The realms of nature

These are classes of beings which constitute what we call the natural world. There is mankind, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the elemental kingdom and the spirits of nature, beings that are completely made of subtle energies. It’s important to understand the correspondences and the importance of these realms of living beings, as understanding nature helps us to understand Man. A chapter will be dedicated to these kingdoms or realms.

The Original Instructions

All beings of all realms due to their embodiment on earth have precise instructions on life and the way to live. Thanks to these original instructions all animals know, often without guidance from their genitors, how to find their food, where to go during migration, in what season to procreate, how to copulate as this is often very ritual and requires purification, strife and preparation, what role they have to play in the ecology, etc. All other realms always respect their original instructions, the only exception being sometimes animals or plants which Men has voluntarily diverted from their original instructions. Man also has his original instructions but also possesses free will and can choose another way.

Mans’ Original Instructions

Mans’ original instructions are to be the co-creator and guardian of paradise. This is clearly demonstrated by the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health that enjoy those who live within nature. The original instructions of every individual within this template of being co-creators and guardians of paradise, are different for every person. This is different from the other realms. In the establishment of a balanced way of life within nature every Man has unique abilities and unique responsibilities. Man is essentially a community being who defines himself through his relationships with others. Thus, every Man has to discover this unique way which distinguishes him from others within the family, within his community, his working environment, within his nation, on earth and the universe. It’s the goal of vision quests and other traditional rites of passage that are practiced by indigenous nations of all continents to discover one’s mission in life.

The original instructions are inscribed in the heart of all Men. It’s the mission of every Man to discover these original instructions. To ponder one’s mission in life, the reason we are on earth, are the most important questions a Man can think about. This search continues throughout life as every step in this discovery brings Man farther and higher.

Man also has to determine the original instructions of the beings of the various realms that he sees in nature. To co create paradise he first needs to understand all the original instructions and roles of every being of the flora, the fauna and the elements of his land to be able to use them in a way suited to producing abundance and health for his family. This is not learnt in books or at school. Acquiring the understanding of the very complex relationships between all the natural beings in nature needs to be holistic. The observation of nature and the observation of the relations of our elders and our communities with nature are the ways a being acquires holistic knowledge of the ecology. This knowledge is not only mental but also emotional, spiritual and energetic. The information comes to a Man through all his senses: smell, sight, taste, sound, touch and “feeling” the energy. When a Man understands in this way the original instructions of the creatures of the animal and plant kingdoms he can organize them in a garden which corresponds to his desires, needs and highest aspirations. He will make the small domain called paradise where he has created a beautiful landscape where abound the most beautiful flowers, the trees and animals he likes, the vegetables and fruit he prefers and are the best suited to his health and feeding his family. This activity and his specific talents will produce great abundance that he will gladly share with his neighbors. They in turn will also share the abundance and specific gifts they have acquired.  The beauty and health that’s stems from living according to our Original Instructions is why we call this paradise.

Every Man comes into the world with a mission in life, special talents and an important and unique role in his community besides the role which he has to exercise within the creation because he is Man. This mission in life and these roles according to the philosophy of the nature are his original instructions.

These descriptions may seem impracticable or unsuitable for who we are now. The philosophy of the nature will allow us to better understand all this. At the moment, do not judge these assertions, they will become clear and understandable as we integrate the various postulates and truths revealed in the philosophy of nature.


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