I created a really magnificent product with these bath salts, let me explain why.

Invocation’s bath salts consists of sea salt from Brittany, the wonderful fragrance of the Chiiyaam essential oils and jojoba oil.

The sea salt from Brittany is known all over the world as the best sea salt. It’s harvested manually in the same way they have been doing it for centuries in the natural salterns of Brittany. It has the reputation of being a living salt and reaches us still wet. It is the healthiest table salt. Specialized treatises write that that this salt promotes our intelligence. This is due to the fact that salt has an important regulating function and is critical to the transmission of signals by the nerve cells. When natural salt is present in sufficient quantities in the body, it allows a mineral balance that allows for fluent transmission between the brain and the rest of the body. The brain can thus work in an optimal way! This is not the case with the white table salt bought at the supermarket. Indeed, table salt is a refined mineral, thus inorganic, and contains only 3 mineral salts. The sea salt of Brittany contains 97 different minerals in the same proportions which gave birth to life on this planet. Indeed, our blood has the same degree of salinity that the sea had when Man appeared on earth. Since then the ocean has grown saltier.

Sea salt when used for bathing is excellent for the cleansing of old dead skin cells and helps in the elimination of subcutaneous toxins. Soaking in the salt of life also has profound effects on the human psyche.

The Chiiyaam fragrance is recognized by therapists in over twelve countries as aromatherapy complex that promotes a healthy ambiance, which is conducive to relaxation and allows for a regenerative purification of the electro magnetic field and air around us.

Jojoba oil was used traditionally by many First Nations in North America, to ease, feed and renew the skin. Its chemical composition is very close to the natural sebum secreted by our skin to keep it healthy.

The synergy of these ingredients combined with our unique encoding technique creates a remarkable bathing experience. My impression when I used it for the first time was “Wow”. It felt so good I thought I would become addicted! After this first bathing in our newly made bathing salts came a deep relaxation. I felt as if deep purification had occurred. I could smell the wonderful fragrance of Chiiyaam on my skin that felt nourished and soft. Going to sleep in such a fragrance and state of mind was very sweet and beneficial. I kept using it several days in a row. After a week I noticed rather surprising changes. It felt as if this bathing had purified traumatic cellular memories. It’s important to understand that the whole body acts as a memory crystal. We hold a lot of information in our cells and not all of it is beneficial. This was an important discovery but needed to be verified. So I sent our new bath salts to several high-level healers in the Quebec Province, choosing those who were especially sensitive and trained in energy healing. I asked for an independent practitioner, a talented energy healer and good friend, Danielle Rioux, to send the info to the healers and collect the results so that I would not influence the study. Here are the comments I received from her.


* F. says that the salt oxygenates the ether, that it remodulates and illuminates the crystalline energy field thus having of profound cleansing effect on the body. She bathed in it twice and both times had a privileged contact with the spirits of nature and the world of fairies. (She wants a gallon of it!).

 * My experience and that of HP. We confirm the cellular cleansing and clearing. We felt that it frees the etheric web and the body, going as deep as the molecular structure of the cells. We feel that it clears the emotional memories of the body.

 * HP. Had the idea to use it to clear spaces. Thus experienced it last Friday. One pinch in every corner had a very powerful effect on my office. We can go to 1/4 teaspoon in every corner of a room to purify a very heavy and loaded room. Leave at least 1 hour or all night long. I suggest putting the salt in a paper handkerchief or a small saucer to be able to remove without touching the salt. This salt is loaded with impurities after clearing a space and needs to be discarded.

 * F. and HP. Enjoyed putting the salt in a hemp bag on parts of the body that were experiencing discomfort. They felt deep relaxation in the tissues. On an arthritic joint, they saw a lessening of the inflammation and positive action on the magnetic field.

 * On chakras, in-depth clearing.

 * F. put the bag on the forehead to see its effect on her headache. She felt a relaxation of the muscular tensions in the neck.

 It’s thus apparent to us that we can use the Invocation bath salts to calm symptoms of anxiety, to evacuate stress, to promote relaxation, to calm inflammation, to clear traumatic cellular memory and to cleanse a polluted space. 

 * C. And G.-O There is a lot of potential for this product. Not only for prosperity, but also to restabilize the energy bodies, to acquire new knowledge and initiate new levels of consciousness. We had the impression that the product was sacred: the strength of the intentions and all the natural elements present in these bath salts gave us a profoundly spiritual experience. Sleep was excellent after the bath.

 *A well-known healer, Joanne Robitaille, had several people suffering from arthritic pains bathe with the Invocation Bath Salts for a week or more. All of them had a significant decrease in pain resulting from inflammation.   “

 As with Chiiyaam the uses people find with the product go much farther that I would have imagined and the results are surprising. The use of ancient shamanic techniques to encode the products, infusing therapeutic intentions directly in the molecular structure of the essential oils, is a process which is, to our knowledge, unique to Invocation. This encoding allows the individual who uses the product to multiply the beneficial aroma-therapeutic effect with his intention. The products adopt a crystalline structure through the encoding process. The user can thus amplify his intention if he keeps that intention in mind when using our products. This is one of the reasons our products are so effective. In the years to come, these ancient ancestral techniques will be better understood and documented and will be used in many other products to promote health and consciousness.

INVOCATION’s Bath salts are, of course, 100% pure and natural.


Blue Eagle


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