BUTTERFLY – animal totem


Butterfly brings us the understanding of the cycles and rhythms of transformation and manifestation. It’s closely connected to the element of air, representing the winds of spirit, of change, of metamorphosis, Creator’s dream and the creative thought of Man. It is also the symbol of our mental and intellectual body.

Butterfly allows to understand the dynamics in the manifestation of our ideas and projects. In the life cycle of the butterfly, there is an egg, then the caterpillar, the chrysalis and finally, a butterfly. This is how we manifest our projects in the physical world: first comes the idea (the egg), then finding the tools and resources to realize it (the caterpillar which eats several times its weight in a day), then refining those tools and resources in peace and solitude (the cocoon, the chrysalis), and finally to manifest (the butterfly). People who understands these stages can better drive forward the realization of their projects. Indeed, rare are those who can recognize in a caterpillar the butterfly who will later spread its wings. The power of its metamorphosis is magnificent and of great import to our understanding of creation.

Those who have butterfly medicine are people who are ready to change, to transform, to move forward even if they need to crawl before flying. They will fully embody the stages of creation and know how to take time to dry their wings before flying into the wind.

The image of the cocoon is very indicative of the solitude, retreat and isolation which we need to fully mature a project or idea. The vision,  relentless work, retreat into solitude and then manifestation are the necessary stages for co-creation. Butterfly people understand this and take time to fully experience them. They often surprise us by all they can achieve. Nothing is impossible, but rare those are who have the tenacity and courage to work for years and sometimes entire lifetimes to realize the impossible.

The butterfly is also the image of beauty. The fragility of its beauty and yet tenacity and strength are legendary. That is why the appearance of the first butterflies in spring has so much impact on our consciousness. We gladly welcome their beauty as they symbolize the essence of our own co-creations.

Appeal to butterfly medicine to make a success of your important projects.

First of all, take time to estimate the aptness and right intention behind the project: is it beneficial for all our relations? What it’s impact on the seven generations to come? Does my consciousness remain pure if I realize this project? Then, collect all your tools and resources and if necessary work long and hard without too much attention to details, that will come later. Do not spare the time or effort. Then comes time for rest, retreat and inner musings. Calmly and slowly take time to eliminate what does not completely fit your vision, from all the tools and resources that have been accumulated. All may not completely fit or some things may be better than others or different from what was foreseen. Take time to dream, envision and study what would make the best results. Our projects always come true, but are almost always different from our first idea. It’s important to make time for this metamorphosis and learn to let go of our preconceived ideas.  This is the time to go with the flow.

Finally, now you are ready to share your creation with the world. May its beauty enlighten the world and may you find joy in the contemplation of your co-creation. May your projects bring much benefit to you and yours. You’ve deserved it!

This is the medicine of the butterfly.

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