Certain days I find it real hard the stagnation of human beings in this critical and dangerous world situation in which we find ourselves. As if none know how we are destroying life on earth and the earth heritage of our future generations. I know from experience that this stagnation and immobility come from conditioning and programming that the system propagates so insidiously in all the stages of our lives. The result is that even aware, open, conscious, spiritual people often continue working in sad, polluted and illogical environments within the system.

Let’s take a good hard look at reality. Let’s look at our way of life, our house, our consumerism, our clothing (are they of natural fibres?) our food (organic?), our use of transportation, at all the ecological imprint which every aspect of these activities impose, minute per minute, on the earth. Then look at the activities that you have that protect the environment, that is, a precise territory, specific trees, plants and animals that benefit from your existence. For what land have you assumed a long-term responsibility, nursing the permanent healing of the earth and a healthy life for your family? Does the sum of these 2 aspects of your imprint within the world give a result which protects or destroys the environment?

We are either an aspect of the problem or a part of the solution. It’s part of the system’s programming to be able to continue to live with beautiful words, high thoughts, think spiritually, while continuing to live a way of life which destroys nature. If our activities do not protect a precise environment that we nurture in spite of all our beautiful words, we are a cancer for this earth.

I know that these words are hard. If I express them, it’s because I never made any concessions to the system. Since I’m 14 years, I’ve worked to find solutions and transform our way of life. I’ve stimulated awareness, defended those who were preyed upon, negated the lies, protected the ecology, denounced the brainwashing, the lies and the perversions of civilization. I’ve tried to propose solutions possible in everyday life. And not just speaking about it, doing it. I have never done anything else. I’ve never earned a salary within the system. I have never fully integrated the system. And the government and biorobots know this. I am often attacked and slandered and many actions have been taken by individuals and government to hinder and destroy my work. When this happens I’ve noticed that all those people who have so many beautiful words and such high opinions disappear, hiding away in the service of a blind and unconscious technocratic machine system that is destroying nature all over the planet. True warriors are rare. I recognize them as I am one of them. The path is not an easy one but I sleep in peace every night.

I also know that as soon as a person has taken the decision to work for the earth, to care for some land or some trees, plants or animals even if it is only a garden in jars on the roof of the building or a community garden in the city centre, that person becomes useful and precious for the earth. Magic, confidence, peace of mind and purpose then illumine one’s life.

Everything begins with a thought, with a dream. For a moment, image what a world covered family domains would be like. If you ever come to feel that precious moment of uniting with the dream then you can act. We don’t need to go anywhere, we can act where we are. We’re in the city centre of Paris? Put flowers on our windowsill, encourage and plant a community garden, bring a plant to the office, there are a thousand ways one can begin healing the earth. The earth in the centre of a city is also sacred, even if its life has been strongly depleted and tortured. It also aspires to healing, to become green again, to flee this world of unreality.

All is a process. Nothing grows in one day. But once we have felt the calling we do need to act, even if it’s only growing sprouts in our kitchen.

I’ve been searching for solutions to the errors of humanity ever since I realized that mankind had lost its way. You will not believe this but I had that realization at the age of 5. I remember it as if it was yesterday, that moment was so powerful and transformative. Thus, all my life I searched for the truth. I was not fooled by the thoughts of the system as I had understood that most were in error beginning with my parents who lived in this illogical system. I looked at everything that was taught to me to verify by myself if it was true. I thus have built an internal intellectual and spiritual structure has not been as conditioned as most and I do not react as most do to the programming of the system. I’m not pure, I was trained in the same way we all are, but I’m more conscious of the conditioning and programming and can often make the conscious choice to ignore them.

I wish you courage and fortitude! I know that we are going to be able to heal ourselves and the planet. Ever since Vladimir Megre wrote Anastasia millions of persons have read her pure teaching and call to build our family domains and reunite with the wisdom of the earth. This more so in Russia where they were initially published but also in many other countries. When the books were published my visions of the global purification and destruction disappeared. I see now a glorious future and innumerable family domains as so many paradises everywhere on earth. No more industry, no more wars, no more pollution, no more poverty, an incredible evolution in human potential and consciousness and children of magnificent beauty and love everywhere.

I know becoming aware of reality and truth is sometimes painful but the truth always leads to peace, liberty and light.

Peace, light and best regards

For the earth and the children of our children’s children

Blue Eagle





  1. I could never, with words, express how deeply I felt your message. Thank you for your honesty and love for Mother Earth. I share so many of your thoughts and feelings. Perhaps because we are probably about the same generation. May Great Spirit continue to protect you from your enemies. People like us are being heavily targeted by the Dark Ones.


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