ALBATROSSES— animal totem

The albatrosses are a very special seabird and a very special bird amongst all birds of the world. It has many traits that are unique to its kind. It has the largest wingspan of all birds which for certain species can be 3.5 metres wide! It also the heaviest of all birds. Nevertheless, thanks to its knowledge of the winds and the scale of its wings, the albatrosses can soar for entire days without beating their wings. On the other hand, because of its heaviness it has to run to launch into flight spends more energy getting airborne or landing than in many days of flying. Couples remain faithful for life like the Canada goose and swans which are also large and aquatic birds. Their elaborate mating rituals and dances are extensive and famous. The albatrosses have great longevity for a bird, and can achieve in some cases over 50 years. Of the 21 known species of albatross 18 are endangered species.

The people who have albatross’s medicine are unique and very rare. They distinguish themselves amongst others in many ways. They have a profound attachment to spirituality and truth and will stop at nothing to obtain new heights in their spiritual development. Their need to learn and discover is intense. They are very faithful to the truth and to those who have the same spiritual path. Although they can be very solitary in their quests for spirituality and truth, they regularly need to find those who are like them with similar philosophical or spiritual ideals.

Those who have this medicine can greatly contribute to knowledge and to the evolution of humankind. One the other hand, as they are very different they are not always understood and thus often ignored. If they do not find fellow men who can understand and stimulate their research and with whom they can share their knowledge, they sometimes auto destruct in different ways and this is a great loss for humanity. Thus, those who have albatross medicine have to find how to share their knowledge or they will languish. They have to meet regularly with like-minded people to move forward in their development.

Call to albatross medicine to see farther, to look from above the whole picture rather than like the mouse having your whiskers on the details. Appeal to the albatross to find the energy and courage to transcend and transform your difficulties and what may seem limits to your potential.

The albatrosses also invite us to consider what we can do for the ecology. What’s our ecological imprint on the world? Does our consumerism make us part of the problem, a cancer for the earth, or on the contrary do we have a way of life which protects the earth? The albatrosses repeat what many animal totems say: the only way of protecting nature it is to live from it. If our current lives do not meet this ideal, don’t feel guilty and delve into Judeo-Christian shame, one of the many false reactions programmed by our current society. One the contrary, let us take note and let us think of how we can transform this situation. Everything begins with a dream and a thought.

That IS albatross medicine.



4 thoughts on “ALBATROSSES— animal totem”

  1. Hello, I was working in a Shamanic Medicine group today and Albatross came into the Medicine Wheel to gift me some teachings. I’ve never seen nor met Albatross and had no idea of the Medicine they carry. This article speaks to my heart and I realized immediately our kinship and what I can pay attention to in my daily living. Thank you, so much!

  2. I had no idea I had albatross medicine. Thank you for the information. I finally realize why I am so different and don’t always fit in, although I truly care deeply about others. I also realize why I am under attack by the Dark Forces, most of which I believe are outside of us in other dimensions and have an evil agenda. Native Americans have been aware of these entities for a long time. I was surprised to discover this year that two Navaho special policemen are assigned to this area due to increasing activity at this time.


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