THE SQUIRREL – totem animal

The squirrel is a very charming animal and is extremely rapid: he can run around a tree four times in a single second.
The squirrel is also very quarrelsome! He is very protective of his environment. When something is wrong, everyone around knows all about it!

He is sometimes called the economist of the animal world : he stores food (like fruits, nuts and acorns) that he hides in the ground, in enormous quantities, a lot more than he can eat.  Often what he doesn’t eat  will sprout, grow and produce even more fruit, nuts and acorns for him and his descendants. H even has pouches in his mouth to better accumulate when he finds a good stash!

Those who have squirrel medicine are excellent economists who are capable of very good investments. They manage wisely their assets and savings and those of their family. They tend to accumulate a lot of things and thus always have everything they need to face any situation. However, this quality is followed by a weakness: they tend to accumulate too many things. Their environment becomes a mess. They must learn to resell, recycle, give and throw away their excess.

These people are often very nervous and fast, which can be annoying to their friends and colleagues.

We often see squirrel, it’s one of the most common animals, having success in being numerous even in the biggest cities where there are trees. Indeed, with their numerous talents, squirrels multiply everywhere and know how to escape most of their predators easily.

Squirrel teaches to be attentive to our investments, to save some for the darkest days, to be proud of our territory and warn our circle when we realize that there is a problem. Squirrel people need to be careful of complaining too much and getting on people’s nerves with their fast, jittery energy and learn to put it to good use in producing abundance for all their relations!

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