THE OWL – totem animal

The owl is often associated to the dark side as it’s a bird of prey that hunts at night. It has the ability to fly without noise in the dark so its preys are unconscious of its presence until they are taken into its claws. It eats a lot of mice and other small animals. It has a great vision, and his head can rotate almost 360°. This is a fascinating ability!

Among First Nations, only a few will use its feathers. In fact, only those that have its medicine will. And, to eliminate the obscure energy which is associated to this animal, these people often perform a week long ceremony on the feathers before using them! However, the Mohawks don’t seem to have any difficulty dealing with these feathers. I have even owl fans for sale on one of their booths!

Owls also have interesting qualities. First, in the silence of meditation, they know how to obtain any information they need, any knowledge the Universe contains. In Greek mythology, we often see pictures of a goddess with a great owl on her shoulder that whispers in her ear the information she wants. Thus, generally, it is associated to wisdom and knowledge. The people who have owl medicine often go to dark places to practice meditation. Some of them will also work with death by accompanying dying people or work in palliative care. They often have the capacity of healing at a distance. 

It’s very interesting to have such people in a group because they see ‘‘everything’’. They can’t be disappointed and they know how to distinguish what isn’t clear from what is crystal clear. 

Owls are also associated with sorcery, black magic and other practices which imply bad energies.
When you see an owl, it’s good to come back to the observation of our own position in life and to use your intuition. In fact, there can be a danger in maintaining your actual situation. In some nations, it was said that when someone heard an owl singing his name, he knew he was going to die in the following week. In any case seeing an owl is always a powerful omen and should not be taken lightly. But it’s not necessarily negative, it can be an indication of wisdom and knowledge coming our way, of the sign we need to be being attentive to ours dreams, of staying aware or awake that specific night, etc.


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