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The «system»


The «system» is a word which I use to describe the current world structure of technocratic civilization. It’s the knot of the most important problems of our world and environmental pollution but is also the key to the next stage of Humanity’s evolution.

It’s not the first time in the history of Humanity that such behavior threatens life on earth. The prophecies of the First Nations of North America, which extend from the past to the future, describe the same process three times before the current era. These teachings have received scientific proof in Vine Deloria Jr’s research detailed in his volume GOD IS RED.

Vine Deloria explanations of the prophecies of Amerindian peoples details a very ancient history, more ancient than the history of civilization. Proof of the veracity of these historic stories came by comparing what the ancient prophecies say about the history of Native Americans and the great purifications that happened on earth. These purifications are cyclical according to Native philosophy. The last one in Native American prophecies is similar to the one documented in the Bible, the great flood and Noah’s Ark. By comparing the description of these events with the geologic strata of the earth where the history of the earth is inscribed Vine Deloria demonstrates that these ancient teachings are valid. The earth changing events that have happened in the last hundred thousand years are registered in these geologic strata and in Native American prophecy. Other peoples also have such teachings. In brief, the history taught in our modern schools is very brief and very indistinct, hardly 12 000 years. Indeed, as says the proverb, history is written by the conquerors. In numerous ancient traditions exist historical elements which tell quite other story than the one given by current historians and history books. This is one of the most powerful programming tools of the «system». To really understand what civilization really is and its «system»s and the way of life that Man had before civilization it’s necessary to go much farther back in the past of Humanity.

What is recurring in the history of the ages it’s that a precise emotion, fear, provokes violent behavior and cuts Man off from his spiritual connection with the Primordial Intelligence. This emotion is the reason for the creation of different hegemonies that have plagued Humanity for thousands of years.

What is characteristic of civilizations is domination and control in a hierarchal structure. Civilizations try to dominate and control people and nature. Man in any civilization is enslaved in a «system» where he has to pay taxes and where his liberties are restricted by arbitrary authorities. He becomes a tool of the «system» as he feeds the «system» with his sweat and blood, by paying taxes or going to war to defend and increase the power of said «system». For the past 12 000 years we have seen 24 different civilizations which have all had the same trajectory[1]. Domination of other nations through war, the accumulation of material wealth and power in hierarchies where there always exists a class of slaves or very poor people whereas the corrupted elite wallows in a debauchery of ever more refined pleasures. Sooner or later this decline in the fabric of humanity brings the fall of said civilization. We are now witness to the same dynamic with the peculiarity that this «system» is now global. Conflicts and wars are artificially maintained because they feed the war economy, the most destructive but the most profitable for certain elites. In the past eons when this phenomena became global it created great earth purifications, like the great flood. We are beginning to see precursor signs of this with global warming and catastrophic climate changes.

Thus, in any civilization we have the following: Men are enslaved by the laws and the regulations of said civilization. His existence is programmed and conditioned to serve the «system» from birth. In the current world «system» Man’s intellect is controlled by the educational institutions and the media and he is not only enslaved to the «system» but also to his dependencies which were contracted to anaesthetize the suffering coming from the absence of joy and love in his daily life. He is a cog in a gigantic matrix which feeds those who derive their power from the monetary «system». This elite has accumulated an immense financial power and work in the shadows; that is they pull the strings of the governments in a way that no-one knows who they are. This «system» has now existed for 12 000 years and has never stopped spreading its tentacles of dominion everywhere on earth.

The results of this are people living with limited liberty and limited and uncertain health. They also live in increasingly artificial conditions. In fact they would not know how to cope with nature and even if they did, they don’t the physical skills required. Of nature they know very little. Some people were conceived in test tubes, have artificial parts in their eyes and limbs and respond to the watch on their arm at specific times every day. The term cyborg could easily be used to describe certain individuals. The result of having no liberty to harvest your own garden and your own land is lots of disease, wide spread poverty, stress, deficient ethical and moral education, ever more frequent births of deformed children and so on.

To simplify, I call it “the «system»”. The real history of the Humanity shows us the source and the causes of the «system». A brief description exists in another of my books. I shall not repeat this data here as there is no need.  What is more important it’s to find the solutions and they are in Man.

The current state of the world is catastrophic and the majority of world populations suffer. Except for the elite and rich, poverty and disease plague more countries than not.  We will see and understand that this situation was created by Man. Thus it can be changed, as we are still Men.

The phenomenon of civilization is relatively recent in the history of Humanity. That is why it’s important to revisit the history of Humanity. Current academic institutions are unable to do so as they are under the influence of the «system». Limiting or trafficking the information and popular teachings available has always been a characteristic of civilizations.  Only by limiting our intelligence, power and access to intelligent information is the «system» able to control us. We need to see beyond the current established understanding of history and other sciences examining the presence of man in ancient times.

Man has many ways of looking into the past.  Man in society has no information on these possibilities as they are not a part of the «system»’s world view. In reality human consciousness has no limits. So, even a common person, without formal historical training, can look at the world and draw accurate historical conclusions which will enlighten his understanding of the world.

Let’s give an example. Academic science gives the following image of our ancestors popularly known as cavemen. These images are used in schools to explain the great privilege that we have today because of technocratic progress.

The popular image we have is of a man who lives in caves, who is dressed of animal skins, who has a very rudimentary language, who is in competition with dangerous animals in nature, who has a very difficult life and who feeds on animals which he kills by means of bludgeons and lances. Several films were produced which feed this imagery. Science says that this is an ancestor of Man to make us believe that we are much more evolved today.

Now, if we look at Man’s digestive «system» we first see a set of teeth specialized in the grinding of plant food. The Man has none of the teeth which are typical of carnivores. He hasn’t any canines like those seen in the large felines, or wolves or even bears who are omnivores. Man also has intestines which are specialized in the digestion of plant food. Carnivores have a digestive «system» in a straight line, like a snake, as the ingestion of cadaver or any other animal protein quickly produces putrefaction. Man’s digestive «system» do not stop turning every which way to better extract all the nourishing ingredients of plant food. Simple common sense here is enough to demonstrate that these caveman stories are not true. The «system» gives us these images and claiming they are scientific to better integrate the Man into its matrix. We call these images and associated false science, programming and conditioning.

We consider that institutionalized religions are in fact programming and conditioning tools to decrease Man’s ability to become a whole free being. They were conceived to imprison his mind, control him and make him dependent on religion. They are tools which were used by this «system» to enslave Humanity.


Programming and Conditionings


I use these terms to designate the manipulation tools that are used to control Men within the «system». They are innumerable and countless. They are educational tools based on lies but presented in such a way by different personalities in authority that they are accepted as truth by the masses.  It’s generally very simple to see through them but most people don’t even dream that they could be half-truths and false information.

We have just illustrated a programming about the evolution of Man. Let us now look at another more benign programming to illustrate our comment. During abrupt changes of temperature, doctors can explain a cold or a flu by saying that we caught cold. The fact is our body was created by nature to be able to adapt itself to all temperatures. But from birth people under this programming and conditioning are going to dress this small ball of heat, a baby, with clothes even more important than theirs. Babies produce a lot of heat contrarily to elders who do have more problems staying warm.  Babies hate this and often try to remove this clothing. This instinctual behavior is well inspired, it’s the essential wisdom of the body expressing itself. If we leave the cold touch the skin the body learns to generate its own heat. We know people who can circulate barefoot in the snow, be dressed in the same way summer and winter and not undergo inconveniences even by intense cold.

I experimented this reality myself. Younger I was often impacted by our cold Canadian climate. When I learnt the importance of letting the cold touch my skin I began to practice this every day. Now I am often surprised when my friends complain about the cold. I feel the cold but it does not bother me.

We cannot catch a cold. It’s rather the opposite. For example, taking a cold shower stimulates the fire element in the body, is tonic for the skin and strengthens the immune «system». There are numerous advantages to this practice. People who practice cold showers and eat well never catch flus or colds. To be afraid of the cold is a conditioning which makes people «system»atically avoid the cold thus preventing their bodies from adapting to nature. Over dressing the baby teaches him to be afraid of the cold. This programming is often then integrated for the rest of the life and becomes a conditioning. Conditionings are the results of programming.

Another effect of this massive programming by the «system» is that many people are going to believe an official version that is shared by just a few people in authority, in spite of the testimonials of dozen of thousands of people worldwide who know a different version of that reality.

This programming is ongoing and constant. It’s easy to follow the most important themes the «system» is insisting on year after year by looking at the media. Slandering the trends that can increase consciousness and the development of Man are first and foremost in the film industry. For example, the existence of certain abilities or beings that can expand consciousness are negated by desensitizing. It’s in a film thus its fiction. If you see certain facts rather often in films you will be desensitized to recognizing them in reality. You can thus see in high budget film productions different psychological programming techniques. They are so blatant I don’t understand how people can’t see them. Yet when I explain the messages behind what we are seeing to people I often realize that they have no clue of the world we live in.

[1] Civilization on trial by Arnold Joseph Toynbee, Published 1948 by Oxford University Press in New York.

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  1. THank you for sharing this precious info, Brother! It feels good to have one’s feelings, beliefs and research affirmed by yet another important and credible source. I feel encouraged to continue on my spiritual path and to persist with my life purpose and mission. THanks.


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