which is a part of a natural method is to observe what already grows and to protect those wild plants that are useful. Several healing and edible plants grow in great quantities naturally without having to plant them. For example, dandelions which make good salads, a kind of rich coffee with the roots, various drinks with the flowers, plantain leaves which heal small wounds and subcutaneous disorders such as boils, and whose seeds make an excellent nourishing spice, etc. Thus, the same with wild flowers which grow in abundance everywhere, allow them to prosper! These flowers are a joy for the heart and often they have numerous properties. They attract bees and other nectar eating insects that are essential for all gardens. The beauty of your garden can accompany its utility, both go hand in hand on the beauty way. Thus, let us first learn about what is already there before wanting to add our co-creations.

What grows naturally also informs us about the problems and disorders of the soil. Nature naturally sends the plant emissaries that are a solution to the problems of the soil. By reading what nature is telling us by what plants are already growing there, is an intelligent step.

Another important step is to plan for the long term. We are creating tomorrow’s paradise for the children of our children. The trees that will be planted today will only come to full maturity in many years. Do not forget that we are immortal beings and that this vision (the long-term) is the guarantee of your return to earth in the descendants of the children of your children! Thus, plan with a vision of a family domain in accordance with your dreams and visions of beauty and bliss. Even if it is only a small garden, nevertheless create it with the intention of healing the planet for future generations. We underestimate the power of dreams and vision. Even if the one who has no garden formulates the sincere and deep wish and dream to create the paradise on earth by creating a family domain and holds it firmly within, this vision will be fulfilled. Everything originates in spirit, in our minds and then manifests on earth. We are in a magnificent dream, that of our co-creations with Great Spirit. Some have forgotten Great Spirit and his creation in the way they live their lives. Their inventions create pollution, havoc and destruction. That time is past now we will now to return to the essential intelligence that works with creation and not against creation. That is why the first stages, observation of nature and what already grows in the garden, precedes planning.

As you reflect on what you see in nature, you can dream of an idyllic domain, maybe with a small pond or stream, trees, vegetable gardens amongst many flowers that supply you with everything you need. Include in this dream a supportive community and friendly neighbours maybe some of the animals that you like and wish to have with you.

When the moment to plant arrives, you need to inform the vegetables and fruits of your needs. If you do this, they will grow according to those needs and will become your medicine, an important key for perfect health. Here are some ways to communicate your information to the plants.

Before planting, take your seeds into your mouth for 10 minutes to moisten them with your saliva. The heat and humidity of your body will activate the seed and it will have the information necessary to understand your needs. Then, hold them for a few moments between your two palms to impart your energy. Sow the seeds, but wait 24 hours before watering so that they had the time to integrate the information contained in your saliva. Another easy way and healthy practice is to work barefoot around the garden in the morning. Toxins eliminated by your feet in the morning will inform the plants about the challenges that your body undergoes and they will produce substances which can help you. You can also give to your tired feet a bath in a basin in the evening and then water your plants with this water. Talk to your garden. Even if they don’t understand the words, they do feel the emotion behind the words and that also gives them information.

There’s a little info that’s not frequently found. We all need to become good gardeners so the earth is once again paradise!

Have a beautiful spring!

Blue Eagle


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