SPRING EQUINOX – friends made new

The celebration of the spring equinox was celebrated in Belgium this year. We always celebrate as much as possible at the new or full moon closest to the equinox or to the solstice.

We call this celebration the friends renewed ceremony. We go to the blessed and sacred waters to wash all the troubles we had with our close relatives and friends, to forgive and to receive forgiveness.

On this day of the spring equinox I offer you the prayer, which is in fact a forgiveness song, that we sing near the blessed and sacred waters during this ceremony.


Blessed and sacred water I come again to your shores,

 Blessed and sacred water I enter into you

 So you may wash the heavy thoughts that keep me from your sea of equanimity.

 Ô Creator our eyes become clear

 The sacred light of wisdom shines in our hearts

 May we see, may we be, what we truly are

 That all beings attain unity and harmony.


Peace, joy and love be with you all !

Blue Eagle

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