DEER – animal totem

The purest image of deer medicine is that of the doe. The deer embodies the energy of tenderness and gentleness; tenderness emanates from compassion and true compassion is silent. Of all the herbivores, the roe deer is one of those who speak the least. It will emit certain sounds, but even these are relatively discreet.

In one of the best books which exist concerning the medicine of animals, Medicine Cards we find a beautiful story about a fawn who was seeking her path in life. Here is this story:

One day Fawn heard Great Spirit calling to her from the top of Sacred Mountain. Fawn immediately started up the trail. She did not know that a horrible demon guarded the way to Great Spirit’s lodge. The demon was trying to keep all the beings of creation from connecting with Great Spirit. He wanted all of Great Spirit’s creatures to feel that Great Spirit did not want to be disturbed. This would make the demon fell powerful, and capable of causing them to fear him.

Fawn was not at all frightened when she came upon the demon. This was curious, as the demon as the archetype of all the ugly monsters that have ever been. The demon breathed fire and smoke and made disgusting sounds to frighten Fawn. Any normal creature would have fled or died on the spot from fright. Fawn, however, said gently to the demon, “Please let me pass. I am on the way to see Great Spirit.”

Fawn’s eyes were filled with love and compassion for this oversized bully of a demon. The demon was astounded by Fawn’s lack of fear. No matter how he tried, he could not frighten Fawn, because her love had penetrated his hardened, ugly heart. Much to the demon’s dismay, his rock-hard heart began to melt, and his body shrank to the size of a walnut. Fawn’s persistent love and gentleness had caused the meltdown of the demon. Due to this gentleness and caring that Fawn embodied, the pathway is now clear for all of Great Spirit’s children to reach Sacred Mountain without having to feel the demons of fear blocking their way.

Melting the heart of those who live in hatred and violence with love and compassion: such is the medicine of deer. It teaches us how our gentleness and tenderness can touch others in a much more powerful way than violence and hard words. We know that this gentleness can heal all wounds and can reconnect us to the sacred mountain where we find spiritual communion and connection with Great Spirit.

Love triumphs over everything especially when allied with intelligence and joy. Tenderness is often stronger than violence to bring at those who are afflicted with hate and cruelty to a wholesome transformation.

Appeal to deer medicine when you need gentleness and serenity. If you have in your circle of acquaintances difficult, embittered and negative people, words are often useless, they hear nothing. On the other hand, the tenderness of a gentle gaze, a compassionate touch and caring attitude permeated with love can do more than a thousand words. Be as gentle as the fawn and all paths will open before you!

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