The integration and synthesis of the five main aspects of human manifestation (energy field, physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual self) is sometimes indicated by the term “Holistic”. This syncretism can extend itself and apply to the world and the relationships of Man with the world. A holistic relationship with the world immediately leads to greater wellbeing and happiness as it allows the whole being to develop. We shall also speak of “holistic perceptions” to describe abilities such as intuition which go beyond what the mental alone can realize. When maintaining a regular development practice Man harmonizes the relationship of his total being (energetic, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual). As his being thus functions in a harmonious unity, he has access to a much wider scope of perceptions. This is how we can explain that great mystics of different religions worldwide as well as many shamans of different aboriginal communities expressed theories which were confirmed by scientific research in quantum physics centuries before science discovered them. Philosophical thought must thus include its relationship with the other aspects of human manifestation and not in intellectual isolation which is ultimately completely sterile. That is why our individual electromagnetic fields, our physical body, emotional reality and spiritual considerations are important to make in the philosophy of nature. We shall thus try to express holistic truths coming from holistic perception. This also has the advantage of allowing rapid verification of truth and reality that does not require the laborious, slow, and costly methods of science or the blindness of purely intellectual philosophy. So, all thoughts here must be considered as Holistic thoughts which unites all aspects of our being.

We can also explain what is holistic by means of another example. Let us take a hologram. It can be defined as the product of holography, historically a process of photography in 3D. A hologram represents an image in three dimensions seemingly suspended in the air. One of the peculiarities of the hologram is that every element of the hologram contains the complete image even if a bit blurred contrarily to a photograph in 2 dimensions where every set of pixels contains only a small piece of the complete image. The concept here it is the presence of the whole in all of the parts.


Another example, by elimination or by what is not holistic, is that of chemical medication. Here the active principles found in a plant are separated from the other elements, thus becoming a chemical and integrated into medication to relieve the symptoms of various diseases. It is the opposite of holistic because the natural cellular environment of the active elements of the plant which surrounds the active elements are absent. The immediate effect is more spectacular and precise but on the other hand the body does not know how to effectively dispose of the residue of the active elements thus separated from their natural cellular environment. Thus, all medication has unwanted side effects. The second consequence is that chemical medication may decrease certain symptoms of disease but they pollute the body, predisposing it to other diseases such as cancer. The body which is biological, organic and comes from nature does not know how to recognize nor manage chemicals and has a lot of difficulty eliminating them. Common sense easily indicate that chemicals do not favor health. Those who work in alternative and natural health care know that healing obtained with natural products takes more time but that it’s most often permanent. On the other hand, the use of chemical medication often leads to dependency to said medicine. The only advantage of chemical medication outside of emergencies, is thus monetary! It’s in fact criminal as it implies that pharmaceutical companies have voluntarily acted to limit and restrain alternative natural medicines to sell products which render the population dependent and prone to disease to make more profit. If the thoughts of Man were holistic and took into account all the aspects of a situation such as disease, we wouldn’t have this type of behavior.


Thus the importance of Holistic thought, which takes into account the whole. Science most often functions in the opposite way. It dissects, analyzes and reduces to its pieces to understand the parts rather than look at the whole. It’s the difference between linear rather than circular thought, objective rather than subjective and analysis rather than synthesis. If we see a beautiful woman and want to understand why she is beautiful, we shall not obtain any results if we dissect her body trying to find where the beauty comes from. On the contrary, the beauty will have disappeared! It is necessary to look at the whole being in a holistic way and then we shall understand beauty.




We can define Empiricism as a method to verify the affirmations of the philosophy of nature. Our philosophy, if it claims to be universal, has to be applicable in everyday life and for all beings. Thus, it’s impossible to theorize about the thought of Man and the impact of this thought on the world without clarifying with examples and the experiences of current populations. Certain considerations in this document are going to seem impossible and at the outer limit of what can be considered real by people today. This is because human consciousness is diminished when compared with that of our ancestors or if compared with highly evolved beings in the world today. The expansion of consciousness, the unlimited development of the holistic abilities of Man give rise to powers, capabilities that are refuted by current scientific thought as it’s incapable of explaining them. To assert that an ability is not possible when in fact certain Men have demonstrated them is also an indication of the illusions and stupidity which plagues current humanity and prevents it from understanding the real nature of Man and the world. For the same reasons we need to use examples to illustrate our thought and make it more understandable.

Let us give an example of this. Urban man, that is the majority of the current world population, lives like a mad rat. He lives in polluted conditions, in poor health, under stress, in a frenzied race to make ends meet, millions piled up in huge polluted cities in unhealthy proximity to thousands of strangers. As soon as this Man manages to have more that the necessities for his immediate needs, he wallows in unhealthy pleasures which decrease his state of global health or in distractions such as television which hypnotizes him and where the body, the consciousness and the thoughts are numbed and in a lethargy which decreases gradually all his abilities. His family has often lived in misery for generations, since it left the country, the forests or the family farms hoping to strike it rich in the big cities. Sometimes, when some leave their miserable conditions thanks to success in an economic activity, they often live in arrogance towards poorer people. Many people in these cities shamelessly take advantage of their fellow men. Crime in big cities is very wide-spread. The rich spend in obscene ways without sharing, in superfluous and excesses of all kinds.

If we compare this with the life of aboriginal communities throughout the world we shall notice that they live a much more balanced and healthy life style.  They all have the custom of sharing all that nature offers them with every member of their community. Families are united and the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual capacities are much more developed than those of our urban contemporaries.

Thus, we can determine with precision that a lucid glance on the world has to take into account the experiences of peoples to formulate a universal philosophic thought. We shall try to free our thoughts of any identification to race, tradition or religion but to help us better understand we will use examples and experience to validate our thoughts.


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