We have a long way to go before we can effectively protect our beautiful planet against the commercial ventures of technocratic society which destroys nature. Our current trajectory is putting in jeopardy the life of tomorrow’s children, and their current mental stream is being sullied by lies, violence and destruction. Let us look at what we can do to remedy this situation.

The only thing we really can do that has a long-time effect and is easy to do is to protect a small plot of land. The second thing would be to encourage good neighbors who think like us and are also protecting their land around us. It’s an illusion to think that we can find answers to the innumerable problems of our planet as technology and industry are powerful and consumerism and capitalism need constant growth to maintain their economic equilibrium. But protecting one hectare of land is within our means. On this hectare we can cultivate vegetables, fruit, flowers, trees, shelter bees and animals that can contribute positively to our wellbeing. Bio diversity is our greatest asset for a healthy planet.

The benefits of this approach are numerous: we will be healthier as there are no drugs more effective than the medicinal herbs, vegetables and fruit that have grown under our loving care; we will increase our joy and happiness in taking pride and relaxation in our small terrestrial paradise which is also deeply healthy and vivifying; we will find peace as we will be doing what we can to help our family, community, nation and planet find a healthier life style.

Indeed, our mission and reason for being alive has always been from the beginning of creation creating paradise on earth. That our ancestors are monkeys is a lie.  We were created perfect from the very beginning, in the image and resemblance of Great Spirit. Our inheritance where we can find joy, peace, love and harmony is this marvellous beauteous Earth mother.

When we have once more come back to the experience of the deep and profound sentiment of accomplishing our life purpose on earth, our children will manifest great strength and new abilities. Especially the children who will have been born on such family domains and who have been educated with the values and truth of nature where man lives in harmony with its biodiversity. These children will have talents, gifts, powers and abilities which for us today are impossible even to imagine. We were created by Great Spirit, we are his beloved children; His most profound desire is for us to be happy and healthy as would any good parent. If we are afflicted with disease, wars, poverty, pollution and such-like problems its because we do not follow the instructions of creation that for man, who is the consciousness of earth, is creating paradise.

I have worked all my life with First Nations’ shamans and medicine men. Despite the oppression and difficult living conditions First Nations experience ever since the arrival of Europeans in North and South America they still manifest astonishing abilities. We need to understand that we have within us even if non manifest, abilities and powers worthy of our divine origins. Once our children will have started to experience these gifts, they will want to change this world, to regain the paradise that was our original inheritance. And they will have the means of doing it. For that to happen we will need to find and purchase our family domain, our small home on one hectare of land, protect it, cultivate it, increase our knowledge of nature, agriculture and ecological home building. We will need to give true schools back to the children. There is no greater wealth than happy children on our land and its biodiversity.

Blue Eagle

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