Dog carries the medicine of the loyalty and faithfulness, the everlasting allegiance to friends and family. He is often considered as best man’s best friend, with reason, as his affection and loyalty exceeds by far those of all other animals. He generally has a single master and will always remain faithful and brimming with love for the object of his allegiance. Even when that human is occasionally cruel and beats him he will rarely change his behaviour, except in really extreme cases.

On the other hand, what dog does not tolerate is abandonment. Unless the dog can immediately transfer his affections to another master or family he will often be very affected. There exists in certain remote regions, near large cities, abandoned dogs who have formed small packs that can be really very nasty and attack human beings. Their emotions have been betrayed and transmuted to hate. This is because they did not tolerate abandonment.

Dog speaks of the beauty of being faithful and willing to serve. The people who have this medicine are often philanthropists, people who work in solidarity, nurses, soldiers or people who have for mission to serve or to protect.

The dog, as the one who has his medicine, is very territorial. He is a guard, and in many universes and dimensions, serves as guard and defender of the secret places which need protection.

If you have a real friend who has dog medicine, you can almost always be confident that he will protect your interests, warn you if a problem comes up even if you don’t like hearing about it, a real friend with tried and tested loyalty.

To possess dog medicine means being a person with great devotion, with a profound understanding of others, who cultivate tolerance and is of service to family and friends.

Dog medicine teaches us to be very attentive to the company that we hold: we sometimes need to appeal to dog medicine to better choose our friends and coworkers. We can appeal to dog medicine to truly understand what a real friend is. A real friend will be a friend for life. We can usually count this kind of friend on the fingers of one hand. If we are to place our intimate thoughts, protection and security in the hands of a friend it’s good to know who our true friends are. It’s better than seeing when things get bad those whom we thought we could count on, run away.

The dog has similarities to the wolf, but is more connected to family and friends, while the wolf is more independent, will always test leadership and is more connected to the pack and community.

Loyalty and faithfulness are always a measure of compassion and love. These are root sentiments that are foundational to the emotional stability and wealth of all men and women. We should always be thankful if we have found true friends and we should always honour dog medicine and our dog friends. They are the most faithful and loyal of all our relations.


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