WINTER NEWS from my corner of CANADA

Two newcomers to our family!!

We we’ve been served in winter weather this year: lots of snow, colds of more than -25 C for several consecutive days, beautiful cold sunny days where the light makes rainbows on snow, freezing rain and strong winter winds. I love the Canadian winter !

I like all weather of our motherland, but I’ve got to say that freezing rain is the least appreciated. We did not have as many of these extreme weather fluctuations fifty years ago. The climate changes are accelerating, as they inform humanity that it has lost its way. But the vast majority of world populations take no heed, either in their virtual worlds or trying by all m financial eans possible to survive the misery caused by this system which is encircling the planet with its tentacles. We’ll be all choked from it one day if we do not react… And the planet and its animal and plants realms suffer from it as much as we do.

In 3 weeks the Philosophy of Nature will appear in bookstores in its french edition! I’m hoping to have the English ebook also ready by then.  I’m praying that the logic and the rationality of its thoughts may be able to guide us towards a comprehension of the challenges in which we are and of the solutions which are offered to us. Still in search of an English publisher for the English hard copy.

Will be performing the spring equinox ceremonies at Bois le Comte in Orval, Belgium, March 10th and 11th. I will also offer in the same place teachings and ceremony of the sacred sweat lodge on the 8th and 9th of march.  These will have English translation.

This is my last European tour. I go from there to Japan and then in August to Mongolia.

Then back home for a prolonged well-deserved rest. I will continue to compose music, create perfumes, but I won’t travel any more except for precise events which deserve my support for the healing of the earth and humanity.

In April, I will publish the list of the Certified Shamanic Practitioners who will continue my work. The best way is be informed when this appears is to register for the newsletter at bottom of this page.

Tomorrow information will appear on the specifics of my last European tour.

Peace, Joy and Love!!

Blue Eagle

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