The rattle or machikoue

machikwe (1)The rattle, another very significant instrument in Native American culture, is that power that unties the knots of suffering on our different levels of being. It will shake loose the cobwebs of past traumas or delusions and let the light of being fill us with energy.
The rattle is called “the life force shaker”, because it strengthens our vitality. The life force shaker opens the pathways of energy in our bodies, making clear the ways for the light to circulate. The light here means the life force, also called “orneïda”. The light is on a higher faster octave than sound. Like sound, it is a vibration. Like music, it can carry life force and many other things. We receive light from the sun, stars and moon and also from the earth. We can learn to open the doors in our bodies so the light can strengthen us.
The rattle also teaches us something through its symbolism: if you don’t agitate it, it will give no sound; similarly, if you don’t practice it regularly, your spirituality will remain useless.
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For more info on musique I’ve written a small treatese on musique that you’ll find HERE.
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