This is a vast subject, thus I approach it humbly. Yet, it needs to be addressed as an abundance of joy is healthy and gives one a lot of creative energy and its absence is tragic. In a world where many young people commit suicide we are really called to  understanding this, as the presence or absence of joy is of major importance for our future on this planet.

Joy, love and peace are the foundations of the emotional body. They are sentiments and not emotions. Feelings and emotions are like the waves of the sea, quite momentous during storms and quiet during calm days. The sentiments of joy, love and peace are like the waters under the surface of the sea: immense, fathomless, mysterious and always tranquil even when in movement as they always are. They are the foundation of the emotional body and they are always present.

One of the ways the “system” has enslaved Men is by trying to persuade them that happiness is the result of external conditions. Look at the tendencies celebrated in the media: the pleasures of life, delicious food, fine alcohols, riches, money, material wealth, fame, glory, celebrity, romantic and sexual love, etc. Pleasure is not joy, it’s but a reflection, a mirror image of true joy. Yet pleasure and responding to the bodies’ many appetites to please ourselves is the programming with which we are being conditioned.

Let us take an example to illustrate this comment. A conditioning that is very powerful today praises the pleasure of travelling to exotic places. Holidays where we travel to different far away locations are rewards that those who have worked hard can offer themselves. Everybody dreams about holidays in exotic countries and when they manage to obtain this dream takes many photos to show to all their friends the pleasures they have experienced.

The experience which I have of this is very different. I’ve had to travel a lot to carry the Native American wisdom where it was being requested. I found it very tiring and very unhealthy. The life conditions in the vehicles in which we travel are unhealthy (airplanes, cars, buses, trains). I found the earth beautiful everywhere where there was nature and people the same everywhere: lost, anguished, often very conditioned and dependent on the “system”; strong, happy and well-balanced when living in nature; but all of them children of the Primordial Intelligence. I did not lose my joy, but outer conditions made it more imperceptible, obscured by the difficulties of travelling. When it’s time for holidays, I stay at home, very happy to be able to walk and work in my garden. The moments of ecstasy (profound joy) occurred when I was at work doing ceremonies or giving teachings and seeing that the traditions once activated were powerful everywhere. I was doing that which I had understood was my reason for being and thus I was happy.

What this example can illustrate is that joy had never left me as it was driving all of my work but that this joy did not come from travelling or outer circumstances, that actually made it more difficult to experience joy, but from within, by contemplation of the realization of my life purpose.

Of this observation thus emanates the understanding that our soul can give us in abundance joy, love and peace. Outer circumstances can be difficult, but they cannot obliterate the plentiful feeling of wholeness which comes from the source of our emotional body.

Thus, the question which may arise: “Why do I do not feel these sentiments of joy, peace and love?” The origin of the problem lies in the numerous alterations, conditionings and programming resulting from a life within the “system”.

These fundamental sentiments of joy, peace and love come from our unity with the whole, the source, creation and Creator spirit. When we are alienated from this feeling of unity, these sentiments may seem inaccessible. Not being able to feel the presence of Great Spirit within or in the world around us creates estrangement, feelings of fear, loneliness, abandonment and suchlike emotions that mask and obscure the fundamental sentiments. The absence of the Primordial Intelligence which created the universe is in fact an illusion, as we could not exist a nanosecond without this spiritual presence. The spark of Great Spirit is constantly there, within us and around us. But this illusion is powerful. For millennia, it has created in Man fear and insecurity. This is comparable with the fear which seizes the heart of a child having lost his parents in a huge store or supermarket and finds himself suddenly surrounded by strangers. From this feeling stems the illusory need to hide or to protect oneself. Repeatedly for millennia now, Man has experienced this estrangement from the Source as an actual contagious virus. It has created in him the fear of an obscure or indefinite danger. There is in fact nothing which threatens Man living without technology in the natural world. Yet from that emotion of fear came the first defense technology which Man created to protect himself: a sharp stick hardened in the fire. The nuclear bomb is but another more dangerous result of this illusion and emanates from the same emotion, fear.

Thus, we come to understand why fear is the foundation of the educational system which governs current societies. See my articles on this here. These educational systems are based on reward and punishment so putting the emphasis of education on the fear of being punished or of not being rewarded. As if we were animals to train with pressure, coercion, rewards or incentive. We can thus measure to what level our social and civilized consciousness has deviated from the fundamentals of who we truly are. Where fear exists, there is also an emotional state that obscures the foundations of our emotional being that are peace, joy and love.

It’s thus normal and logical that the vast majority of human beings can only feel these foundational sentiments in a diffused manner. In the search for happiness, what could be defined as the stable state of the fundamental sentiments within us, we find what is offered by the “system”: pleasure. Very intense, especially the first times, pleasure is a feeling that is similar and very close to joy and love. Yet in reality pleasure only evokes in us the nostalgia for true profound joy. Thus, we will go to seek the same pleasure again in the unconscious hope of finding this deep profound joy, yet never truly finding but the illusion of it. In time, as it’s repeated, this pleasure can become a dependency which undermines our health, or a doorway to more and more refined pleasures. In both cases, our physical, moral, emotional and spiritual health deteriorates. Or, for those who do not choose this precarious path there are religions which promise magnificent rewards in imaginary worlds (God’s heaven, the worlds of Allah, the pure lands of Buddha, ascension, illumination, liberation which removes all pain, etc.). This alternative is still dual (rewards versus punishment), as the disregard for religious rules, according to these religions, results in judgment, hell, negative karma, etc. This alternative is also harmful because it diverts man from nature. Man’s rewards, according to these religions, will be given in what we consider as imaginary worlds. And thus the justification that the church in the Middle Ages found in burning at the stake the European Men and Women of knowledge (herbalists, shamans and healers); that Moslem radicalism is justified in killing nonbelievers; that the clergy members of Christian churches active as prison guards abused thousands of Native American children in residential schools in Canada and America; that two different schools of Tibetan Buddhism committed mass murders on each other in Mongolia, etc. We could continue on like this finding numerous other examples of such illogical behaviour in religions all over the world.

It’s thus not at all surprising that we have difficulties finding in us these feelings, especially the profound joy which stems from peace and love. These feelings are nevertheless always available. Only our own illusions, conditionings and programming can prevent us from feeling them. To feel them, it’s not a question of looking without in the illusory world of the system but indeed within our very core being.

That is why the observation of nature is so wholesome. Everything in nature is true as there are no lies in nature. Man is the only being who can escape the fundamental laws of creation because his divine essence gives him free will. To see and observe the truth there is no better than nature where everything respects the laws of creation. When we observe nature during long periods of time (several days)—without seeing or speaking with another human being (as that could evoke in us programming and shared conditionings)—we eventually come to vibrate in harmonious resonance with the truth. Our illusions fall away like leaves in autumn and we begin to clearly see the nature of reality. It’s then much easier to find a mission of life which belongs to the earth and thus to be completely embodied in our lives in every moment. The Primordial Intelligence speaks to us through His/Her creation! She/He does not address us directly, but indeed by means of the created world. This creation and fundamental sentiments that are the pulsation in us of His/Her love will guide us to the truth, as they reflect the order of creation.

In the current world, built on these lies that are programming and conditionings, life is very hard. The working schedule (5 or more days a week with only a week or two vacations per year) the majority of adults have to endure often for jobs where they have no interest other than the salary, makes for conditions difficult for health, personal development, family, relationships and community life. The only thing that benefits from this equation is the “system”. To continue to live serenely, it’s important to renew this link with the underlying current of the foundational sentiments: peace, love and joy. If we take a few minutes every day to think, contemplate life and nature and connect within with our foundational sentiments, we shall have the strength to continue and the wisdom to direct our activities in a way which has meaning.

Without this connection beings lose hope. Imagine young people in front of this world we have given them. A world where there is little room for joy—and where everything is leading them towards short-lived pleasures without meaning. An illogical world; where justice serves the rich; where governments allow huge companies to destroy nature for profit; where individual liberties are more and more restricted and limited. It’s not a surprise if so many young people think of suicide and that some go all the way. A world without joy is a world tragically running straight towards annihilation.

In spite of this sad state of affairs many Men listen to their innate wisdom and build a life where relationships with family and friends feed their joy and their love. Here we can measure the extraordinary capacity of Man to find in all circumstances the wisdom to cultivate good relations which in turn feeds the foundational sentiments.

Negative feelings such as hatred, envy, jealousy, sorrow, sadness, cruelty, fear, anxiety, fear, etc. are only perversions of the foundational sentiments.

Feelings are like water. Water marries the shape of all the river beds, lakes, seas and oceans. The water also marries the shape of all glasses, cups, vases and buckets into which it’s poured. Nevertheless it never ceases being water! Like water, our feelings marry all circumstances and thoughts, but they never stop profoundly reflecting the foundational sentiments that are joy, peace and love. If the thoughts and circumstances are negative and difficult, the emotion which follows tries to strike a balance with the foundational sentiments and thus creates negative emotions which will indicate a path back to those sentiments.

Hatred, for example, is a perversion of love. Our distress in no longer feeling love for someone who was very close will sometimes provoke hatred as this loss is very important and dramatic for the emotional body. It thus tries at all costs to recreate the conditions which will bring back the state of love. Thus, hatred is just another face of love! Like water, if we let this negative emotion flow, it will transform. It’s important to learn how to not react to negative feelings. A mature person who has a balanced emotional body will know how to express negative emotions in a non-destructive way. If we try to suppress them, they will fester and create emotional toxins. Such emotions are toxic. If we have trustworthy people who know how to listen, welcome and let these emotions flow, as loving families can, without awarding them any importance, knowing that they are impermanent, they will then be transformed. Follow the flow and they will lead you back to the foundational sentiments.

We should not grant negative emotions any importance by thinking they have any permanence as this is an illusion. We need to learn how to express them in a non-violent manner. We will speak further on, about the way we can communicate properly. For now all that is needed is to understand that our emotional body is important, of what it’s made and how to make it our ally and not a hindrance. The emotional body is a wonderful teacher giving access to incredible information and energy. It can lead to profound wisdom and, first of all, teach us the importance of cultivating our family bonds, good relationships with friends and a balanced community life.

The emotional body, when synchronic with the mental, physical and spiritual bodies, can synthesize a great amount of data in a single moment in spontaneous knowledge called intuition. The quantity of information and data is often so vast that the mind is incapable of saying why it knows, but profoundly that it knows. This superior ability in Man is widely ignored in the current management of knowledge. If we truly understood Man, we could move very fast in obtaining knowledge and wisdom in ways that are much less labor intensive, costly and more exact than scientific methods, as intuition integrates all aspects of Man.

As any ability and talent in Man, to be exact and precise, this ability must be understood, verified and practiced. It’s not the first time you touch a musical instrument that you’ll be a virtuoso. Training and practice are necessary in music, in intuition, as in all domains of human activity.

Our motivations and behavior are mostly influenced by our emotions and feelings. Thus, if we truly want to understand Man and his role and place in the universe we need to understand the emotional body. Only then will we be able to create a paradise where joy, peace and love will bloom for the greater benefit of all beings.

Blue Eagle


  1. Beautifully said. Thank you for all of your thoughts on the world, they are really resonating into me. I always believe that what we truly feel inside is the truth, as well as the marvelous nature that is surrounding us all.

    Much love, peace and joy


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