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A comment on the blog asks my opinion on hunters, those who hunt for sport and aboriginals who hunt for food with respect for the spirit of the animal. We cannot approach this subject without speaking about food.

Originally, the Man was exclusively vegetarian and ate as he breathed, that is without needing to think about his food. Pollen and pleasant smelling essences of plants already fed him through his breath. It is possible to nourish oneself exclusively with the breath, numerous people have demonstrated that, eating no physical food for years. But the original state was much more natural than this capacity. Indeed, to eat as we breathe means that the hand picks the leaf or the fruit and brings it to the mouth without a need to think of the gesture, as the breath which is naturally automatic. This is possible when we live in paradise. We can recreate paradise by means of the family domain. It’s also possible to re-educate the body so that it knows what’s good for it naturally without needing to think about it. For the most part this is not our standard, on the contrary our tastes are deformed and conditioned by our life within the system. We often eat by compensation today, to please us, at fixed times, we eat emotionally, when we are not hungry, etc. And food is itself is of a more than doubtful quality and the fact of buying food in a supermarket is somewhat nonsense, but it’s the reality of the vast majority of the world today. Thus, we are completely deformed when it comes to food and it is not surprising that some choose not to eat at all.

We shall give one technique on re-educating the body so that it knows what to eat naturally in another article. At the moment we are going to look at our origins. The hunter and the hunted. By looking at history, what allows us to understand who we are and ultimately what we need to understand about hunting. Originally animals were not afraid of Man. On the contrary, they were all, as our pets are today, in worship in front of this God of the earth. The people were all curious and fascinated by animals, they liked looking at them, touching them, understanding what their roles were within creation. It’s the animals that did all the work. The squirrels were trained to shell nuts when Man wanted to eat some, the bears in northern latitudes dug food caches to bury the roots they had dug up for the winter reserves and all the other work which required great strength and big claws, wolves were excellent babysitters for the children, and the list would be endless here if we took time to look at the real ancient times how we originally lived in accordance with nature and the animals which populate the land.

Repeatedly during the eons a strange virus affected our perception of divinity and we felt abandoned by the Creator. This state was not real, it was imaginary, but as what our thoughts become attached to comes to be, this state became almost permanent. To feel abandoned by God created fear and fear created violence and the illusory need to protect oneself. It also created the feeling of lack, the fear of not having enough to eat.  It’s then that the first Men, seeing how some animals ate other animals tried eating meat. This unnatural food created even more violence and aggressive feelings within man.

In reality this is sheer nonsense, it’s as a Lord who suddenly decides to eat his servants. Who will take care of all the chores on the family domain? And it’s what occurred that the animals began to fear man and we were reduced to working to produce our food.

The system has concocted a ridiculous story called that of the cave men. This story was created to give you the illusion that we have evolved. This is false information, in reality we are presently degenerating at a stunning speed. The proof that we were not this stupid ignorant who fed on animals and dressed in animal skins is our body. The digestive system of a carnivore it is a straight line like that of a serpent, very important as eating cadaver immediately creates putrefaction. Ours wriggles and turns without cease to better extract the many elements present in plant food. The set of teeth of the carnivorous and even an omnivore as the bear contains numerous sharp teeth to tear flesh. We don’t have a tooth which looks like it. Even these 2 teeth which are called canines are not as sharp as those of the carnivores. So the evidence is there. The fact of eating meat is nonsense and hunting also. The First Nations of the Americas were deformed even if they were much closer to nature than western societies. The important thing to understand here is that we can return to our original state of grace. That path was shown to us and as soon as we take the first steps we feel joy and health being reborn.

Peace, Love and Joy

Blue Eagle   

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