I did not keep the blog up to date these last weeks, I’m late on my promise to deliver you a page of The Philosophy of Nature every week, but I was much too busy on my last tour in France.

I just got back after leading about fifty people on vision quest, moon lodge, rites of passage and autumn equinox ceremonies. It is the most intense ceremonial period of the year for me. Seeing the deep transformation, amazing renewal and gratitude of those who have experienced vision quest is the strongest moments of my work as a shaman. Nothing gets us closer to our essential happiness of being who we really are as do these ceremonies. We had several marriages, other rites of passage, followed by the intensity of the autumn equinox ceremonies ( 1 ). It’s a time we take to say thanks to nature for its abundance and harvests. Thus, I’m back home a bit tired but full of joy.

We met with a dear friend over there that will soon offer a 6 day workshop on giving dead animals a second life. Honoring them in this way when they have been accidentally killed is a powerful teaching.

The second life of the animal:

TRAINING: 2nd of October to the 8th 2017-the Gers – FRANCE

Registration: Jean-Kristian CURMER


In 2018 our vision quests and mood lodges will take place in Mongolia. We found a place over there which remaines very pure, without any intrusive technology. No plane cross the sky, no light pollution hides the stars and the nomads who live in the valley close by have the same life their ancestors had since millenniums. There is no better place that I’ve found for a deep purification of all the alterations that this technocratic system in which we live has imposed on us. See details here.

Back to the INVOCATION office where I chair the manufacture and distribution of the shamanic perfumes that I have created, my team has updated me on the upcoming activities. We have the launching of the multifunction room of Invocation’s Discovery Space on September 19th in the evening. Afterward, many other activities are planned there. You can find the details here.

I am going to offer sweat lodge in Beauce on October 7th and 8th as well as a CONCERT! See the info here.

Light Peace and Joy to all

Blue Eagle

(1) We often choose the full moon that’s closest to the equinox for our ceremonies rather than the exact day of the equinox.


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