Thank you faithful readers for being faithfull during this improvement to the blog and bugsūüôā

Very, very busy as you can guess!  But I had almost two months at home in the garden every day, a great blessing.

Important events this summer  !

Vision Quest and moon lodge in August, 2017 in France in the GERS! The calendar < https: // / > and the description < https: // – of passage / >.

On Sundays of the rites of passages 27 august when you can come for one day. Details of The calendar < https: // / >. Come to support and to anchor in the collective experience those who take these important passages to a new season in human life.  With our mother the earth, Domains for the earth) > BELGIAN ASBL contains the instructions of registration I think.

Then this week my first concert  in THE DISCOVERY SPACE of < > IN Wendake in Quebec. 



SHAMANIC  Concert FRIDAY 28 July

Musicothérapie 7:30 pm $ 20 < https: // ements/concert-d-aigle-bleu-1/2017-07-2 8 Р19-30 >




This time this to Orval in Belgium. Details of the calendar < https: // e-2017 / > and >



Domains for the earth{*ground*} Quebec needs volunteers to support the birth of this association which wants to restore the earth to families. This so that they can meet adequately in their need without depending on money. We know all that to live on earth allows us to protect the environment. . We think logic that the environmental protection is our priority as humanity. PLEASE register with butterfly dragon woman:-< >







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