Corn is a spiritual and material legacy for Native American people. For many nations it was the main food stable, supporting the people with a nourishing cereal that could be cultivated and was easy to store. Other than being the most important food source for those nations who practiced agriculture, it was also a spiritual sacrament.

Corn flour and corn pollen are used in countless rituals and ceremonies. All people of the world have a cereal that is considered sacred: the sacred Eucharist of the Christians is made of wheat; the Buddhists have rice, the Africans have millet, etc. Corn is the sacred cereal of the Americas. It represents the gifts and countless blessings that we receive from the Earth-mother.

Corn was given to the Amerindians by the Woman from the Stars, also called “Sky Woman”. In many Native American myths, Sky Woman gives birth to humanity. Upon departing from earth, she gave four plants to her children, who were to become the Indian nations: corn, beans, squash and tobacco.

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